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  1. I have been with them for 7+ years and went to their bank twice, once for a car loan and once for cash withdrawal. Their savings account APR has always been competitive, it is like 1.8 now and their loans rates are decent. But they are a bit "bush league" when it comes to simple things like cash withdrawals and ATM limits. I needed some cash recently and they would not give more than 500 at the bank, it had to be a cashiers check for anything higher.
  2. I got this offer for activation when I logged into my account, 0 APR on new purchases till 3/2019. Been a cardholder for 7+ years and was a little surprised to see this since this is normally offered for new credit accounts. Anyone else seeing this? 0.00%Promotional APR on new purchases Until03/01/2019 After that, your standard variable APR applies, currently19.74%This APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate. Your account must be open and current for you to qualify for this offer. If your account is closed for any reason, you may no longer be eligible. Eligible purchases exclude balance transfers, cash advances, convenience checks, account fees, and interest charges. Once you activate this offer it will be effective immediately on your account. Only purchases that post to your account between when you activate and the offer end date will receive this promotional rate. All purchases must post during the promotional period.
  3. Had mine for over 10 years now that started with 3K, then did a HP to get that to 8K a few years back and it is basically stuck there. I am still seeing the standard "By clicking the "Submit" button, you authorize us to obtain a copy of your credit report and review your credit and employment histories and any other information that allows us to process your request, service your account and manage our relationship with you. Upon request, we will inform you of the name and address of any consumer reporting agency that provided reports to us.." on the online credit increase form. So, it doesn't appear the soft pull is rolled out for all cards/accounts.
  4. Ok, got it. Chase freedom at 11k and they don't do auto CLI's or have a luv button, had it for more than 10 years and they suck at increasing CLs. Penfed, rare usage since I don't like their rewards (points) and I haven't tried a CLI with them yet, not sure if it is inquiry free.
  5. I do use the 5% categories a lot on this card but yeah, probably not worth using it as much if usage is not a big factor in getting CLI bumps. Profile thread? I have to look into that, first I am hearing about it. Thanks.
  6. Do you have other cards that earn more than 1% rewards? Use is by no means a requirement to obtain the CLIs you're seeking. I have cap1 quick silver at 1.5% rewards, I had combined my old venture card with this to get total CL to 42k. I haven't received any CLI with cap1 in ages, gave up on them. Does discover allow combining cards? That might be an option to bump my CL to 50K if I apply for another of their cards and merge it end of the year.
  7. No luv anymore for me from Discover...I am at 40K limit for the last 8 months on the Discoverit card, tried the request a few time and each time getting the "not enough experience with your current credit limit" explanation. I have used an average of about 2500 a month and don't want to use it too much. Is there a way to get over the hump - perhaps a BT if the fee is less? I want at least one card to hit 50k in 2017 and this is the closest one.
  8. I had applied for Penfed visa last year, really did not pay attention to the fine print and instead of getting the visa rewards 5% cash back on gas card , got the 5X points on gas visa signature. I didn't realize it until after the first statement that their points suck. I have a 25K CL on this card and haven't been using much after the first month. I looked at their site today and the visa cash rewards card which I had wanted seems to be discontinued. There is a flat 1.5% power cash rewards card which seems quite unappealing to me. How flexible is Penfed in converting cards? I want to keep this one until they release a new rewards card with better appeal to me.
  9. I have arrival+ with 15k limit. After the intro offer I have been debating to close it before the AF date comes up but they had a BT offer of 1% that I could not pass up. I took out 12k and within a few weeks they auto CLI to 16.5k. I am not complaining about Barc but they do have some uptight rules on credit and using their rewards.
  10. Got a call from citi on my dispute and they have credited back the amount. Basically there was a jewelry purchase made on the card for about 1900 by my wife which she returned the same weekend (don't ask) that had caused the interest charged. Citi has confirmed this has nothing to do with the BT and they have credited back amount since the credit and debit posted on the same date. I looked at the page 2 of my statement and it was shown there which I missed initially thinking it was a net transaction.
  11. BT period expires in next month, I made sure I paid two months before it so there is no overlap with statement dates. I googled this but most of the sites talk about normal usage when there is a balance in the previous statement but nothing about promotional APRs. My understanding was that when I use the card for purchases during BT, there would be daily interest charges on them based on my normal APR of 18%, which is why I was paying them off a day or two later so there would be no large accumulated interest on them. I will see if I can dispute the transaction and go through their process to find out more on this.
  12. Yes, it showed balance as $0 after payment was posted. Sounds like that could be the issue. Do you know how they apply payments to a card with a promotional balance? I think that is why it is suggested not to use a card with a BT active. Possibly, I did chat with them when I first noticed the minimal interest charge on one of the statements, but perhaps I misunderstood their payment process for card usage.
  13. Per the T&C - We will begin charging interest on the date the transaction posts to your account. (The interest charge will be $0 while the promotional APR is 0%.) -Seems pretty clear from the terms that there should be no interest charged. Very minimally used this card while on BT and I had paid them off within a day or two. I seen some minimal interest charged on few of the statements but that has been like around a $1. I did get bombarded with 5% cashback offers from Citi while on BT and used them but paid right away since I knew about their daily avg interest policy.
  14. so, I took a BT from citi last year for 18 month 0 APR and this was my first BT ever. There was a fee of 2% that I paid on a 12K transfer. I paid the minimum each month and some times more until last month when I paid it off fully apprx $9300. There were still two more months left on the 0 APR deal when I paid back. This month when the statement was cut, I got charged $92 with description accrued interest. I called them as they told me it is residual interest and it is a standard practice with all issuers. She hasn't been able to explain how exactly it was calculated since did the 2% fee upfront and always paid at least the minium each month. She told me to read the terms of the BT. I don't understand why they are not upfront about it and why this is hidden ? I can understand being charged trailing interest on normal credit usage where one doesn't PIF before the due date but I thought the BT terms were pretty clear, I guessed wrong. Has anyone gone through this before on BT's ?
  15. Actually penfed give 5 X points but not 5% cash back. Their redemption gift cards for $50 uses 5800 points, so essentially at 4.25% card all year round, still not bad. If you have Costco citi card, that is 4%.

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