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  1. Neither. I told her to apply and let the mortgage company tell her what she should do. They ended up doing a 3way call with Delta management and Delta agreed to pull the collection during the mortgage process. Now that she closed she is going to pay them off (again), get everything in writing, and move on. Closing was super fast (25 days). Now for the hard part.... Today is moving day and we just drove in to help!
  2. She closed on her house yesterday. Thanks for the help.
  3. Thank you. I will pass that info on! How will it look on her credit report if she paid it off (again)? Will it have a negative impact?
  4. She has proof of payments sent to Sallie Mae but it does not show the balance. Sallie Mae won't pass the information on to Delta Management either. It sucks, she is caught inbetween right now. She is ready to pay it off again but is concerned how it will look on her reports.
  5. My sister paid off a student loan with Sallie Mae right as they were sending it to a collection agency. Sallie Mae won't talk to her any more because they sold the debt. The debt collectors (Delta Management) say that she still owes $817. She has been fighting this for a little while (including paying a credit repair company) with no success. She is ready to pay it off (again).... How is this going to look on her credit report? The DOFD states 9/2015. Will it just show a PIF collection dated 9/2015? Are there any other options she should pursue before paying it off? She is looking to
  6. Thread motivated me to request a CLI on my PenFed Defender card. Bumped from $500 --> $11000.
  7. Thanks for the info. I would think the short sale wouldn't hurt the reports too bad since it was IIB? Don't know for sure.
  8. Good evening. My friend is interested in buying a home. She filed chapter 13 3 years ago and IIB the house. The short sale went through a year ago (not 2 years like the title says). The original loan was FHA. My friend is looking to buy using conventional loan with 20% down now. Is she going to have issues trying to buy a house now? What are the waiting times for FHA short sale? Thank you!
  9. I didn't see this posted so figured I would (sorry if I missed a posting). NFCU has a 2.9% for BT or new cards for 12 months. Here is the offer: Special Balance Transfer Offer Transfer a balance from another financial institution to a Navy Federal credit card and get 2.99% fixed intro APR on balance transfers for 12 months.1After that, a variable rate between 7.99% APR and 18% applies.2 Just answer "yes" on the credit card application when asked if you have a balance you'd like to transfer to your new card. Offer is valid for both new and existing Navy Federal cardholders.1 Existing c
  10. Thanks for all the help. It opens a lot more options.
  11. I was thinking if I got a personal loan I would not be able to write off the interest on my taxs. The property belongs to my parents. They will quitclaim it to me. I was going to fix it up a little and then rent it out. Can I pull equity out of it once I do this?
  12. So big banks and CU's do loans like this for 25k?
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