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  1. Just keep in mind you'll still be accumulating interest.
  2. Be sure to pay them before the statements cut so they report $0 balances. Fewer accounts showing balances should improve your scores. Exactly 1 is optimal. See "$2 trick." Then look at 0% BT biz cards first.
  3. I had been getting lazy and this was a wake up call. I just went on a spending spree - spread almost $15 worth of "pencils" across 22 neglected cards.
  4. Yikes! They are all significant. The only exceptions would be 0% balances floated on business cards. There are several biz cards with nice SUBs which offer that.
  5. Back to the subject of this thread, I was going to open a Chase UA Biz for the 100k SUB this month (offer expires 4/2). But I am long both UA and AA miles with no place to burn them. UR are more fungible and look much safer, so I'll app a UR card instead.
  6. If you want the CF you should apply for the CSP instead and collect the larger SUB. Keep the CSP for a year, then cash out your points and downgrade it to a CF. Do you shop online? Check out Bank of America Cash Rewards. You can set your 3% cash back category to Online Shopping. There's a $200 SUB. If you redeem the cash back into a BoA checking account you get a 10% bonus, which makes it 3.3% back (CV will tell you how to boost that even more). There may be a $400 SUB available for opening the checking account too. For everyday 2% there is Alliant, which often has SUB. Citi Double Cash (2%) only pays a $100 SUB so it's usually best obtained as a downgrade from another card with a more reasonable SUB. If you must use Discover and you don't care about 5/24 you should open a second one for 10%/2% the first year.
  7. Unfreeze all 3 if you want instant approval. Otherwise you may have to recon. FWIW (which is probably not much) for me they always pull EQ for personal cards and EX for biz cards, and they have never pulled 2.
  8. Occam

    oddball cards

    BlockFi Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card
  9. This is exactly why I never recommend the $25,800 trick for grooming FAKOs.
  10. Worth a try. I just had to activate one (from a different bank) with the same requirement ("a point of sale purchase that requires a PIN"). A balance inquiry at a Walmart ATM did the trick. No purchase or withdrawal required & no fee.
  11. Not really. It is the % change that matters. When the decline happens quickly inflation is not significant. A 30% decline is a 30% decline no matter how you denominate it.
  12. If you shock a dead cat with a cattle prod it will twitch, but expecting it to revive is unrealistic.
  13. $7500 to invest after the market bottoms out.
  14. Fall 2020: "Auto Dealers Among First To Recover As Monster Truck And RV Sales Spike" Summer 2021: "Motorists In Shock As Gas Hits$3/Gallon" "...nobody saw this coming!" "...I have to commute 80 miles to work and I can't afford to fill my truck!"

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