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  1. Was it a state school? If so, it would be non dischargable.
  2. Usually the full tuition is due within the first few weeks of a semester. You were probably not entitled to a refund. Being expelled wont get you a refund either. You are not going to get your transcripts without paying in full.
  3. FYI...there is a charge for the privilege of tax offset .
  4. This could have been a federal loan...FFELP loans were not discontinued until 2010. Who are you making the payments too? A CA? Log into NSLDS to check if this is federal.
  5. Has he done a fafsa to get his own aid?? Have him look at his schools financial aid website. Sounds like he was taking private loans
  6. Legaleagleno judgment is required for admin wage garnishment. Poster...follow the instructions provided to you. Sending your objection elsewhere only delays the process as the lender will simply forward to the CA without reading.
  7. Hindsight...when you lost your job you should have applied for a hardship deferment....you were eligible for up to 3 years. You could ask if you could consolidate but based on the 2 defaults they may refuse.
  8. Whoever wrote the cut and pasted section above is abolutely clueless. Private collection agencies are contractors for the DOE. They are able to garnish 15 percent under the Administrative Wage Garnishment Program authorized by Congress. (administrative wage garnishment (AWG). Federal law (P. L. 102-164; as amended by Public Law 109-171; 20 U.S.C. 1095a et seq.) allows for the withholding of wages from defaulted borrowers.) The paperwork sent to the employers informs them of the law and the employer themselves can be held liable for non complience.
  9. Family member committed a federal offense....he is a criminal. Will you qualify for any SS benefits at retirement? That can be garnished. Report the criminal.
  10. Yup....he left the school too long ago. They wont be forgiven. Best you can do is rehab/consolidate.
  11. The school probably sent several notices....i would suggest trying to settle asap
  12. You defaultedx on the loan...you are making payments on a bad debt. It says a collection until paid off.
  13. Your daughter should be writing her own letters....it is her credit. She gotta learn sometime. She may also want to log into NSLDS to check who she owes. She could have owed on institution loan....they definately will attach state loans if she attended a public school or got a perkns loan.
  14. Being garnished takes time so obviously you did not communicate with your lender. It takes 270 days to default and that is after your 6 month grace period. Your servicer/lender would have given you scads of notices to contact them. Garnishment post default doesnt happen for about a year. I am just out of school and I have received multiple communications about ICR and IBR repayment. Nothing ironic about it. System has been working this year for years......ICR came out when I was collecting in the 1990's.
  15. have him look up student loan rehabilitation and Consolidation
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