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  1. HI, been a LONG time since I've been on the boards. CB gave be some wonderful advise and inspiration through the years. Long story short. I was able to open up 2 successful restaurants and 2019 was a banner year. All that has changed. Haven't been open for 3 weeks now since I was bleeding cash staying open. I have no idea how long this is going to last and I really think that when the country is opened back up it won't rebound like it was before. There will be a paradigm shift in the way people eat and live their lives and places like fast food restaurants will be hit the hardest. Not going to cry about it because everything is out of my hands. I'm certainly not in this boat alone :( What really sucks is me and my wife have busted our arses working 7 days a week for over 3 years turning our dream into a reality. I have no idea what we will do now. I just know that because of a virus from China we will probably have to file bankruptcy. Both personal and business. Personal because when you sign a lease these days they make you personally guarantee it. So if I can't pay my lease they come after me and my wife for multi-million dollar leases. I'll land on my feet but it won't be pretty and it won't be easy. I've been broke and I've made money. It's just sad that we did everything right and we had no control of any of this. SO MANY people are going to lose everything. It's a bad nightmare. I hope the stress doesn't kill me. I'm also sorry to be so negative. Just wanted to vent and say hello to all the familiar names that are still on the board. Hope everyone is safe and doing well. Best, art
  2. Any good reason? Well probably like a lot of people that get overwhelmed, she was living paycheck to paycheck. Single Mother. All it took was an accident with an uninsured driver and out of work to deplete what savings she had. Nothing unique and like a house of cards, losing her car just takes things to the next step. And not in a good way.
  3. LOL, of course I'm paying her. She was out of work for 4 months from a car accident. Just started back to work. Thought I'd help her out. But thanks for the info.......
  4. An employee of mine had their car repossessed today while she was at work. She had not made a payment in 92 days. It's a $20,000 dollar car and she owes less than $900 dollars on it. She was out of work for 4 months dues to an accident. I offered to front her the money to get her car back. But when she called the CU they said that she had to make ALL her payments that she's now behind on the past 3 months. So they won't release the car unless she pays $600 dollars in past due car payments, $400 impounding fee, Credit card payments of $1200 and also a draft fee of $480 dollars. Even though the other payments were not backed by the collateral of the car. They are saying now that it is repossessed it is now cross-collateralized on the credit card and draft fees. So not only does she have to pay the back payments of the car, they are making her pay all her back payments of credit card and draft line. What's up with that? That doesn't seem too legal to me. Anyone have any ideas on this? How can they hold her car hostage on the other payments and not just what she owes on the car? Anyway she can't get to work without the car and she's a great employee so I guess I will front all the money. Almost $3,000. Sucks!!!
  5. LOL, funny, but I have to agree with you on this one. At least the fools I deal with on a daily basis at the USPS. *SORRY off topic a bit* I ship an average of 200 packages a week. Always print labels for MORE than the package weights. Last week I got back more than a 100 of them. Some salamander wrote all over the packages, "NEED more postage, WAY underweight". Then went on to write the weight all over these packages. "This one is 4 oz, this one is 8 oz, etc. But the problem was (if they would have looked at the weight on the label) was that ALL of the packages were OVER what they said they weighted. I was livid. Went in and had a discussion with the Post Master and he was baffled as was to why a clerk would deface all the packages and also why they turned them down since all of them were way underweight from what I paid on shipping labels. People just don't give a flip about their jobs there and are always pissed off at the world. Hence the term "GOING POSTAL". No wonder the USPS is losing money and in the red. They do a terrible job. NAVYDAD................. Don't worry about a thing. You didn't screw yourself at all. Just hold off on anymore cards for at least 6 months and then in 6 months instead of opening up new cards just go for CLI's on them. My scores are over 800 and have been for a while but when I hit 750 I opened probably 7 cards in a 2 month period. Just dropped my scores a little bit and no AA was taken from any of my creditors. What has helped me out greatly was having AMEX accounts that list my open account date as 1987 I have 6 accounts with AMEX at the moment and am continually closing/opening then to get my AAOA longer. Your kid must be in the Navy. I'm a proud NAVY vet too!
  6. A late payment is one that is paid after the due date resulting in a late fee. No big deal but don't do that too much. A missed payment is one that is actually MORE than 30 days past the due date which results in a HUGE ding on your credit score and stays there for 7 years. It looks like you were 33 days late Past the due date so it shows up on your report.
  7. Totally NOT the case. As with everything YMMV. They've been very generous with me. Never declined a CLI. Have gone from a starting limit of $3,000 on their MC to $15,000 and their AMEX Cash from $8,000 to $28,000. Also have offered low BT's all the time. ALWAYS a hard INQ. Has always been an EQ pull too.
  8. Just a brain fart funkiehouse, LOL. Wasn't thinking and it was 3 in the morning when I just thought "What the heck". Lets get one more EX inq, LOL. Now I know
  9. Thanks everyone. Still learning after all these years mjfan82 Amex always opens new cards from the point you opened your first one. So instead of it showing up as a new account and lowering your Average age of accounts it looks like it's been opened for however long. In my case the 1 new account that did appear on my CR has an opening date of 1987 which bumped up my AAOA. So when if you had an AMEX for a while it can greatly help you out especially if you've added new accounts. Didn't do it this time but my score has actually increased by opening up a new AMEX account.
  10. I upgraded a green AMEX to Gold and then also got a new credit card with AMEX to churn my average age of accounts. I had 4 AMEX accounts. 2 charge cards and 2 credit cards. But now instead of showing 3 credit cards and 2 open charge cards and 1 closed charge card for a total of 6 accounts dating back to 1987, it only shows the 3 credit cards and 2 charge cards. It looks like the new Gold card was just put into the slot that the green card was. Instead of closing it. So it STILL only accounts for 1 open TL instead of 1 open and 1 closed, Is this how that works? Was hoping I would have another new account dating back to 87'. What do you think?
  11. Search....there's a sticky Bob Wang did on this a couple of years ago. some like Cap 1, BBRZ and others don't even ask for an age. Others like AMEX which is 16 years I believe. I've done the same thing for my son, added him as an AU on all the accounts that I could when he was months old. Now 4 Years old and has a score around 800. Would be irresponsible to let your kid go out and apply for as many cards as they could when they're 18 without first being educated about fiscal responsibility though. I don't know of one 18 year old that wouldn't burn through $20 K of credit in a heart beat. (Not talking about you OP) just kids in general. I'm sure they're always exceptions to the rule.
  12. Mine was deleted the 2nd week after they closed it. Scrubbed all my CR's of their nasty presence, LOL. Of course I never used it one time so maybe that had something to do with it
  13. If I had to choose between a chase card with a $5k limit in a year, or a Chase card with a $500 limit now, I'd choose the $500 limit now, because in a year or two it could easily be $2500-$5000. Ya wanna bet? You need to slow down and read more. Just because you don't like the answer to your questions you shouldn't ask a dozen more times. Listen and learn Grasshopper!
  14. That was copy and paste. Wish you hadn't told me that. I envisioned you as the "Stephen King" of CB. Very prolific!
  15. You'll have that secured CC for at least 12 months. Just sit tight and they will release your funds and up your CL. I started with a $2K secured card and now it's $50K. But within that year I got another card starting with 8K. Your score is high, so just keep paying on time. Are you a "NEW" member?
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