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  1. Disappeared from where? TU? Mine is still on EQ, EX, TU today (and Innovis as of 2 weeks ago). Before your datapoint I would have guessed 10 years on EX and somewhat <10 years on EQ. I'd be surprised if it lasted even a year on TU. I expect it will persist for 10 years on Innovis since CapOne doesn't report there.
  2. "Does being a homeowner boost your credit score? "When we analyzed the average credit score in America, it was immediately apparent that being a homeowner makes a difference." -Lyle Daly When I analysed the first three sentences two things were immediately apparent: 1. Correlation =/= causation. 2. Lyle Daly lacks critical thinking skills.
  3. Have you seen an optometrist?
  4. Catch 22. You can't get a card if you don't apply, but when you do they ruin your credit with an inquiry!!!! The only way around it is to open 27 Comenity store cards with the shopping cart trick. But then they shut you down for too many new accounts! The system is rigged!!!!!
  5. It varies by region. In much of the mountain west it works exactly the same as Kroger: 100 pts = $0.10 off with a maximum of $1 off for 1000 Kroger points and max of 35 gallons. It used to be the same in at least part of TX... I haven't tried there in years though. In some states the limit is lower at Shell, and some places in the east let you use up to 2000 pts for $2 off. Apparently it sometimes works at other gas chains in the eastern US too. It stacks with the (grandfathered) Penfed 5% cashback. It used to stack with the Shell fuel rewards you could link to any CC. But that stopped working a few years ago.
  6. Discover IT is a good starter card; check for a preapproval. Check Cap1 too but don't apply for one with an AF. As soon as the new card reports your scores will rise. Then you can open better ones. Assuming your dad is responsible with his credit, don't remove yourself as AU until you have 5 of your own cards open.
  7. The Smith's nearest me has half-deserted self checkout and 4x fuel points = $1/gal gas discount. The organic food section is always crowded so I skip that and buy just enough "groceries" from the display at the entrance to cover my fuel needs. The fuel points work at Shell too and Shell always takes Visa.
  8. Not sure who you mean by "we" but I personally have done this this! I've been putting precisely zero time, zero energy, and $0.00 into credit score ads and debt collection agencies for my entire life. I've always put at least 1/10th that much into restoring the job market and I'm pretty sure the majority of Americans, indeed the great majority of the entire world's population, can say the same. Surely by now there would be no debt left on this planet if your idea worked!?
  9. "Kroger stopped accepting Visa credit cards in April at its Smith's Food & Drug chain, which has more than 130 stores in seven states. The move followed an earlier ban on Visa credit cards at Foods Co., another Kroger supermarket chain." Presumably it was a pilot program and they (predictably) lost a lot of business so never rolled it out Kroger-wide. I know they lost mine. I used to buy fuel there weekly but haven't in 6 months - my only 5% gas card is a Visa. I pretty much stopped buying groceries there too because all but 3 of my recent MSRs have been on Visas.
  10. "Robert Murray, who began working in coal mines at 16...", and now sports oxygen tubes, looks like a walking advertisement for any other profession.
  11. Only this product? What about AAdvantages? They usually require 4-8 purchases each...
  12. https://www.businessinsider.com/kroger-reverses-visa-credit-card-ban-2019-10?r=US&IR=T
  13. On the plus side it looks like you're okay on inquiries.
  14. If it's your newest you're still under 5/24. As DPB says, you can keep getting Chase Biz cards and stay there. CitiBusiness AA won't count toward 5/24 either. WF has a good Biz SUB too and it won't count. Cap1 Business cards are the major exception - they DO report to personal CRs & count toward 5/24 (Discover Biz cards report too but nobody cares).
  15. Oh, I figured Ink was your newest since you're still working on the MSR... unless it was a "just for you" black star offer you must have been under 5/24 and still would be.

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