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  1. I had 31 then closed most and finally got better limits, do overdo it
  2. Just noticed it today, went from 0 to 18K lol, bit of a score jump also.
  3. LOL I am finally on the top of something. I know they mean nothing but I still pull them from Credit Karma weekly, just to trend.
  4. LOL I would not worry about it, Uncle Sam has much more to worry about.....lol
  5. I have read about this a few times I closed many of my GE cards not in use.
  6. iWhat

    Oh Hell

    it will get better.....
  7. they will not reopen it but hell, i don't need tires and crap that often. guess i am off to buy cat food using my awl mart card
  8. no, but was thinking about using it....

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