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  1. I just recently applied for the BBRZMC and I was approved and my BK was in 2008.
  2. I have the same experience. My customers if they swipe their amex are going to buy either a whole lot of food or someone elses meal.
  3. I am, I've had alot of success with letters though. I can't tell you the total amount of deleted inquiries from Equifax, it's over 25. Experian and TransUnion have both deleted over 20. Now if I could only get TransUnion and Experian to delete this pesky little bankrupcty. Got my Equifax score to a 663 from a mid 500 in three months..
  4. Doubt it was B* I only have 50 softs.. I have been trying to obtain B*, but have yet to even get close to successful. These removals are from nice little letters that I type!
  5. Banks are who we are buying the restaurants from, they have already loaned the money on a failed business, and are only getting $.10-.15 on the dollar for the equipment that was defaulted on, so they aren't real interested in letting another loan on it. We have quite a bit of reserve cash, but some weeks we have a lot of business? When I first bought the restaurant I carried only an AMEX. This is something I learned from my father. Whenever I made purchases on my business card or on my personal card I only did it with my AMEX. Only problem was that my major food supplier at that time did not accept AMEX. So one day I spoke with my father's personal banker and he arragned a Business Credit Card with a 15K limit. Once I started using it, it was only a few months and I already had accumulated 100,000 points. But until then, I didn't shop anywhere AMEX wasn't accepted. Still love my pretty little card, though she gets alot less use now.
  6. It went up by 11 points.. and the INQ they were removed. (From 39 to 18 in less than a month) (The rest will be gone pretty soon!)
  7. My Fico score changed with Equifax today. The only thing that changed on my report is my inquiries went from 21 to 18. Why would this happen? No new accounts added between reports. No balances decreased or increased. The AAOA did not change nor did the length of credit history.
  8. American General Finance Credit Unions have secured installment loans. My significant other and I have a 3K secured loan at Fifth Third. Does Fifth Third report to all 3 bureaus and is there a credit check to get their secured loan? Almost 100% sure they do a credit check, but I know my significant other had very low scores at the time (like 510s) with 8+ collections and derogs on his report. All my scores were above 625. They do report to all three bureaus.
  9. I had this happen with Fifth Third. They were able to update and correct on all three bureaus within 48 hours.
  10. I have a Wachovia Business Credit Card with at 15 K credit limit. It doesn't report to my personal credit report. I also have a Amex Blue with a 5,400 limit, it doesn't report to my personal credit file either.
  11. American General Finance Credit Unions have secured installment loans. My significant other and I have a 3K secured loan at Fifth Third.
  12. I recently applied for a mortgage, and in September I received a collection letter in the mail from when I was in the hospital. Because I didn't want it appearing on my credit report before I closed on my mortgage I decided that I would pay some of it. Is there anyway I can DV them now that I've paid part of it? Thanks,
  13. Does anyone have the capital one recon/underwriting department phone number? Everytime I find a number to call it's in india..and they aren't in the credit / underwriting department. Thanks, Brandon
  14. I own a restaurant in Charlotte, and have dealings with Amex both as a merchant and a cardholder. What most people don't tend to know is how AMEX processess payments for merchants. AMEX laggs behind in paying processors. For example, today I took in about $950.00 in Visa/Mastercard/Discover. Tomorrow when I wake up that money will already be credited to my account. I also took in about $450.00 in Amex. This will not post until at least the middle of next week. First it must go to my card processor, who fowards it to Amex, who accepts the batch. Then once they receive the batch they randomly decide if they want to place two batches together and settle or just settle. Once they settle, they take their transaction fee and discount fee and then do an ACH deposit to my account. While it sucks that I must wait for the deposit, the awsome thing is, I don't have to worry about one lump sum of money being debited from my account for merchant fees at the beginning of the month. So there are ups and downs and ins and outs. Amex is 3% of the transaction plus any transaction fee.. i.e.. swipe.. non swipe.. etc.. But besides that I love AMEX!
  15. Here is my situation and credit files.. Equifax - Open Accounts - 6 Installment - 3 Relvoving - 3 Utilization 85% Inquiries - 29 FAKO - 578, Fico - 641 Experian Open Accounts - 6 Installment - 3 Relvolving - 3 Utilization 85% Closed Collections (Discharged in Bankrupcty) - 3 Bankruptcy Inquiries - 2 FAKO - 609, When Pulled in September for Mortgage 627 TransUnion Open Accounts - 5 Installment - 3 Revolving - 2 Utilization 88% Bankruptcy Inquiries - 6 Fako - 643, Fico 651 I applied for a FHA Mortgage, was approved for $110,000. Closing 11/15. What impact will this have on my credit score? Will it decrease immediately? Increase Immediately? Also, recently obtained two more credit cards, a capital one secured with $200 and a Hooters with a $500 CL. Neither are reporting yet. So when those cards start reporting and the payments appear on the other cards utilization will be reduced to 47%. Just curious as to the impact. Thanks
  16. VW Credit 42 Highway Robbery Huntington, VA 27456 Re: Inquiry Dispute To Whom It May Concern: After recently receving a copy of my free annual credit report, I notice that your company submitted a request to obtain a copy without my written or verbal authorization. I have no business dealings with your company, and pursuant to Title 15 U.S.C.§ 1692, you request was in violation of federal statutes. I respectfully request that you remove this inquiry immediately. As you know, your violation and failure to comply with federal statutes opens your company to a possible lawsuit to compel your compliance. Please take note that I will pursue this issue with the appropriate authorities, and if necessary, take legal action to force your compliance. Your attention in this matter is appreciated. Thanks, XXXXX This letter also worked with Experian and TransUnion. However it did not work with Equifax. I haven't decided to take them to court or not to compel compliance, because I'm trying the B* method. Crossing my fingers! Good Luck.. I also have some other well worded letters that work quite well.. My days spent as a paralegal worked out quite well for me.
  17. I have not tried this with a collections account, but I have written GEMB/Walmart and GEMB/Lowes along with Wells Fargo Dealer Services and Citi and they all removed inquiries which were on my credit report. Have a copy of the letter I sent them. PM if you want a copy.
  18. I know that Capital One does.. Not sure about any else though.. Would love to know
  19. Random question, but I can't seem to find an answer. If my CL is 300 on my CC and my high balance is 332, and I've never been late does it effect me? Thanks!
  20. fedtrouble


  21. Well.. only the experian reports the collections.. all others are clean... and the AAOA shouldn't be impact that badly.. Equifax is clean including bankruptcy. Just trying to get Experian and TransUnion cleaned of the bankruptcy, and inquiries on Equifax.. trying to get some B*
  22. I have three collection accounts on my experian, all listed as included in bankrupcty. If I get those removed will it increase my score at all. They are only listed on Experian, all others removed them already? Thanks
  23. So I pulled my credit report today from Equifax.. No collection.. bankruptcy deleted.. 31 inquiries.. Pulled myfico score from Equifax today.. Reports a collection over three years old .. no listed on Equifax report.. but has the name.. " 456yc00000" with no contact information.. etc.. Any ideas? Thanks!
  24. AAoC was is 18mo Have 5 opened on Equifax one closed.. Current reported Utilization is like 85% No other baddies.. Have 31 inquiries And how did I remove it from my report .. I simply disputed it. Didn't work that easy with Experian. But I'm researching other methods.. and I'm also going to try TransUnion. Myfico score the other day was 631 and I just purchased it and its a 648! I can't wait till my cards update and my utilization is almost at 30% and myfico says I have a baddie but it doesn't appear on my Equifax report... Hum.. Wierd

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