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  1. so something can go wrong and the transfer is rejected?
  2. cool. good to know about amex. that is one i am transferring out of - at least i can lower the interest.
  3. our posts crossed. that article/link has a good summary. big thanks to you. i will give chase ink a shot and maybe US Bank also
  4. found this: https://www.nerdwallet.com/blog/credit-cards/qa-business-credit-cards-affect-personal-credit-score/ hopefully it is ok to post it here.
  5. I thought Chase for business reported to consumer bureau. Not so?
  6. am aware of Citi. will check credit union on monday.
  7. thanks. this is great news! do you know which business cards are easier to get and that do not report to consumer bureaus?
  8. Hello I am planning on transferring a small business card balance from one card to another. For some reason if that does not work, can I transfer it to a personal card? Do the companies accept that? Any in particular I should consider? Thanks!
  9. Hello, I can't believe how much this board has helped me. I was about to bite the bullet and use the online balance transfer option and deposit $9k into my checking account. It is 0% APR until 12/17. I can pay it back by then - pretty sure. What other cards should I consider? Thanks
  10. Thanks Big Bear. Really appreciate this. Am considering Chase for a 2% balance transfer and 12 months no interest. Citi has one where one can even pull out cash as part of their BT. US Bank is a third option if limit runs out. Am open. Will probably pull the plug in a day or two. All this debt makes me nervous. Having some work issues.
  11. Ya. Am not applying for more credit now except to consolidate balances and maybe an auto loan for about 10k. I am focusing on reducing the cost of debt more than the scores. I have a couple of baddies that will fall off by July; I hope to consolidate debt using BT's now and try to pay off by then. (Dreams!). My current utilization is between 13-15% depending on which company you check but I also have small business credit so the real (and hidden) number is more like 25%. I will end up with three cards with balances and leave the other 9 alone. Thank you!
  12. but if a couple of cards are near max and the rest are near zero, is that ok? how do the different scenarios play out? thanks!
  13. If I transfer credit card balances. Better to transfer to multiple cards? I would like to transfer to one card but it will close to max that limit? Does a credit report look at the total debt to total credit limits or each individual card? Thanks!!
  14. When I transfer a credit amount from one card to another, does the transfer fee (say, 3%) get added to the balance or is it payable in the next statement? Thanks!
  15. Cool. Cool. Thank you for pointing out that 6 months is the mark. I was going to get started today but I will just calendar it for 6 months ahead and then dispute it via mail or online every month from there on. Now, on to paying off what's left of this damn debt. :)
  16. Thank you. That was a very good thread. I will call all three bureaus on the phone tonight. Are the numbers on a sticky somewhere? Will search right now too.
  17. I actually have 3 revolvers each at 3 different banks. Barclays, Amex, US. I love Amex and one can online transfer credit limits from one account to another. They are also no annual fee. The other two companies are frequent flier annual fees that I want to get rid off. I will try and first see if I can get them to switch to no fee cards. If I am left with a fee card, I will have that limit moved to a no-fee and allow that line to drop while keeping the limit. In other words two cards with same total limits but no annual fee. Hope this is clear.
  18. About BT fees. The question is BT fee vs $$ saved over the 12 months.
  19. Am not sure about that. Tough is relative. Did you have a score and other qualifying information? I have some tough to get cards - started this process about 6 years ago.
  20. Thanks! Average age right now is about 9. 13 open revolvers Going from 3 to 1 will drop the number of revolvers to 11 (from 13). What do you think?
  21. My CO's from Discover and BofA are about a year from falling off. Previously, I went up to the CEO offices and my request for removal of the C/O was denied.e Are my chances better now? Worth trying? Thanks!
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