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  1. Yes it will fall off your report eventually. I believe it falls off 7 years after the DOFD
  2. I froze my report because TU didn't remove some derogs that were off both EX and EQ. At the time TU was trashed but the rest of my reports were sparkling.
  3. Several AU accounts from HSBC, AMEX CAP ONE AND BOA
  4. Hey Guys! So here is the deal last year I went away for some time. When I left I had a car financed through Wells Fargo Dealer Services. My ex was left with more than enough money to pay the car note until I came back, but failed to do so, for reasons unknown to me. Fast forward to today, I no longer reside where I used to, I've been cleaning up my credit reports, and just recently received notice that 10 accounts were removed from my equifax credit report. Well I found a little link to pull my myfico score today and it told me I had a depressing 515, down from almost 700 from last march. Most significantly was the repo on my report. Has anyone had any success in getting the repo from Wells Fargo taken off. They can't get ahold of me if they try! I'm 100% sure the debt is within SOL, and I don't want to go wake a sleeping bear right now. I don't need any financing at this moment, for I just bought a used car. Wells Fargo says I owe them $7,610. Now the Wells Fargo Account Says opened 6/2010 which is correct. Any help or advice is appreciated!
  5. Success! Report in 5-7 days by mail and immediately granted on-line access. Awesome!! Buying me lunch BDK? You Grasshoppers ARE good! My dh is having this problem. He went round and round with the people at TU because we really need a copy of his report ASAP due to disputing and due to trying to get a loan, and they kept giving us the run around. We were going to request it in the mail, but they are telling us it might take 2-4 weeks (this from the guy from India named Kevin who spoke horrible broken English and couldn't hardly understand what my dh was asking). I read on another thread from 2007, that someone (smush?) used this technique by emailing them this: FCRA section 610 states: § 610. Conditions and form of disclosure to consumers [15 U.S.C. § 1681h] 1.. (a) In General 2.. (1) Proper identification. A consumer reporting agency shall require, as a condition of making the disclosures required under section 609 [§ 1681g], that the consumer furnish proper identification. c.. (2) Disclosure in writing. Except as provided in subsection (b ), the disclosures required to be made under section 609 [§ 1681g] shall be provided under that section in writing. d.. (b ) Other Forms of Disclosure e.. (1) In general. If authorized by a consumer, a consumer reporting agency may make the disclosures required under 609 [§ 1681g] f.. (A) other than in writing; and g.. (B ) in such form as may be h.. (i) specified by the consumer in accordance with paragraph (2); and i.. (ii) available from the agency. j.. (2) Form. A consumer may specify pursuant to paragraph (1) that disclosures under section 609 [§ 1681g] shall be made k.. (A) in person, upon the appearance of the consumer at the place of business of the consumer reporting agency where disclosures are regularly provided, during normal business hours, and on reasonable notice; l.. (B ) by telephone, if the consumer has made a written request for disclosure by telephone; m.. (C ) by electronic means, if available from the agency; or (D) by any other reasonable means that is available from the agency. It's obvious to me that you intend to ignore this section of the law. It is VERY clear that the CONSUMER, namely ME, gets to choose the manner in which the report is supplied. Unless you are implying that reports are NOT available to ANYONE online, you are in violation of the law. I suggest that you release my information to me online as required. If you can't do so due to the "size" of my file, I suggest you delete the following tradelines in order to compensate for the obvious lack of reasonable procedures your company/system has:" So, I am wondering if it would be worth it to try and call first to get it mailed to us, and then if that doesn't work, to try this email? Dh was told that his file was too large to access online, but I suspect it was due to the disputes we have put through lately. We have another dispute we are trying to facilitate, but we cannot see if the creditor has removed it or not and it only seems to be on TU still. Also, we have a bunch of IIB that are falling off and we want to see what has already fallen off.... Thought I would give my two cents worth.. I called TU the other day because of the same reason.. I read you had a freeze on your account, and they told me I couldn't pull it online because I had a freeze on mine. So .. could be the same for you.
  6. fedtrouble


    The walmart card is def. worth it. Plus remember every four months you can play with the LUV button!
  7. Speaking from experience when I had an AU account on my report, I simply disputed it as NOT MINE, and it was deleted. I'm sure others have had different results, but I did it to quite a few cards, AMEX, HSBC, CAP ONE, and BOA. Good Luck!
  8. WTF? Girl, call the cops, and tell them about both incidents. Ask if they can do a courtesy patrol nightly. Also, try to get license plate numbers. Get some cheap fake outdoor security cams: http://www.homesecur...ke-cameras.aspx Have to agree.. and if I had a gun I'd keep it close by.. Call the cops tell them what is going on and get a license plate..!!!
  9. The first thing I did was call midland and explain to them that my identity was stolen. At the same time I called tmolbile and told them my identity was stolen and both companies sent me paperwork to fill out, and it took about a month and a half but the matter was cleared up.
  10. That is AWSOME! I would suggest that you work on removing your BK. It isn't that hard, and it is worth the effort in the end. I'll happily send you the method I used just PM me!
  11. I was approved for an FHA Mortgage in September/October 2010 through Fifth Third Bank and the lowest score they would accept was a 620. My scores were 627 TU, 645 EX, and 678EQ.
  12. This may be a silly question, but in November 2010 I froze my TransUnion. Up until March 1st, 2011 I pulled my reports daily through multiple daily pullers. Fast foward, I'm getting my stuff back together, I wrote all the CRAs and they provided my credit reports to me. When I finally gained access to a computer, I sought to pull them through all the backdoors. Well, TransUnion informed me that I need to call them. Gave them a call, they told me that I have a credit freeze on my file and that I would have to unfreeze it to request it. Is that true? If that were the case how was I able to continue to pull it daily when it was frozen between November 2010 and March 2011? Any ideas/responses are appreciated. Thanks! Brandon
  13. You can use Wire and Mail fraud as a claim in a civil suit against the Collection agencies, in federal court. You can also allege violations of the FDCPA.
  14. I wrote my disputes out by hand. I have a very unique slanted handwriting which scanners can not seem to read. I did the jack attack method for them. I will say it only took maybe a two weeks at the max for the whole process. I've still got to finish cleaning up Experian. I have had TransUnion on ICE and refuse to look at it until 2016 at the earliest. They did me really dirty, so I refuse to mess with them at all.
  15. So today I received a response from my investigation which I submitted to Equifax not to long ago! WFFNB/Z Gallerie - Deleted Equable Ascent Financial - Deleted Interstate Credit Collection - Deleted Capital One - Deleted Equable Ascent Financial - Deleted Express - Deleted Verizon Wireless - Deleted Limestone Asset Management - Deleted GECRB/Amazon - Deleted Capital One - Deleted I still have ten collection accounts mostly medical to work on. They are not paid. One for $18,095 for my appendix which for some odd reason BCBS didn't seem to cover. I will be working on these promptly. Ten Down... Ten to Go! Wish me Luck! Brandon
  16. Girl for real.. let that man go live with the 'rents. I would have never let him come back around. I wish you luck though in your journey. I too am trying to get it all back together, and I know how it feels.
  17. I had quite a bit of success when I got the address removed that was associated with the bankruptcy.
  18. I will tell you about my success. Under Title 11 of the United States Code, the United States Bankruptcy Courts can not release anything but the last four digits of you social security number, your address and your full name. Just enough for CRAs to say that a third party agency who provided the information to "validate" the case. I however was able to easily dispute the bankrupcty off when I was able to remove the address from my credit report on which the bankrupcty was associated with. I had to speak to someone on the phone at Experian but both TransUnion and Equifax removed it with a simple dispute letter after the addresses were removed. I was able to remove the bankruptcy (Chapter 7) from my credit report within two years of discharge.
  19. Yes you will see score increase, but nothing really significant until 1 year mark. And that is only if you don't get anymore accounts between now and then. I did AOR all last year, now I'm paying the piper scorewise. After a certain amount of new accounts within one year, FICO labels you with "seeking new credit". NOT GOOD. Oh.. Ok.. cool.. . I'm willing to wait it out.. and continue with what I have.. Hopefully I can get CLI with all the GEMB cards at 4 months.. and a CLI with the Hooters... and with the WFNNB cards.. Really wanting a personal amex cc not charge!
  20. If you are talking about Amex.. I didn't have the card a day and they did an FR.. :-)
  21. I got it before they were all reporting.. and they've harded my report three.. no four times since i've received it.. and they've not said anything.. i've also ran 4K through it the first month.. and 3.5K through it this month.. and they've already received the 7.5K so I hope they don't have a problem with them.. :-) BUMP!
  22. I'm just curious, how long have you been a card memember, how do you use the card & how much did u put down for ur income? You don't have to gibe an exact figure, mind 5 figures, 6 figures etc....I'm just curious. I was brutally honeset & I didn not think they would approve me for green, but they did. The process was simple for me if you go back and read the post the previous poster linked to.. once I provided them with the documents it was approved.. and I've ran 4K through it the first month and about 3.5 this month.. and they've not cried yet!
  23. I got it before they were all reporting.. and they've harded my report three.. no four times since i've received it.. and they've not said anything.. i've also ran 4K through it the first month.. and 3.5K through it this month.. and they've already received the 7.5K so I hope they don't have a problem with them.. :-)

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