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  1. Well after multiple phone calls to the credit solutions and regular line, about 50% of the time they transfer and it disconnects. Maybe it's best to leave this one to water under the bridge and avoid their products going forward.
  2. Thanks, I didn't know about that number, will give it a shot. Definitely interested in the card, I'd get $10 per line per month in rewards credit... that comes out to $40 a month and will buy a phone pretty quickly at that rate.
  3. Hey cv91915, I was in the US, on a verizon FIOS internet connection. I did not use a PO box. It's issued by Synchrony Bank. When I applied on the verizon website, the application was through a windowed pop-up, and definitely looked legit in terms of https: and from Synchrony Bank address as well.
  4. Hello All, Wondering if anyone has had a similar experience. I applied earlier this month for the Verizon Visa Rewards card that is brand new, think it came out just in the last month. Anyway got my rejection letter with the following reason: "High risk source of application" Exactly that text, no other reason(s). When I read that the first thing that pops in my head is like I applied through a fraudulent website or something, if I was the high risk, wouldn't it say applicant not application? Further I get my transunion credit scores through a few different credit card services and it hovers between 820-845 depending on version the company is using. I am less than 2% revolving normally with over 100k in room. So I don't think I'm the risk, but who knows I guess what they are looking for as they didn't tell me. Doesn't this also seem like this goes against the fair credit act or something? Shouldn't the rejection be things like: average age of accounts too low, too high revolving debt, too many recent inquiries (i had 1 previous inquiry). I also had all of my accounts frozen and 'unfroze' transunion before making the request, the fact I see an inquiry, makes me think it went through just fine. I've called two different customer service agents both told me to re-apply in 30 days... HAH! I'm thinking to write the PO box listed on this letter with USPS verification, think it's worth it? Thanks, wall
  5. Is this common knowledge that I simply overlooked before I froze all TU/EX/EQ reports? My free fico/fako with Barclay/Discover/Capital One/Credit Sesame seem to no longer update each month. If that's the case, can my current creditors even see what's going on? Thanks
  6. Hi All, Tried a search and got mostly chase credit card threads Anyhow, I'm getting ready to pay down some higher balance credit cards (40-60% UTL) in order to balance transfer back to them for 0% APR. What I am concerned about and have seen in the past is when you pay off big balances some CC companies like to balance chase. I'd like to avoid that, perhaps maybe making smaller payments over time, but that's just a hassle. Is there some CC companies that do this more than others? I'll go from about 50% UTL across all cards to about 25%. Thanks
  7. Does a balance transfer look any different than a payment to creditor ABC? Thanks
  8. I'm pretty sure I read it on these boards. I don't know much more than an idea that was floating in my head. I don't really need any more major credit cards though, it would just be one more card I would have to remember to use once in a while. I just re-read my letter and it states 2% at sears 5% at Kmart and 1% everywhere else MasterCard is accepted. All of these are on qualified purchases. Said I should receive by June 3 2014. Yep I think we got the same offer. I'm thinking I'm gonna opt out. The whole reason for this sears card was 0% financing on major purchases like an appliance. I'm pretty sure the master card has that too, but I can sock drawer this sears card and have for the last year and half with no threats of closing. hmmm, maybe I should use it.
  9. I was told I would get the upgrade automatically by June but could call and opt out of the upgrade if I didn't want it. The rewards were essentially 1% on stuff, with a little bit more at sears/kmart of 5% depending on what it was.
  10. Hi All, Did a search but the topic 6 years old. I have a sears card and received a letter in the mail last week saying I can upgrade to a Sears Master Card (Citi Bank) and it will keep the same age (account numbers would change). As far as I can tell I don't really benefit from anything other than I can use the card anywhere. I don't really need another master card, and my sears card is one of my two store cards (have a best buy which is now through Citi too). I always thought it was good to have a few store cards reporting. Should I skip on this "upgrade" as the letter puts it? Thanks
  11. Thanks for the advice, this is really helpful! I started to look at what dealers are listing similar vehicles for sale and to my surprise they are listing them closer to what my payoff amount is... probably dealer mark up but gives me a little more room than I thought I had. Looks like I will need to buckle down and cross my t's and dot my i's as Richard1972 stated. In the meantime I'll be socking away the cash. Thanks again
  12. Hi all, I've heard it's next to impossible to trade an upside down vehicle for a cheaper car? What's the best way to approach this? Basically I bought a fancy truck for about 40K, and had to move due to job which makes commuting impractical with the truck. So I'm going to get something cheaper for the gas and mileage. My payments are near 700/mo, but this thing is depreciating faster than a speeding bullet, I've made payments for 1.5 years and it sits at about 6K upside down trade or 3K private party. I've heard it's next to impossible to trade down in vehicle price and roll over the negative equity. I'm saving up cash right now to come up with the difference, but I can only save so fast and in the meantime this thing keeps depreciating like a rock. Is there any other way to approach this? My credit scores are low to mid 700's depending on my utilization. Maybe I should talk to my local credit union to see if they would finance something rather than shopping through the dealer. The loan's through FORD, so if I sell private party I have to somehow do this with their check and my check for a payoff which Im sure is going to make a buyer feel uncomfortable. Thanks for your advice. Note to self - don't, ever, finance more than 90% LTV... makes situations like this a headache.
  13. Thanks. I think I'll probably pay down my current loan further then.
  14. Equifax score please Experian score please I left those out because I haven't pulled them in awhile. They have always been very close to my TU or higher, I would say 710 minimum FICO.

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