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  1. I just received my Sear cards in the mail. I have a Amazon account since Jan of this year. Sent from my SGH-T889 using Tapatalk
  2. Declined by Lowes and Home Depot because my file on EQ too thin. Macys is still in process Sent from my SGH-T889 using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks! I will give Home Depot a while. Thanks for the advice guys.
  4. Are you speaking of home depot or at&t and Verizon? Home Depot online app. At&t and Verizon, both in store Sent from my SGH-T889 using Tapatalk
  5. Just pre approval Sent from my SGH-T889 using Tapatalk
  6. Just tmobile I have had for 5 years. At&t and Verizon I fot approved for, but never opened any lines. Sent from my SGH-T889 using Tapatalk
  7. I think its the high trades, I don't have enough of those reporting yet. Those haven't started to report yet for me except 2. The other trades have reporting are all under 500 and under. I have about 3 more over 1k that hasn't reported yet. I have been in business for 5 years.
  8. Oh ok. I will try again when more trades start to report
  9. Faxed over application on 3-3-2014. Received cards in the mail today. Net 30, credit line 3k!
  10. Received letter from Home Depot stating declined. The letter stated : Unfortunately, after careful consideration, we're unable to approve your application at this time. The application was processed by a credit scoring system that assigned a numerical value to various items on your credit report. The information did not score a sufficient number of points for approval. I'm not understanding this "point system" the letter speaks of. Is this how Home Depot determines approvals?
  11. Denied Lowes. Received rejection letter that stated the following reasons: Total amount of credit available on trades Balance on delinquent trades Length of time in business There is 2 trades reporting on Equifax and one is reported delinquent and I have no idea on how to get it removed off of Equifax. The other trade reporting is reporting on time and only $100.00. I have been in business for 5 years. Should I call to get a recon and have them pull from D&B?
  12. Yesterday I tried for Lowes, Home Depot and Macys. Waiting on response from Lowes and Home Depot. Macys called today for additional info.
  13. All of my trades are in my sig. I'm not sure if it's visible. The trades I have are: Quill, Grainger, Gemplers, Reliable, Seton, Uline, Deluxe, Medical Arts Press, Hopkins Medical, Staples net 30, Office Depot Net 30, BP Net 30, Jiffy Lube Universal Net 30, Amazon net 30 and Tmobile.
  14. I now have 10 TL's reporting on D&B, 4 TL's on EX and 1 reporting on EQ. Highest TL amount $2,500. My business has been est. since 2008. What should I look into applying for next?
  15. Does anyone know how to view your business paydex score without buying credit builder?
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