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  1. Don't most people use the internet , and they mail you the agreement to sign? EVen if done over the phone they still send an email of the agreement
  2. Wow I don't think I have been on here for 10 years if not longer. Some may remember me if so, say Hi.. Couple of questions So I owned a house and had solar put on it about 4 years ago, I then sold the house and moved to another state. They are trying to bill me for 2 months of service which I feel I do not owe .. I had auto-pay where they automatically deducted from my account, saved me 10$ a month. So I moved and they continued taking money from me, I called and had a discussion and they said they I owe them 2 months of service but they over charged me XX amount of dollars ov
  3. Does anyone have a settlement letter? I am about to sue a CA and I want to enclose a settlement letter with the lawsuit its a small amount and I just want it deleted and filing fee's I had one a while back but my computer crashed and I lost it. I need an iron clad one so it cant be sold or given back to the OC. Thanks
  4. Ok no luck. I am not sure I even posted it although I think I did, but this was a minuman of 5 years ago or a little more. And it would take me forever to do it the way the options I was given. So does anyone have a good ironclad settlement letter inregards to not selling or giving the debt back to the OC? In otherwords making it disappear for ever? Thank you
  5. Yeah I did all that and I have like one page marvbear how are you?
  6. Hey guys how far back do our post go I need to find a letter that I had to settle lawsuits and I looked in my profile and I have like 8 and thats it, I havent been here for a while did they get deleted or purged due to time? I need a agreement that I had a CA sign when I filed a lawsuit and the company gave in and we settle. I had one that was iron clad for them not to sell trade give the remainder of the debt or any part of it, to anyone else or to put anything on my report. I posted it here for people to use. Well my computer crashed and I lost it and now I need it. It was rather long an
  7. Can I get a link to the best way to dispute some TL on my report, I remember you needed to write them in teal ink so they can be handled by a real person and not a machine. Any ideas on the best way of doing this? Has this changed? Thanks
  8. The debt is just over 2 years It's in Arizona It's auto deduction I'm not sure what it said as far as what was on his report but we know for sure it was not on there she never mentioned that she was dealing with CA she always said the OC or this would be a mute point lol
  9. My daughter asked for some advice about credit, she had a big bill from a bank over 10k they offered a really good settlement, less then a third of the amount but they ignored it. She got another nasty letter again but this time she contacted me and replied to them in a letter offering to settle with them (they are trying to buy a house) for the amount that they offered her originally and they accepted it. So today she calls me and tells me a CA put a great big ding on her husbands report that was not there before the offer, I thought she was dealing with the bank or within the bank not a c
  10. Ok just found out that the loan that my step daughter was being harassed for by a CA and had her tax return taken was signed by her and only her when she was 17 not even 17 and 1/2 this was signed online. The age of majority in Az where signed it is 18 for contracts. So what should be her course of action, she is now 22 going on 23 is there a statue of limitations on her saying hey this contract is null and void due to her being 17 at the time. By the way she did this through University of Phoenix. Imagine that?
  11. Yes same here, it was NOT on my report and needed to stay that way if I wasnt buying a house I would have waited till they screwed up and get it off but its not a time to play games for me. thanks for the info though guys.
  12. Thanks guys I already DV them but getting ready to close on a house a house And could not afford a ding on my report I only had 14 Points to play with it settled for the full amount they had offered less but then they could report As paid less then full amount they guy said if paid in full by the 28th they won't report I have the whole conversation on tape if they do post it I will sue big time. Thanks
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