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  1. Likewise! May all your credit wishes come true in 2012!!!!!!!!!! :P:P:P
  2. I gave them a call and they said 30 days or so after the last statement. Weird, last month it updated right away.
  3. I really don't have any advice, just to say I wish you and your family the best of luck!
  4. I have an Elan Visa (through my bank, Associated Bank) that I did a BT on. It reported before I even got the statement with a very high util (they basically gave me like $500 more then my CL for a total of 9K). First month I paid off some of it and it reported correctly. This month I paid it down to less than 10% util and it hasn't updated even though my statement dropped two weeks ago. It still says last updated in November. It's driving me nuts. I guess I just more or less wanted to vent. If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them. Thanks!
  5. I received a coupon for Quicken 2012 today for 50 percent off. I already purchased it so I'll pass this one on: http://quicken.intuit.com/lp/qkn12/qlp22.jsp?priorityCode=8674364060&cid=em_23014_082_002_L2 I'm guessing it's a one-time use coupon, but I'm not sure. Cheers!
  6. Maybe the other guy was trying to be a secret santa?
  7. Congrats! Freedom is a good one!
  8. Thanks for posting the data point. Closed by grantor is not a negative, it's neutral and won't affect your score. I have a closed by grantor note on my CR and it's not affected it negatively in any way. I have 0 negatives listed on every type of report that I've looked at.
  9. Interesting. Thanks for the heads up. These looks like characters that are used in XML.
  10. Can you post exact link? Thanks. Go to this page and scroll down a bit (it's a blog post from an email received by the blogger): http://www.frugaltravelguy.com/ Direct link with comments: http://www.frugaltravelguy.com/2011/12/word-of-caution.html#comment-form
  11. I haven't read all of these articles yet (most are from the original wikipedia link) but here you go. I do think this is despicable in our country, especially when credit card companies prey on young college students and can change the terms at any time... http://online.wsj.co...3811636610.html http://thinkprogress...ng-their-bills/ http://www.huffingto..._n_1107524.html http://www.npr.org/2...ors-behind-bars Many of these are just the last week or so here... And it's not just for "failure to appear." Some people are getting arrested for failure to respond to the financial documents for a judgement that might be from a long time ago. And the cops are going to their houses to arrest them, not just picking them up on a warrant if they were pulled over for something else. Not to be an alarmist, but some of this is scary stuff. Albeit if you go to court you could have prevented this. I like this quote from the above NPR link: "The U.S. became an early proponent of banning debtors' prisons, especially since up to two-thirds of Europeans who came to the colonies arrived in the New World with debt. Before the debtors' prisons were done away with, thousands of Colonial Americans were thrown in jail for their outstanding debt — which sometimes totaled less than 60 cents."

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