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  1. But "what's coming in week to week" should not concern you. It's only the long term average that counts. ...unless you are doing it wrong (i.e., living paycheck to paycheck). But why would anyone want to do that? Not only is it risky, it lowers your standard of living at any given income level. You pay more for almost everything.
  2. "In the era of free trials — which often end in automatic enrollment and billing — forgetting to cancel comes at a cost." Umm... I wonder why free trials exist. They should just give us everything for free all the time because that would be better for the consumer.
  3. Occam

    91 Day CLI Question

    Exactly on the first day you are eligible is best because the clock resets on the date of your CLI. There is no known minimum for Discover... but (30x +1) days is auspicious.
  4. If this concerns you, you aren't doing it right.
  5. Occam

    Advise to get FICO above 760

    Amex AUs show up as new accounts, so you get all the negatives of adding a new account including a hit to AAoA. If you want an Amex, you are better off opening your own and collecting the SUB. One thing I'd add to CVs good advice is, there's a lot more to age than just AAoA. And AAoA is seldom the most important. Here are 4 measures of age in approximate order of importance to FICO: 1. Age of oldest account 2. Age of newest account 3. AAoA 4. AAoOA #4 barely matters at all to FICO, but has a large impact on FAKOs like Vantage. Age of oldest open account often counts more on FAKOs than any of the "real" measures. But AFAIK it has no effect at all on any FICO score.
  6. What about orphaned points? Is there a minimum redemption for statement credit?
  7. SUB is only $150 and 5% categories are capped at $1500. Possibly interesting if you are LOL/24 and out of options, But probably only worth a new account slot to the oddball collector.
  8. Just imagine what would happen if their phones stopped working. Millions lost in the streets with no idea where their houses are, no way to find an ATM and no way to get help...
  9. Occam

    NFCU Balance Transfer

    It is rotten "fermented" fish. The woman next to me on a bus once offered to share hers and I almost vomited from the smell... It also commonly spreads fish tapeworms.
  10. Occam

    NFCU Balance Transfer

    Durian tastes much better than it smells. Stinky bean curd smells too bad to risk tasting. Then there is padaek...
  11. Occam

    NFCU Balance Transfer

    I love durians, but they are an aquired taste. And a menace on public transport. It has been said they smell like [s---]*, look like [s---] and taste like [s---]. So first-timers might want to start with durian ice cream. It smells like [s---] and tastes like [s---] - but it looks like ice cream. *[s---] - CB would autocorrect this to "chocolate", which would be extremely misleading.
  12. Occam

    I'm In Five-Figure Debt Because Of My Dog

    Did it not occur to you to read the article before commenting? Further, it never ceases to surprise me that some people seem oblivious to humor...
  13. Occam

    I'm In Five-Figure Debt Because Of My Dog

    She must have had expensive tastes. I try to give that type a wide berth.
  14. Occam

    I'm In Five-Figure Debt Because Of My Dog

    I feel so bad for her.... all that spend squandered on her Citi card. If only she had a clue, she would have collected 3-5 big SUBs.

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