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  1. Reply to my thread on another board: Re: Target blacklist gone? 03-23-2013 09:23 AM "I don't think the blacklist is gone. I applied this month and received a rejection letter that stated I was denied because a Target account was not handled "satisfactorily" in the past. Or maybe it depends on the length if time that has passed - it's only been about three years since I screwed up that account." http://ficoforums.myfico.com/t5/Credit-Cards/Target-blacklist-gone/td-p/1987947
  2. These "pre-selectors" are pointless. The Discover one keeps "pre-approving" me for a Discover More, weeks after I was declined when I foolishly responded to one of their "pre-screened" letters.
  3. You'll have to settle for co-branded until the BK drops off. From the all of the anecdotal evidence about AMEX, they are just not BK friendly. Charge-offs are much more acceptable to them.
  4. I have 3 new accts. opened in 2011. PLUS I have a recent INQ (denial) from Discover and their stupid pre-screened offer that I foolishly responded to. So that's 4 INQS, 3 NEW ACCTS. in the last 12 mos. I don't feel good about my chances @ CareCredit right now.
  5. I finally caved after receiving yet another one yesterday. THIS is what I get for not listening to my instinct: Discover® Card Date Submitted: 10/30/2011 Your application is being processed. We have received your information but need to perform additional processing before we can provide you with a decision. You will hear from us within 30 days of your application being submitted. Please check back in the future to get an update on the status of your application.
  6. OK, having worked for them when they were Lazarus, I had to have their credit card once I was hired. If that's still their policy...... What do they do if a new hire doesn't get approved for a card? Do they have a pre-paid card for uncreditworthy employees? Just curious, as I would never, ever want to be a store associate again! Working conditions are probably more pleasant at the call center, per your posts.
  7. I didn't dare look @ my scores right before my BK. I assume they had to below 400 b/c I was over 100% util.!
  8. OK, I called and the CSR said she would send a message to the FCRA to correct their mistake. You just don't know how angry I was see an acct. that was IIB in the past solar system of 2004 reporting as: Date Major Delinquency First Reported:10/2011
  9. Last month I checked EQ through myfico. This month I used the free annualcreditreport. All of the other accts. IIB fell off this spring, on the 7 yr. anniversary of my BK filing date. WTF is with Banana Republic. I am going to call them.
  10. All of my other accts. IIB have fallen off except for this stupid Banana Republic card. It reappeared when I checked my EQ today, it wasn't there last time. How should I dispute or should I leave it alone to see if it drops off at the end of 2011? GECRB/BANANA REPUBLIC Account Number: XXXXX Status:INCLUDED IN BANKRUPTCY Account Owner:Individual Account. High Credit: Type of Account Credit Limit: Term Duration: Terms Frequency: Date Opened:05/1999 Balance: Date Reported:10/2011 Amount Past Due: Date of Last Payment: Actual Payment Amount: Scheduled Payment Amount: Date of Last Activity:N/A Date Major Delinquency First Reported:10/2011 Months Reviewed:N/A Creditor Classification: Activity Designator:Closed Charge Off Amount: Deferred Payment Start Date: Balloon Payment Amount: Balloon Payment Date: Date Closed: Type of Loan:Charge Account Date of First Delinquency:10/2011 Comments:Bankruptcy chapter 7, Account closed by credit grantor
  11. After calling them three times and bitching them out, I finally got a letter today. "Dear Demon Pazuzu, Thanks for contacting us about your credit bureau report. We've verified that incorrect information regarding late payments was reported to the credit reporting agencies for the months of August 2011. Please know that we've updated your accounts in our records to show it as current, and we've sent the corrected information to the following credit reporting agencies: Experian Equifax TransUnion Innovis" The 30 day late is already off of my TransUnion report. I will wait a bit longer to check the others. This was all a terrible amount of aggravation over a lousy 3.00 interest charge that accrued after I thought I had PIF. And they *agreed* that it was THEIR mistake, and refunded the interest and late fees, yet I've Had to battle them for 3 friggin mos. to get this illegitimate baddie removed form my CRs!
  12. there is a big difference between an ITA and a pre-screened offer of credit. understanding this difference is an important part of building solid credit. At the bottom of the letter it says: YOU CAN CHOOSE TO STOP RECEIVING "PRE-SCREENED" OFFERS OF CREDIT FROM THIS AND OTHER COMPANIES BY CALLING TOLL-FREE (888) 567-8688. SEE PRE-SCREEN & OPT OUT NOTICE ON THE REVERSE SIDE FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT PRE-SCREENED OFFERS.
  13. It's clear that they're just spamming like crazy lately. Some have reported that they have been receiving 2 or 3 of these mailings a week for months. Pre-approval letters are bunk anyway. Burn 'em!
  14. Well I can't say that I'm surprised to hear that CapOne lies to their cardholders. I will close both CapOne accounts in a NY minute if they don't resolve this issue. What makes me even angrier is that they didn't notify me that I had missed the interest charge that was billed in May until THE MIDDLE OF AUGUST!
  15. I first posted about this back in August: Wassen fracken 30 days past due on lousy Cap One card! Well, I thought I had PIF at the end of May. When I checked the acct., it showed a $0 balance. Turns out, there was a $3 interest fee later charged. Now this has has caused a drop in my score PLUS a delinquency that will be on my CRs for 7 years! Well, I called and the CSR understood why I thought that I had PIF, so they refunded the $14.81 in interest charges and late fees. B/c they value my business blah blah blah. Still doesn't take care of the fact that I have a new baddie on my files. UPDATE: I called CapOne a few days ago and asked to speak to a credit analyst. She said she understood why I thought I had PIF and missed the $3.00 interest charge that later appeared. She said that CapOne will be contacting the three CBs in an effort to have the 30 day late removed. If it doesn't get removed, I will be closing both of my CapOne cards. This delinquency will hurt my chances of being approved for new credit for years to come! All over $3.00 .

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