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  1. Hello All, I too took a shot with the EO email, it worked. One thing they told me was that I don't need to send an email and that I can contact them at the phone number they returned their call on, or the 800 number they were prepared to give me, but in the day n age of unlimited minutes, an 800# is rather pointless. That way it saves the rambling and you can get straight to the point with a live person there and then, it works too Just a thought.
  2. I read the same thing in the 604 (paraphrasing), and haven't been able to find anything where they do have a right to. That's why I had to come on here to see if I missed something, LOL.
  3. Thanks Texan. It took me a while to take that website serious as it looks like a Green Peace website.. Complaint filed. Hopefully I'll hear something back. I am very happy you did your part by reporting this violation. LOL, I still don't get how the CRA can give/sell my information without permissible permission and try to justify that its okay because at one time I "did" have an account many years ago with a creditor, lol.
  4. Thanks Texan. It took me a while to take that website serious as it looks like a Green Peace website.. Complaint filed. Hopefully I'll hear something back.
  5. Bump. Would someone like to chime in? Thank you Concrete
  6. Hello SBA, The only documentation I have is a copy of my credit report that shows the promotional inquiry (haven't had any but the one in question in at least two years, only legit account reviews), a pdf of the optoutprescreen.com confirmation that shows when I opted out to which the 5 years hasn't expired, and also a transcript of the phone conversation with the CRA where they said I shouldn't have been included in any lists. I also have credit reports from the other big two CRA's that show I had opted out, and although this CRA's credit report doesn't show it on this one, I don't see that as an excuse for them to sell my information as the optoutprescreen.com website is supposed to work across the board. On the contrary, the supervisor also told me when I had opted-out. SBA, I'm not trying to convince anyone to my opinion, just trying to gauge if the CRA dropped the ball on this one (its one of the worst ones to work from, or at least was back in the day). But personally though, I can't really see how it's the credit company's fault as going by the CRA supervisors words, they asked for a list of potential clients, and the CRA provided even though I had opted-out. With saying that, now by issue is with the CRA itself. One tries to kept their information private by following the FCRA, but yet their information is still sold. Know where I'm coming from? Has something changed that I don't know about where opting-out is no longer an option? The website is still online with the major CRA's names plastered on it. Thank you, Concrete.
  7. Hello All, Its been a while since I've needed advice, and not too sure if there have been changes to the laws. Recently I checked my credit report to find that a former creditor (who I had closed and fired years ago) made a soft pull on my credit report. I contacted that company and rather rudely they told me to contact the CRA and then hung up on me. So I called the CRA, first the agent told me that they (the credit company) had every right to pull my credit report because I did at one time conduct business with them, and that they (the CRA) had every right to give them my credit report based on I having business with them years ago, even though the account has been closed and paid off (years ago). As I have been out of the credit repair game for many years, I asked for a supervisor to confirm this. Being on hold for 20 mins and that same employee coming back to reaffirm that the CRA had done nothing wrong. I repeated that I would like to speak with a supervisor and was on hold for another 20 minutes to which the employee came back and said he/she would delete the soft inquiries. LOL, I laughed, asking if this was a joke? I mean, the CRA sold my personal information and wanted to delete the soft inquiries to cover the fact... Again I asked for the supervisor and was promptly put through to one. It's too bad that it took a 45 minute wait, The supervisor came on the phone and apologized for my name and address being sold as part of a promo-listing and he/she could see that I had opted out many years ago to which it hasn't expired, I guess it helped that I had a PDF of the opt-out confirmation and could tell them the date, minute, and second it went through (I understand that it isn't immediate, but we're talking years here). He/she also recognized that the account had been closed for years at my own request too and couldn't understand why my information was sold. Then the conversation took a twist, and for a moment the supervisor tried saying that maybe the list was sold before I had opted out. I couldn't help but laugh and ask if that means that a list can be promised before a person has opted out and closed an account, and yet a consumers info can be provided years after opting-out and closing the account. The supervisor couldn't help but laugh too and said that they'll research this matter and call me next week as something clearly wrong had happened. Think I have the CRA nailed to rights for small claims? I think so, but like I said, I haven't followed the laws and changes that may have been made, I've only followed the credit report. What next? Thank you, Concrete
  8. Hello all, Well, I only really come on here now when I want to bounce the credit pulls feature, but thought I should drop a line on this. I've been opted out for some time now, but received a letter from Discover about their 'it' card with a promotion card. At first I was a tad bit angry, but for some reason before going for my credit report to see if there had been a pull, I went to the credit pulls listing. Based on what I saw, I was hesitant to push the button as I've done so good on not applying for a while now, but thought what the heck, why not. Got the 5-7 day message online, but red in the face that I had applied when I thought I shouldn't have I called the number 5 minutes later just to see what the hold up was. I spoke with a rep where she asked me who I worked for, I answered calmly, then she came back and said I'd been approved for 7k. Now that isn't that much to those seasoned, but for me it was as my highest before was 2k authorized by the Cap 1 Exe. division. Trying to stay cool, I accepted and didn't get greedy n ask for more, but wow! I've had a couple of 30 days late's that were years old, but certainly didn't expect such a leap of faith. Utilization is (was) overall 40%, have a couple of inquiries, and TU Credit Karma fako was 680 (here in CA Discover pull EQ, but not sure what EQ score is as I like my steak). So anyway, my point is, even junk mail may be good, I'm still scratching my head how they can give a promotion code when I'm opted out, but this time I'll leave it be I'm looking forward to going off my personal monthly Cap 1 repayment plan and transferring the balance to a zero percent card. Debt is debt, but doing this I'll know 1. It'll lower my utilization for the Cap 1 card, and 2. I won't pay interest on it while sticking to my repayment plan and having a low utilization with the Discover card which will be paid off before interest is scheduled to begin anyway. I'm just glad that I have the mentality to not go out an buy a new TV during Independence Day sales and can sock draw the card, even though Discover said they'll expedite the card to me, LOL. First comes the reporting period, then comes me asking my other cards to match my highest CC limit. Will Discover auto increase me in a few months, or should I call to inquire? Thank you, Concrete.
  9. Age buddy, age! Account age took a hit on that one, one side of the monster.
  10. Ouch, and double ouch to that history! Maybe send the OC's response to the CRA and get it put back on? Probably won't help, but worth a try to get the history back.

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