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  1. It will work for EX too. I should have written, EX starts the 10 year countdown when the account is closed or at date of last activity, whichever is later. That's usually moot because it's an expensive technique and a closed line with a balance hurts your FICOs. Not recommended (as you already know)!
  2. BoA Barclays Discovery all give TU08
  3. To clarify what centex wrote: EX starts the 10 year countdown when the account is closed. EQ & TU start the countdown at date of last reported activity. A key phrase is "up to." TU will often drop closed positives several years early, especially if you have a thick file. It's good practice to buy a pencil and request a CLI before closing a card (a 35k closed line looks better then a $500 closed line). Unless it's from a bottom feeder you should ask for retention offers too.
  4. The key is to be prepared when your card arrives. You will need a clean pair of cotton gloves and a quality display case. Before choosing a display case you need to decide whether or not to display your Goldman Sachs Apple Card in its original Elegant Card Stock. Separating them will reduce collectors value, but some prefer to mount the Card so both obverse and reverse are visible. An interesting alternative is to choose a larger trophy case and display your Card vertically atop the Elegant Card Stock for maximum visibility. Remember, NEVER handle your Apple Card without gloves! The acid oils in your fingerprints will mar the finish. Prepare a clean working surface and have your display case ready BEFORE you unseal the package.
  5. No but there's no way that was a serious question. She was offering Snake Oil Dave a chance to make a fool of himself. I probably would have followed up with something like this: "Dear Dave, I have 20 years left on a 14% mortgage. I make extra payments but the problem is that makes me feel like I'm paying down my debt. I know I need to start thinking with my emotions instead of my head but it's just so easy to slip back into logic when I think about numbers. Would it be a good idea to refi, or should I stop making payments and cut up my credit cards?"
  6. "Dear Dave, I’ve got about $3,000 in credit card debt. Would it be a good idea to transfer the balance from my credit card to another one that has a much lower interest rate? Tammi" Tammi is trolling him.
  7. I’d get a greenie if it came with free Prime membership and D*. A generous SUB would be nice too. And a pony.
  8. You could reduce noise by also showing a balance on one Chase card, then paying it off on a day when nothing else changes.
  9. I just checked Walmart: "Your FICO® Score based on TransUnion Data, is 0." This is far and away the biggest score drop I've ever seen. Probably the hard inquiries.
  10. When you weigh the Apple Card you need to include the phone.
  11. Occam

    Score drop

    CK skores have always been FAKOs. But if you checked within the last few days it was probably someone else's FAKO. They claim to have fixed the breach "glitch" yesterday. But if not, you can refresh and/or log out and back in to get a different skore. Just repeat until you get one you like.
  12. You will probably need to change your Hulu billing address to 1025 Nwgnssrt st 1005 to make that work.
  13. Article in techcrunch: https://techcrunch.com/2019/08/14/credit-karma-glitch-accounts/ "Credit Karma spokesperson Emily Donohue denied there was a data breach, but when asked would not say how many customers were affected." LOL
  14. 1 inq can't lower your score by 13 points so there must be another reason. My guess would be util % and/or # of cards with balances. Before you app for anything else make sure you have exactly 1 card reporting a very small balance but at least $2.01 ($2.11 min for VS). Lose the collection first if possible (I know nothing about this so can't advise how). Your scores should rise the day the new Discover reports. As soon as that happens, you should open 2 more CCs for a total of 5. Make them no AF cards you can keep. That gives you 5 open revolvers, the minimum optimal. Do this even if you've decided to wait out the collection. 12 months after that, the new cards will be boosting your scores and the effect of inqs will have vanished. Don't app for anything else during those 12 months, until you've closed on the house. If you can't get rid of the collection it might be worth waiting an extra year for it to drop before buying the house. You could save a small fortune in interest.

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