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  1. ATMMD (acronym for ATM Machine Device). Usage example: "The ATMMD machine ran out of 20$ bill's."
  2. If you haven't yet bumped your Walmart card up to 35k, get it done. Subprime CapOne takes over from subprime Synchrony on 10/11/19.
  3. When you call, you should ask if they offer "Frozen Account Protection."
  4. And the SUB you get is worth far more than a CLI anyway! There's no excuse not to do it this way unless you're over 4/24. ?!? Have you gotten into Ramsey's snake oil?
  5. I wish I could remember... it's been awhile and I didn't keep proper records. But last time I did this, I hit 'Apply Now' and got the card with no inq. Wish I'd kept a screen shot. The time before that (2017) it definitely said I was pre-approved. So I went to Amazon and apped there (for the extra sub) and got the card with no inq.
  6. Different business model here. Unless you are some kind of deadbeat you'll run up $20k in interest-free debt during the first 14 months, then pay 24% on it for the rest of your life.
  7. Did you check here recently? Maybe you can open a 2nd then combine after 2x ends.
  8. But it was 100% U.S.-based voicemail!
  9. Occam

    oddball cards

    Ollo Optimum https://www.ollocard.com/Optimum-Card 2.5% cash back on all your purchases No limits No minimum to redeem -no SUB so it requires at least 20k 'spend' before break even vs. a $500 SUB alternative -invitation only Less restrictive alternative to Alliant?
  10. "A study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health in 2018 found that allowing young transgender people to use their chosen name leads to a 34 percent decrease in reported thoughts of suicide, as well as a 65 percent decrease in suicidal attempts." It's been said that 84.7% of statistics are made up on the spot, but that may be an underestimate.
  11. Or maybe add it as a rotating category, say 5% off if you die in the first quarter.
  12. I haven't touched over 30 of my cards this month. I feel that more than compensates for the ones I've used, so I am still entitled to Gold Status. I opened 2 more CCs to celebrate.
  13. Where is the best place to liquidate 347 Stroopwafel McFlurries?
  14. Exactly my thoughts. And the genius in the photo is trying to fit one in diagonally?!?
  15. Every time I log in at PenFed they are pushing 1.49% auto loans. I have zero interest so I haven't checked the terms.

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