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  1. GCM is infected with a formjacker. I made a purchase with a pristine card on 5/17; a fraudulent temporary auth for American Airlines appeared the next day. Now I will have to file a dispute in the midst of MSR. Many similar reports over the past few days so beware.
  2. Very few lenders use Vantage scores; FICO 08 is by far the most popular. Try a different bank or CU... A FICO 08 of 732 is pretty respectable so I'd be surprised if you don't get approved somewhere for a loan and/or a 0% intro CC. Just to be sure, I would first check your FICOs at all 3 major CRAs and target a lender who pulls the best one (see CREDITPULLS). The majority of CUs seem to prefer EQ, except in California where many pull EX.
  3. There was a unicorn bagged at Barclays a couple of days ago... IOW, it wouldn't hurt to ask.
  4. My Alliant Visa is set up as: Auto Payment Category Minimum payment due from checking I normally push PIF from an outside account and the scheduled auto payments are auto canceled (unlike some annoying banks which auto-overpay then mail you a check).. I set it up years ago (and don't remember how) so maybe it's grandfathered but no longer available.
  5. Maybe one of these: ACU Credit Union Advantage Credit Union Alabama Credit Union Allegiance Credit Union Allegius Credit Union Alliant Credit Union America's Credit Union Associated Credit Union (Atlanta) Associated Credit Union (Texas) There are probably more of them.
  6. Smith's Fuel (Kroger). Attempted to purchase gas at the pump with my Penfed 5% cashback Visa. Card did not work: "Please see cashier". Cashier informed me that Visa is no longer accepted due to excessive interchange fees. He suggested I apply for a Smith's Mastercard. I bought 35 gallons of gas across the street at Shell instead, so Kroger successfully avoided paying the interchange fee.
  7. You should donate it to TAD because regular toasters only work with vertical breads.
  8. I don't think I missed the point - this card is not worth holding. Nevertheless, it's worth opening when you are over 5/24 and out of better SUBs. My understanding is CV knew exactly what he was doing and how it would end, and decided to cycle the card again anyway. Sure, he held an excrement sandwich for a few months. But $836 (or whatever he made off with) buys a lot of Sriracha & chipotle aioli. I'd open a First Premier for that!
  9. FTFY. Front loading the benefits to the extreme that the product becomes a liability the instant the MSR is met leads to predictable results (not that I'm complaining!). The marketing people who dream this stuff up must imagine the majority of consumers are arithmetically illiterate and/or irrational. Where would they get that idea?
  10. Are you sure your reports are still fried? Most derogatories from 2011 should have dropped off in 2018, and that may be what triggered the renewed harassment. Here is why: The CRAs market products known as "collection scores" which alert collectors when your credit improves (also when you apply for a mortgage). That flushes out the cockroaches. They think now you have money. You really should pull all 3 major reports, at least. Get paper copies mailed to you. You might be pleasantly surprised. Whatever you do, don't feed the cockroaches!
  11. But they also have a $200 SUB for their 2% checking account. Credit enthusiasts need not apply for the CC though. This is one of those CUs that define revolving credit as "available debt". I'm surprised you don't have a mortgage saga to go with Elements! They were one of CB the flavors-of-the-month a few years ago (as ELFCU).
  12. You get a FICO08 and FICO09 boost for having an open, paid down installment - your 34 points is typical when it's paid down to <10%. But for FICO, closed installments are worthless (except for age). So you lose that benefit when it's paid off. Your scores should bounce back quickly; look for a bump at 6 months, another at 12 months, then a gradual increase as you pay down the loan.
  13. EDIT: I had planned to M$ $3k (for reasons that no longer apply) when I ran the numbers. At $1k MSR=>sock drawer you will only net $300 and orphan $10!
  14. Elements Financial Cash Rewards Visa $300 SUB after at least 10 purchases totaling at least $1,000 within 90 days of approval. 1% cash back *IN $25 INCREMENTS ONLY* so you will net $325 after MSR and leave $5 orphaned. Card is worthless after SUB, but it's free. https://www.elements.org/cash-rewards-visa/

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