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  1. thanks shifter and doctorofcredit @doctorofcredit: am trying to get up to 5 TL and if possible, maximize my delta miles. i have one amex from december for a TL of 8800. so i decided to get one more. i applied for business and then realized that it won't apply towards improving my fico. so i went back and applied for a personal card. this second one was kept "under review" and i called to verify that it was not a fraudlent or duplicate application. per their policy, i believe the hard pull will occur later and i will receive some kind of answer. the reason to cancel is that it may get deni
  2. thanks again, gdale. thank cashnocredit. @cashnocredit: i think 3 pulls (including the pending one) are experian and 1 pull was equifax. i was under the impression that in about 2 months the inquiries no longer weigh on the fico score. @gdale: amex approved a delta amex in december, backdated to '93. then they approved a business credit for 3k. this one is on hold. but when they do a hard pull they will see the hard pulls and approvals from two other cards: logix (10k) and usaa (6k). and, may even see the increase from amazon to 6k. so all told, they are likely to deny the spg? so may
  3. Want to apply for a mortgage in about 6 months. Have two baddies (paid settled charge off from 2 yrs ago). Experian about 710 and Equifax about 725. Had two TL's until December. Thanks to Credit Board I decided to bump it about to 5. In the process I have 3 new hard-pulls. However 1 hard pull at Amex is pending. Should I cancel that card request? How many hard pulls is too many? I was going to keep asking for increases every few months at these TL's because they are soft pulls. What card is best for TL increases?
  4. Ok. I had Cap One (5k) before this process started. Got an Amex (9k) in December. Got Logix (10k), and USAA (6K) in Jan. I have the Amazon 3k. Should I go for another line to make it 5 or does the Amazon count as the 5th? Equifax is at 725. Thanks!
  5. received a call back from bank of america. i presume executive services. the professionalism was outstanding. the answer was "no".
  6. Started with a GW email to the CEOs of Discover and Bank of America. Now that I know how the process works, I will stay persistent. Hopefully some good results come out of it.
  7. i was going to write a separate post for a bank of america account but it is very similar to this discover. except: it was 120 days late and not a charge off. was opened around the same time and went unpaid around the same time. also request a delete? through a letter to executive office?
  8. thanks gdale. any idea on where to find the correct address for him? or any sample letters floating around?
  9. myfixo, the thing is if its been paid it shows intent to do right. besides, they have already taken the accounting loss so its extra income for the next year. its illogical that they should continue to ding the customer. the pain of the financial downturn was enough to begin with. my 2 cents.... will write the ceo office. see what happens. wonder if calling the front line will be of any use? also, are you asking for a deletion? my credit report already says: "paid in full for less than full balance". what other request can one make apart from "delete"?
  10. membership requirements are: either $500 in a savings, checking, money market, CD or $500 balance on credit card.
  11. Am getting ready to write a goodwill letter to a Discover executive and had a couple of questions. This is a card I had for very short period in 2010 and due to financial troubles was unable to pay it a year or so later. It went from 30 days -- all the way to a C/O. When I got my job situated, I made 18 monthly payments and settled the debt. It reports as paid in full for less than full balance. As far as AAOA, I recently got an Delta Amex backdated to 1993. The next card up is a Cap One from 2001. Then, two baddies including this one from 2010. Two closed Amex accounts from 2007 whic
  12. thanks shifter. will wait the 61 days and hope there is no hard pull. my plan was to apply and get these cards while i write and remove 2 baddies. then wait until july and hopefully apply for a mortgage. hopefully the the second card will yield a better limit after the 5 day hold passes.
  13. ok. so logix's 10k CL offer is on the table BUT i can't reach them. the amex business card got approved but when i called it was 3k limit. and, without asking, he said it will get to me 'expedited' but will have a 3k limit and i will have to call to increase it. weird. the spg amex personal card is on hold. it got processed as a duplicate request so i was asked to wait 5 days and call again and they will pull a credit check again. is this going to work out? i suppose the only problem i can tell is that amex and logix both pull from experian and that could be giving amex the red fla
  14. emailed him about the logix so hopefully will be issued today. business amex got approved! yay! amex-spg personal came back with a call us or we will call you. i assume two applications in a day raised a red flag. will report back.
  15. the 10k is available for 60 days. they also have a requirement where $500 needs to be in a savings account or as a balance on the card. i don't like that rule - like a security deposit! but they did process a hard hit and there are no annual fees so i might as well go with it and let my 500 depreciate to nothing over time. haha. i like getting the 30,000 miles for the business card. however, main purpose is to bump up tradelines as much as possible. with logix i will be at around $24k (4800 Cap One, 8800 Amex, 10k Logix).
  16. logix is offering me a 10k line. i asked them to go back to check for 15 but they said no because my two baddies from 2 years ago (see above) were capped at 10k. so they say i don't have experience with more than 10k and should start there. i told them i would think about it. any ideas? also, on the second amex, can it be a business card or it has to be a personal one. i cannot get additional delta miles on a personal card since i already got a personal amex-delta recently. thank you in advance.
  17. thank you all! will wait for the new amex CL to post in a couple of weeks and then apply for logix first. amex inquiry showed up on experian only. will apply for another amex at that time as well. along with the my current three cards (cap one, amex-delta, amazon), that will bring the total to 5. if the amazon doesn't count, i could get another frequent flier card or go the usaa route. thanks! two tangents for whatever they are worth: - am trying to rack up frequent flier miles so that i can score a round the world ticket on delta along with rebuilding credit) - amex sent me my
  18. awesome awesome. rolling up my sleeves. time to get to work. will keep you posted!
  19. i have a regular checking account with usaa. i don't use their stock platform much because its kind of cumbersome. but maybe they (usaa) are the ones to get the credit card with? or stick with logix? i like the 15K line idea as it may bump up my score some. the bofa was a paid settlement. and, discover was a charge-off which i then paid in installments over 18 mos. and, yes, those are the last dates those accounts reported because i had finished paying them by then. i have an idea of what a goodwill letter is and will try that. do you know where on crediboards i can easily find how to'
  20. thanks funkiehouse! i think i will open one with logix - i like the idea a lot. do you know which credit union does as well as scottrade? i keep stocks with scottrade and could move them to establish a relationship leading to a mortgage. also, is it worth doing a jack attack on bank of america and discover? i have two baddies: a settlement and a charge off respectively. the first ended in jan 2011, the second jun 2012 (when finished paying of the charge off to discover). thanks!
  21. impressive 850, hegemony! to be clear: you mean get a credit card from a credit union? can you recommend one?
  22. good news: my fico score from experian is now at 709. my target is 730. 1. i have three TL's: amex delta: 8800, cap 1: 4800, gerb/amazon store: $2600. should i get one more? 2. i was able to backdate amex to 2007 but cannot find the account number for a much much older amex account. ( will try again). 3. i have two baddies and will post separate posts as people have specific experience with discover and bank of america. a. bank of america. last reported: jan 2011. paid in full for less than full balance. b. discover. last reported: jun 2012: paid in full for less than full bala
  23. 1. Ok. So as posted above, got the Delta Amex Gold Card. Will have them back date it. 2. What is a good 3rd card? 3. What happens to my credit if I close the Delta Amex card in a year to avoid the subsequent year $95 annual fee? 4. Got the free Equifax report from AnnualCreditReport. They are below. Apparently, I have to wait until May for free Experian and Transunion. Any ideas on how to get these two for cheap along with THE fico score? 5. Baddies below: any suggestions appreciated. Bank of America: Date Reported: 01/01/2011 Status: Pays 61-90 days Limit: $10,000 Act
  24. thank you very much!! 1. i applied and got amex/delta with 50,000 miles. wohooo. will have them back date many many years where i first had a amex. 2. any ideas on what the third card should be? more on the discover/bofa baddies soon.
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