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  1. I haven't seen the perennial "Why do you people need a million dollars in credit lines?" question posed recently. Next time someone asks just point them here.
  2. Except most have nots who have credit cards have less because they lived off them when they had more. Too late to change the past but it's still good advice.
  3. Couldn't have said it better myself. Except for the fonts.
  4. Good to hear... friends don't let friends carry Credit One!
  5. Didn't you just finance a car too? Not sure who you financed with but did you see these refinancing offers? Maybe you can get a better rate plus a few extra dollars to pay down that 11% CC. Then you can bring up both auto loans and CCs and pretend you're bragging instead of being bossy, lol. Penfed: Auto Refinance with $250 Bonus ($10k min refinance) https://www.penfed.org/auto/refinance NFCU: Refinance your current auto loan from another lender and get $200 ($5k min refinance) https://www.navyfederal.org/loans-cards/auto-loans/auto-refinance-rates.php
  6. AI just needs to invent a workaround lol.
  7. That's WF-speak for "we suspect you are too smart to be profitable." WF got burned a few years ago on their unlimited 5% back for 6 months offer. Now they are on the lookout for CWs and churners. But opening a deposit account with them helps a lot. If you don't have one there's a $400 personal checking SUB. I can't get personal CCs with them anymore either ("too few accounts with balances," "number of revolving accounts on credit file," etc). But they still approve me for biz CCs. The biz plat has a $500 SUB and $0AF and won't impact your x/24. Approval odds are best after you've held a deposit account for a year so open the CC just before you recycle the checking. You can only get 1 biz card/12 months and 1 checking bonus/12 months so the sooner you start the clock...
  8. “I don’t think we’re ever going to lose money again,” -Doug Parker (AA CEO), September, 2017
  9. Not sure about getting it reversed but there might be a way to prevent it in the future. Go to this page and check for upgrade offers: https://verified.capitalone.com/sic-ui/#/esignin?Product=Card&Action=ProductUpgrade You may be able to "upgrade" to a Vantage or Vantage 1 with no AF. Even if it comes with the same AF you'll probably want to take it anyway, because... Keep checking the same page every month or so. Within a few months you will probably see an offer to "upgrade" the Vantage / V1 to a Quicksilver with no AF. The Vantage is pretty worthless, but it's worth taking the 1.5% cut for a few months to lose the AF forever.
  10. Well now you've done it. You can't refer her to CB because if she figures out who you are she'll know you called her "sister wife." AGAIN!!!! 😄
  11. Words of wisdom. But it presumes you know enough not to spend your last penny before your next paycheck.
  12. The idea of reducing employee costs by installing ATMs, then charging ATM fees but keeping the services of human tellers free has me scratching my head too.
  13. Except maybe it doesn't... More shifts but with the same number of workers (i.e. half as many per shift) means more social distancing. Aerosol viruses will not linger between shifts. Fewer employees per shift means less potential downtime per worker. Might suck for the employees but it would increase productivity. If equipment is not shared disinfection does not matter. Without disinfection, surfaces at room temperature will become non-infectious within a few days at most anyway. So nightly disinfection of non-shared equipment is overkill and only makes the cleaning crew another potential vector. Lots of anti-COVID policies have been well intentioned but not well thought out.
  14. Bankers often seem to struggle with logic. For example, most of them know how to count. It's part of their job. But a typical bank branch always contains 12 teller windows and 2 tellers.
  15. Local Walmart has imposed a "1 per customer" limit on fresh milk. I presume that's because they want people to visit more often.

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