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  1. I was thinking small court, to annoy the hell the school and make it not worth for them! I want them to spend some money. Like I said before, you can't justify late fees..it's not like they actually worked to earn that money. I got about a month to produce the transcript. If I don't, I'll probably get fired. More time to sue I guess.
  2. I appreciate your response Snowpuppy. The reason I didn't bother with paying my student loans is that I literally lived in a van by the river. I had no address or internet or money to pay. I was broke for two years and assumed they would not be after me since there was nothing to collect. The question is now : do I go with a CA offer or do I contact someone else and arrange to make payments? I don't mind making payments, I just don't want to feed collection industry. Plus I always hear bad things about CAs. They make money somehow on poor people. I would rather pay myself than them! I hear talk about consolidating and rehabilitating loans, is that something I should be doing?
  3. After finishing college I was not able to find any job, until a month ago. So I am barely getting on my feet and paying student loans is not my priority. However, I am trying to decide what's best for the future and develop a plan. I don't care about my credit score - my low credit score keeps me from getting sued by about 10 different CC companies. I got this email from a CA- I think they want money. Do I work with them or with my school or with department of education? Does this email sound like they want to screw me in the flowers? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "We are attempting to contact you with NCM in reference to Arizona State University. You have a defaulted Perkins Loans for $10,248 dollars. The balance is due in full, we accept Visa Mastercard or personal check. Most people cannot afford to pay the balance in full so a second option is to consolidate with Department of Education. We will consolidate this Perkins loan with your Department of Education loans and after 30-45 days the loan will be out of default. You will have all options on your loan including a deferment and title IV funding to go back to school. Your credit will be updated as paid and have a new and current trade line. Your new payment plan will be based off you income rather than the loan balance. I can forward the application to you and get the process started. If you have any questions email or call me at 1-800-333-3169 ext 216. This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose. Nicole Edwards Financial Counselor 800/333-3169 ext 216 National Credit Management, Inc. 10845 Olive Blvd, Suite 210 St. Louis, MO 63141 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What do you guys think? Should I give her my address?
  4. If I pay that ticket how am I suppose to dispute it later? It would mean I agree that I owed that fine! I was more interested in suing them because they have no right to hold my transcript and prevent me from getting a job!
  5. They are not releasing my transcripts because there is a hold on my student account. The hold is placed because of a parking ticket. The violation occurred in 2009 and because of the late fees charged every month it is now over 350 dollars. They didn't provide any documentation to me. I see the hold when I login to my student account.
  6. After two weeks of fighting this ticket and contacting various people I am amazed how little interest representatives of my University have of me succeeding. No one cares! The don't care that I can't find a job without a transcript. They always get paid. Anyone...legal options? I never agreed to any late fees. They can't prove I parked there. They have no picture! Anyone can write down a license number of a vehicle and claim it was parked illegally. I really want to stick it to them! I got hired for my new job pending I provide a transcript. If I get fired later because I can't - can I sue them then?
  7. I graduated 3 years ago and just now I need an official transcripts send from college. When I tried to do that online I noticed I had a hold on my account which blocked official college transcripts release. I noticed that the alleged ticket was issued when I left the college. Also, they were charging late fees of 35 dollars per month for the past 3 years. Moreover, the account was submitted for collections to a CA. I gave them a call and to make long story short they are not interested in anything but a full payment. What are my legal options here? I need the transcripts rather sooner than later for my new job. What's the legality of all this? I paid my school 45k to get education there and now they wont release my transcripts? !!! They have no avenue to dispute the ticket except withing two weeks of issuing. Pls help!
  8. Like I mentioned I need to be able to deposit money into my checking account so I can make payments to other creditors...I have not defaulted on several credit crads. I just can't pay them all. Also, how would you go about letting them know I moved overseas so they drop the suit?
  9. As you might know, I am expecting a default judgment and shortly after levy of my account. I got the money out of my primary checking...but I need to have some money there to pay my secured credit card connected to that account. I do have a somewhat hidden account at HSBC...no branches in my state. I am thinking to feed my checking once an a while from that account. I am also moving overseas in two days,so I can't do any deposits into any account here in the US. The question is: will they find that HSBC account too if they see transfers from it? Do they see that information at all? Thanks for your help guys!
  10. You saying they can proceed to sue me and get a judgment without finding me? I am thinking moving to Florida soon,they can't sue me there. What so special about USAA account? I do have a checking account with them already...is it harder to find than any other bank? Thanks for you help guys!
  11. Thanks for the tip, I looked up records in my county and sure enough I was sued....but from what I see they can't find me to serve me. What sould be my next move? I copy/paste records from the court, maybe someone can explain what's going better. AffAffidavit of Service/Non-ServiceCERTIFICATE OF ATTEMPTED SERVICE10/7/2010Available at Courthouse ReceiptAll Money ReceiptsAll Money Receipts #1431785 9/13/2010Available at Courthouse ArbitrationCertificate of Compulsory ArbitrationCertificate of Compulsory Arbitration9/10/2010Available at Courthouse OpenPetition & ComplaintPetition & Complaint9/10/2010Available at Courthouse
  12. Long story short: huge CC debt..several cards with about 6-10k on them. Been unemployed for about 2 years, so no way I can pay them anything. Lately calls from CAs stopped...so I am anticipating their next move and that is suing me. I say several checking accounts, some have nothing in them..and one has 2k and the other one has 5 k in it. The first account is in my city and I am guessing they will levy it first. The second account is a HSBC online savings...no branches in my state and I hope they will never find it. I have no permanent address,staying in motels where work is so I have no way of knowing if I got sued. I really don't want to lose the little I have left in my accounts as I will need it if I can't find enough work here. So the first question: How do I find out I am being sued? I can withdraw the cash or just pay off some other bills with it if I know they are on the move. Second question: If they going to levy my accounts...wouldn't the HSBCs one will be seized some time after the most obvious located in my town and the one I was using to pay my bills online? Kinda like a warning, you know?
  13. Anticipating to get sued by several banks for credit card debt. The bank I have a checking account in and the safe deposit box is not one of the creditors. I know they can get to my checking account as it is located in my state, but what about the safe deposit box in the same branch? Right now I just cash my checks and keep the cash there.

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