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  1. I have personal, unused lines that add up to 28k at US Bank. No business cards though.
  2. I am thinking of transferring my business card balances, about 17k in all, to a 0 apr for 12+ months. I want to start paying it off and this seems like a better idea than a personal loan. Any recommendations? I notice that US Bank does not report to my consumer credit bureau. I like that. Thanks!
  3. I have several open lines. About a year to go for the charge-offs to fall off but the score has come up nicely. Question: If I consolidate three lines into 1 at the same issuing bank, will that decrease the age of my accounts? Will it somehow reduce my score. I believe they will add up the three limits. Thanks!
  4. I have two years worth of tax returns and a contract. The income is for managing a family's funds by allocating it into various asset classes. I spent two 6 month periods abroad in 2012 and 2013. Now it is mostly maintenance.
  5. Also, the property will become a rental pulling in about 3k a month.
  6. Will write in more later. I have student loan of 35k. No other debts and minimal expenses.
  7. Am in the market for a mortgage and need to improve my scores fast if possible. All advice welcome. This forum has made a huge difference in my life. FICO8: 719, 721, 709 from Equifax, Transunion, Experian respectively. FICO commonly used for mortage: 728 (Equifax Score 5), 737 (Transunion score 4), 692 (Experian score 2). Main problems are one 120 days late from 2011 with Bank of America which was paid/settled for less than full amount. They refuse to delete despite letter to CEO. And, a Discover Charge off from around the same time which I was also paid/settled for less t
  8. Currently own a fully paid for home. Am fixing it where I believe it will appraise for 550k I would like to bring 80% out against a mortgage or trust deed. Annual Income, from a foreign source, is 50k/yr. FICO8: 719, 721, 709 from Equifax, Transunion, Experian respectively FICO commonly used for mortage: 728 (Equifax Score 5), 737 (Transunion score 4), 692 (Experian score 2). Main problems are one 120 days late from 2011 with Bank of America which was paid/settled for less than full amount. And, a Discover Charge off from around the same time which I was also paid/settl
  9. oh wait. one more question. i have one card here with a 13k trade line from citi. when i activate it, will they find out and act? i have another one with amex that will be here any time. my one amex trade line is 20k. same question. will they find out about the 30 day and will it create a problem? should i let these two stay unactivated.
  10. ok. got it. i was going to apply for some trade lines towards the end of may. better to wait for this to clear up? by the time it clears it will be 2 months (best case) or 9 months (worst case). it will clear. thanks! ps: thanks shifter, gdale: i've received advice from you before as well
  11. My score has come up nicely from 580 something to 730+. Trade lines are getting strong too. Today, thanks to a comedy (or tragedy) of errors, I have ended up with a 30 day late on a student loan. I called them up and there is a chance that it will get wiped off. Two questions: 1. Will my creditors automatically decrease my credit lines? 2. Should I call them proactively and tell them it was an error and is getting fixed? Thanks!
  12. theGman

    am i ready?

    damn. wish i knew. i thought my ficos at 710 (exp) and 725 (equ) sucked and i went and got a new round of credit cards. anyway, i suppose the only way to know is to apply. if it doesn't work, i can try 6 months later.
  13. + in a jack attack it will keep the CRA representative more busy with more things to do. am concerned that it will hurt the AAOA or something else i haven't thought of. they are from 2006. (but my main amex has a 20k TL dated to 1993, gotta love amex).
  14. theGman

    am i ready?

    You need to provide some more info- are those FICOs or FAKOs? FICO scores. What is the total of your monthly payments- student loan, credit card, car loan, etc. Student loans only What's your income, have you had the same job for the past 2 years Self-employed. Can secure with other collateral or a guarantor What price range are you looking at, and how much will taxes and HOA fees be? This one I haven't nailed yet. What % can you put down? Would like to put down about 25% PS: am sorting through these things and can't help feeling that once I am ready, my 2 baddies f
  15. awesome. awesome. so let me get one thing straight. i pay the previous statement balance in order to avoid interest fees and also to show a balance. what i am hearing here is to PIF before the statement cuts and to show a $2 balance on one card. and, then of-course, i would pay that every month while i tag on a new $2 charge, so it always remains around $2 and still is the previous statement balance. thank you very much. after all this time, still learning.
  16. ok. say, i was an additional card member and the card is open. stay on it or ask to let it go?
  17. thank you very much. will keep all cards at $2/mo with auto pay. one coffee per card! am concerned that the cards will get closed due to inactivity.
  18. robert217, you know the 61 day mark came by and i just threw in 20k thinking they will downsize it to maybe 12k. but it went through just like that. anyway. these two cards have the ex as primary with me as a joint. they are from '06 and '07. my credit was good so she wanted to leverage that. those accounts show on my cra but not on the amex accounts page. i don't have access to those lines of credit or cards. maybe i can call amex to verify what the deal is. my guess is she either cancelled them. or kept them but removed me. but, since we applied together, they continue to report on my cr
  19. cv91915, i don't think there are any bad accounts left where they might come looking. also, been trying to boost credit scores from the 710-730 range high on up. i can explain that. maybe i just need to get out and talk to a couple of mortgage offices.
  20. could i ask amex to closed them? or ask her to remove me from the card? its probably gathering dust after the break up and just sitting there out of laziness.
  21. funkiehouse! thank you. (i have been taking your advice often on getting this moving forward). baddies are paid. tried gw with two ceo's, didn't work. preparing a jack attack. scores are fico: exp: 710 and equ: 725
  22. theGman

    am i ready?

    my fico scores are about: 710 (exp) and 725 (equifax) with total TL of 50k 1. my last hard pulls were recent. 2. my student debt is about 40k with not much payment progress. how long before i am mortgage ready?
  23. I have a current amex card with a 20k TL and backdated to 1993. Sweet. However, there are two Amex cards from 5 years ago with TL's for 1.5k and 2k that are still reporting. These two accounts are either closed or joint with an ex. More likely closed. Because of them, my credit report keeps getting the Ex's new address. Should I request deletion of these two amex accounts at the credit reporting agencies?
  24. Can I keep my lowest card at 10% utilization and the rest at zero? What is the lowest I can let total utilization to drop to? Thank you!
  25. Background: recent hard pulls in February, 2 two year old baddies, and 40k in student loans. Have 5 cards with a TL total of 50k. Experian: 710, Equifax: 725. Question: How many months do I wait before I apply for a mortgage? Am assuming soft pulls to increase current TL's is ok. Thank you!
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