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  1. FYI. Pacer has something called "case index search". This search allows a registered individual to search all 94 federal district courts, bankruptcy courts and appellate courts. When you login one of the options now is "find bankruptcy by ssn/ein". This option allows anyone to search for your case with your full social security number. Remember the clerk puts your full social in their backend. Keep this in mind as you fight your battle! Good luck
  2. So I took the SO to a local credit union today to open a checking/savings account. I pulled his credit yesterday, and all he had across all three bureaus was one SL which is in deferment. So I told him to apply for anything the offer him. They told me when I app'ed that 590 for OD LOC, 620 for LOC and 640 for CC. Well with one pull from EQ and a 697, he was approved for $500 for all three. His income is only $8000K a year at the moment, but its a start!
  3. Your state law claims can be heard in federal court along with your federal claims. Summary judgment can be a real pain in federal court, but I've found that a federal judge plays by the rules. Good luck.
  4. I recently cleaned by EX .. there is nothing on there but a secured loan from 2010, with good payment history. I was wondering if anyone knows a good starter card that pulls EX only?
  5. I actually did this before I got a mortgage with Fifth Third Bank, there was no BK on my report, and they never mentioned it in any process of my mortgage application. It was FHA. FYI.. hmmm how many years from the discharge date at the time you applied. FHA allows you to purchase or refinance quicker out of a bk then a conventional loan. Every bank requires a bk search from every title company I was discharged in September of 2008, and I was approved for my FHA in Sept/October of 2010. Closed in November, 2010.
  6. I actually did this before I got a mortgage with Fifth Third Bank, there was no BK on my report, and they never mentioned it in any process of my mortgage application. It was FHA. FYI..
  7. So true, in fact, in some instances when you access BK records through pacer and you are looking at old BK records, pre 2005 you can find some that list this information undedacted still. :-( Uggh.. Not so good!
  8. In November 2011 I was approved at the register for $200.. and several days later I received notice that they approved me for $1000.
  9. I wonder if sealing your record after the filing helped. Most did not/cannot do that so might not work as well, but great job! Under the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure 9037© you can file all documents with the Court under seal. But the Court can later require that you file redacted copies of all pleadings and petitions for the general public. You however at any time can file a motion to seal the entire case, though the motion does not have to be granted. There are two ways to do this, (1) to reopen the bankrupcty case and file a motion to seal or (2) file a motion to seal.
  10. From the wording of the letter it looks as if they will be deleting the TL from your credit report.
  11. +1,000 I wrote Chris.Callero@experian.com and he forwarded it to the special handling department. I haven't had anyone ask since I've deleted it if I've had one or anything like that, but I do agree I wouldn't lie about it. I took this on as a challenge simply because I don't think that there is adequate information obtained by these third party data collectors to truly verify the information that they provide. And I'm one to always look for the "odd" things or "loop holes" in a challenging situation. And the post above are correct, you can quickly get yourself back into the prime a
  12. Yes the information does stay in your file. Though I will say, I have not had it pop back up in the two years since I have gotten it deleted. I did not include any personal information in the letter I wrote to the court, because I specifically did not want to cross any lines. I did however have an IIB'ed account pop back up, but I simply disputed it back off my TU. I was not worried about any fraud alert, I would much rather call / have someone call me to verify it is me that is applying for credit. However, after reading the board and finding out more information from a friend of mine wh
  13. I would go through the steps with the letter from the Court and getting the addresses removed. Once you do that, I would go through it again. Speaking from experience I've disputed specific items attempting a jack attack on something, and they verified it, then went back and disputed it as not mine and it was removed. I think as long as there is some time between the two disputes you are safe. Though I would love to hear what others have to say on that matter.
  14. HeyGuys/Gals, Because somany people have requested information on how to remove their bankruptcy Idecided to start a thread so it was easy and accessible. MySituation: I filedChapter 7 Bankruptcy in May of 2008, I was discharged September 2008. I am originally from North Carolina. I filed bankruptcy in the Eastern District ofVirginia. The address associated with myBankruptcy was a P.O. Box. I started mycredit repair journey by reading all the newbie threads on this site in July of2010, after I got a horrible interest rate on a car loan. First: I opted out. Se
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