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  1. thank you both so much! Not BOA- Patelco --Box 6 has an "H" in it (expiration of non payment testing period). I did fill out form 982 on the taxes (insolvency)- so it I won't have to pay on it. I just wanted to be sure if I all of the sudden get calls, I know what is and isn't allowed. ICANHASMUNY?- thank you for the clarification on MO SOL-- I looked several places, and thought I read it correctly- but good to know it is a shorter time than I thought!
  2. Hello, I have an old credit card that I stopped paying in 2010- I just received a 1099-C- the date listed is 9/2014 for the "Date of identifiable event"- I believe the SOL in Missouri is 6 years for credit cards- since they discharged the debit, does this mean that they can no longer try to collect (either the original creditor, or a collection agency)? I received an offer for "settling" for 90% with them back in 2013- I countered at 40%, their response was that was too low, when I asked if they could go any lower than 90%, they never responded-- haven't heard anything on this until yeste
  3. I had this last year (so not sure if things have changed) but I entered my amounts, but when the tax forms printed (used HR Block online) it just checked the box of insolvency- so I would think that it wouldn't need exact amounts. Good Luck!
  4. Does anyone have a current discount code? I tried E1208FALL20SEQ and it isn't working anymore. Thanks!
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