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  1. It was off of my reports for 2 years - everything clean until today when this showed back up...
  2. I checked my pullers today and noticed that DRS had reinserted a medical collection (paid prior to finding this amazing site) on EQ which was good-willed off back in 2010. (EtoA) Debt was from 2006 and I live in SC. I recently closed on my home, and the new mortgage is reporting. Bleh, what do I do now to get this removed again? Thanks! ~Audrah
  3. Ok, ignore the above. DH and I paid off the federal lien so now we're just waiting on it to be released. Turns out the state of SC never updated the lien there - the gentleman that DH spoke with said it was satisfied and should be getting some paperwork on that by friday.
  4. Thanks Brian! A few months ago, I attempted to do this myself - before DH and I got married. I'm a night shift RN, and the LO I was working with said to fill out the mortgage app with my base pay v. adding in shift differential, etc. Paystubs and 2010 tax paperwork show considerably more earned than what my base would be. Same with the 2011 paperwork (not sure if any of that made sense - I don't do well at 0720 and off work for 6 days). If we decide not to wait for DH's CR to be lien free, and do this without his income, the particulars change a little bit. I won't qualify for a VA loan. Credit scores are the same as above. We would be better off waiting for the liens to be satisfied though... my income with shift diff (annually): $75203 total debt: $1125 purchase price of future home: ~$280k
  5. DH and I are thinking about buying a home - hopefully in September. The neighborhood we are looking at buying in is in its third building phase. Anyway, the particulars: Combined income per 2011 tax junk: 107k annually Home purchase price: ~ $280k (looking at a VA loan) Total debt (CC's, cars, SL): ~ $1300/month My scores: EX 709 (11/2011), EQ 716 and TU 750 DH scores: EQ 711 TU ? and EX ? (truthfully, I can't remember what his scores are other than EQ). Both of us have over 2 years provable employment hx. The big issue is this: the husband has 2 outstanding tax liens. One for federal and the other for SC state from 2003, which we are in the process of paying. Also, he had a judgement from 1998 when he owned a business; will this be a CAIVRS thing that we'll have to worry about?
  6. +1 Lol I feel bad that you had to make this post. You need a heart of stone, that way the tears of those you crush with your denial hammer will simply quench your thirst I guess this all indicates how desperate people can be to improve their scores... so desperate that they will approach a complete stranger and ask to be made an authorized user of one of their lines of credit. I have to admit, its a bit of a head scratcher for me - its not something I can envision myself doing; I would in fact be a bit embarassed having done so. To me it seems a bit like walking up to a total stranger with a brand new benz in a parking lot and asking if you can borrow their car to take your kids to disneyland. Its a teriffic imposition, for something that isn't usually an emergency. I'm not sure you need to have a heart of stone to make that kind of refusal - in fact, I think you could argue that it is wisdom to do so. We all make mistakes, and unfortunately some of them are painful and exert very lasting effects. Credit blunders fall into that category; they happen fast and they last a long time. We have to learn from them. Credit troubles suck, but they usually fall into the category of personal failings. That's not a slight, its just an observation. In a lot of cases (not all, but many), they are self inflicted wounds; they result from our choices. The key to emerging from them is to grow enough as a person that you can see and identify in yourself those traits and tendencies which caused the choices to begin with, and to intentionally and willfully change direction. To be honest, I personally question whether or not someone wanting a quick fix - one that entails a total stranger exposing themselves to risk - has really thought things through well enough to have engaged in the kind of introspection such change takes. I sympathize with the pain people are in, but ultimately bob is right to be selective about this stuff. That's my opinion.
  7. Banks were closed today...
  8. audrahz

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  9. Congrats!!! I also plan on using the Palmetto Heroes program in the near future since I can't do USDA.
  10. From 11/02 CS - 709 Mortgage pull - 708
  11. If you wanted to move to Charleston, SC. I'm in. Close to the beach. You'd like it better than Atlanta
  12. I did gymnastics for 18 years. I can say I was yelled at more times than I could count for slacking or being sloppy. I was sensitive then (and still am), and told my mom and dad I wanted to quit, but that wasn't an option. My parents talked to my coaches to find out what happened when i would come home from practice in tears - 90% of the time they couldn't remember what it was that they had gotten on me about. The pat on the head and a smile go a long way coming from my coaches, and those gestures helped me to respect them more in the long run. I finally stopped doing gymnastics in my late 20's - at the Elite level. I'm proud of my accomplishments as a gymnast, but glad I can sit back at watch it on TV now, and I'm thankful that my parents never gave me the option of quitting mid-season even after two knee injuries! I learned the lesson of commitment.

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