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  1. Looking for some advice, my daughter recently got approved for her first mortgage. She was preapproved and found a home. So now the lender called and said she noticed that there are two old accounts that have comments noted in them. Saying account disputed which is true. Her records didnt match theirs. Since the account has been corrected and updated. This was well over a year ago. Wondering what her best option is? Call the Bureaus? Will they remove the comments over the phone? Thanks for any advice or inputs.
  2. Brain thank you for the insight. Our debt to income ratio is 25.07% as it stands today. Obviously we are working to improve that every week but is that a decent ratio? Ive read 43% is the maximum? GerriDetweiler that was one of the reasons we were thinking about taking the loan to raise our scores even more. We are both applying together and we share "most" of the debt together. But my wife has much more student debt then I do on her report. And we do have time before making the home purchase as we continue to put savings away for the downpayment and closing costs. We look forward to
  3. Good Evening, I have a question I was wondering if someone familiar with the home buying process might answer for me if they can. Our FICO scores for both of us are around 700. We are looking to purchase a home in the next few months. Our debt right now is sitting at 61% across 5 different cards $4800. We are paying this down as best we can and continue to do so. 2 months ago was around 75% My question is would it be ok to take a low interest loan to consolidate and pay off all the debt of $4800 and only have the one payment and lower interest or is that not a wise move before going for a
  4. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. My letter went out Monday 4/24. So now its a waiting game to see there response. Oh by the way its a small locally owned furniture company here in NY. Never went to collections and only one Experian. I'll report in with the results. But it should easily be deleted, if not I'll start by filing a complaint with CFPB.
  5. Gotcha. Thank you JunkBuyers!
  6. Thank you ICANHASMUNY. Just wanted to make sure I was going along the right path. Appreciate your input.
  7. The account is reporting and showing as charged off (CO). Last payment made was Sept 2010.
  8. Good Afternoon, I have a OC showing on my Experian report that is re-aging the account every year. Since they update almost every month by the look of it, should I dispute with the CB or the OC directly? I'm concerned if I only dispute with the CB and they delete the account, the original creditor will place it right back next month. I get my report every year and have 5 years worth of Experain reports showing they are re-ageing. Under the Status on my EX reports it states the following. 2012 report says Item will be removed October 2017. 2013 report says Item will
  9. Thank you. I'll get right on this. Don't mind paying but they have to play by the rules
  10. Hello ICANHASMUNY!! . Been awhile, but I remember all the help you gave me years ago on a court document. I'll never forget that! Thank you. So when you say "does your state public utilities regulate" Im embarrassed to say I have no idea what any of that means. I'm in New York if that matters? Could you shed a little more light on the subject so I can further research this? Thanks.
  11. Good morning all, Been away from the board for awhile but I have a question about a recent bill. I recently changed phone carriers and let the new phone carrier pay off my old existing contract. Anyways long story short I owe a small amount of $150 to the original carrier. The bill is only 35 days overdue as I've been in some disagreement with them and wanted to know how it is I owe them money. I fully intent to pay them so it doesn't hit my report but 5 days ago I received the bill from the OC. Then today I receive a dunning letter/bill from a Collections company on the the OC's behalf.
  12. Good Evening, Not sure this is correct place to post this subject but it is in regards to WhyChat's procedure. Leased a new car in NY from Jan 2013 until July 2013 which was then voluntarily surrendered to the dealer Was never late with a payment. According to the Carfax the vehicle was resold in October in another state. The OC is on my report but hasn't updated since July 2013. The JDB is not yet on my reports. I started with WhyChat's letter http://whychat.5u.com/repoltr.html Did not receive a response from anyone other then Mercantile Adjustment Bureau (from the above le
  13. I used to have the automated phone numbers for all three credit bureau's to order my reports. I tried the search but didn't turn up the correct information. Wondering if anyone has them handy. Thanks...
  14. Yeah that's kind of what we figured as well. We are currently zeroed out and owe the OC nothing so they told us. My wife has since changed places so she won't be going back. My biggest concern is the OC adding back on our courtesy discount so I asked her today to send me a copy of the statement showing a zero balance and the history documenting the bill as paid in full with no balance due. Once we receive that we'll resend the letter with insert "a" again. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for the help.
  15. Yes I paid with the HIPPA letter insert "a" and a cashiers check from the bank. We did identify the account clearly. But was told today that is the same account number for my wife. No matter when she visits. The account number is for her name and will never change we were told. The $278 was our share after the insurance paid there share. So the customer service rep gave us a "courtesy adjustment" of $88 basically to make us happy I believe. Which we are clearly not. My wife called today but I'll be calling tomorrow to try and get some results. Not sure they will talk with me bein
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