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  1. BoA sent me an "extra 4% up to $100 through 12/31/20" (i.e., $2500 spend) offer on this card which makes it at least 7% online, more if you bank with them. Some people only got 1% extra. Check your spam box!
  2. It is accurate if you care about Vantage 3.0. It's usually accurate to within 372 or so for estimating the scores lenders use.
  3. You've got a Sharpie. Why not make it a Black Card?
  4. Couldn't hurt to try for different fake True Names on different Citi cards. Maybe collect all the possible genders.
  5. If you were a marketing consultant you could have been paid $50k for that.
  6. Milky Way bars probably contain traces of actual cocoa for marketing purposes, but apparently not enough to harm a dog.
  7. I'm in the same boat in another state but only looked at PNC biz cards. Can't get them here either. You might want to grab the $500 SUB BBVA Select Card before the acquisition, if you haven't already. AF waived first year, then $99. It's not worth keeping after that but maybe you'll be able to PC to a PNC card. I will just close mine after a year unless PNC transitions it to something better or allows a product change.
  8. Biggest upside: Will they rename this bank "Truist" after the acquisition?No.
  9. 5% back on up to $500 of online purchases1 as a statement credit for eligible enrolled Citi® credit cards. Start earning from enrollment or 11/24/2020, whichever is later, through Cyber Monday, 11/30/2020. Sign on to Citi Online to see if you are eligible and enroll in this offer https://specialoffers.citicards.com/citiholidaypromotion?cmp=pac_grow_2011_atl_giving_cashback All 5 of my personal Citi cards were eligible.
  10. AFAIK PNC personal deposit accounts are available nationwide BUT biz cards are not. I have PNC checking (opened online) but I'm outside their footprint for biz cards. Hope this goes through because I am in BBVA's footprint!
  11. You are in good shape except for the debt. Your scores are going to skyrocket when you get that paid off and the lates drop. You are also at 2/24 so don't waste slots on anything without a generous SUB or 0% BT offer. You are in the perfect demographic for Capital One SUB cards right now. Cap1 loves high util+moderate risk. They will be harder to get after you join the 800 club. Spark Cash has a $500 SUB and no longer reports to personal... You might be able to get rid of the lates a few months early too (there is an early deletion thread somewhere).
  12. Trigger words. We don't discuss pudding in polite society. It's FAT SHAMING!
  13. The workaround is to post an image of your True Name card on Facebook but hang on to the original for POS transactions.
  14. But a public service nonetheless if it scares gullible consumers off social media.
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