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  1. cool. any names of companies or industries come to mind? i will ask around of course.
  2. haha. ok. case closed. hard money loans are not working either. no derogs, fair amount of equity, and ability to easily pay off everything on loans between 3-10% (just not 23%) and no options to be found. yet,
  3. How about a DMP? From what I understand: 1. It will cut the interest rates to 8% from 22% 2. Not affect credit scores 3. Give me time to get a W2 and conventional financing against the house. Thoughts?
  4. @shifter: agreed. pride, one can let go, but then self respect comes in. lets see what the final is one the new contract. i am pretty flex tho, haha.
  5. figure.com took very little info and went into pending status. lets see.
  6. thank you cv91915 and Lander. i went to a mortgage broker. says 6% based on bank statements with the monthly deposits that have posted in the past 11 months. as long as employer is willing to say i'm still there. and 4% if i am really there. scores came in at 732, 699, 690 or something like that. trying figure.com next. my employment contract that ended was a 1099. employer wants me to take a W2 and is both exploitative and micromanaging plus a 4 hour round trip daily commute. may have to swallow pride if that W2 is still an option. and then quit after a cou
  7. @shifter: thanks @cv91915: this will involve a credit pull and take the 732 down further. are these guys competitive to what i might find from a loan broker. i have 30 days given that my latest paycheck just came in. @hegemony: yes. @hdporter: about 40 is business cards.
  8. Hello I have about 140k in credit card debt which turned to 20+ interest after a couple of years of zero credit. Another 45k in student debt FICO 2 is 732. Credit Karma etc are about 600 due to high debt. No derogs. All clean - long history - good mix of credit. Have not paid uncle sam on my 1099 this year. About 19k. Now the contract is over. I get to choose between credit card bills and food. - Do I call the credit card companies and tell them? - Do I cut all the payments to credit card companies as they are due around the 10th of the month? Am trying
  9. 1. Bad in this case is high interest. Apart from high utilization, credit is fine. 2. Rents coming in will help. No short term plan and so I am asking. 3.Investment and primary, if that makes sense.
  10. Hi - I have about 120k in credit card debt that will soon come off of their zero rates. (No judgments please). - I have a house that won't appraise right away because it needs to be fixed. (Part of why I have this debt). - No mortgage. - Score has tanked to about 590. - I started work in Jan after a few years off. It is 1099 now. I have no prior W2/1099. Here's what I think my options are: - Keep paying the cards debt from income. - Try to make more and pay more. - Fix the house, let rents come in, use that
  11. Ok. 6 months from when the first late was reported or last update? Discover fell off on its own. Bank of America was first 30 days late in May 2010. Thanks!
  12. In terms of personal TLs, I could transfer it to two us bank cards which have 15k with zero balances. However.... 1. It will show up on personal report 2. US Bank is supposed to be a slow processor of transfers so they might reject. What say?
  13. In terms of personal TLs, I could transfer it to two us bank cards which have 15k with zero balances. However.... 1. It will show up on personal report 2. US Bank is supposed to be a slow processor of transfers so they might reject. What say?
  14. right again! those balances really do need to whittle down some. just to get away from the high utility. and the rates, at 5%, don't look cheap anymore in our interest rate world.
  15. ya. same messages. and, ya, sole proprietorship. will find the number and check tomorrow. big thanks, big bear. you've been replying to a lot of my questions over time.
  16. yes, ink cash. interested in reducing monthly interest. whatever i do right now, i will soon have a bad score for credit utilization until paid down so i might as well reduce the interest payment. all statements cut over on the 15th. i have a few days to apply elsewhere. my total inquiries (both recent) is currently at 2. any ideas? thanks!
  17. - you are right. now they can see. my options seemed limited. how will their being able to see affect me? - my only real option is US Bank where I can easily move that balance but from business cards to personal. it will save me on interest and tank my personal fico score.
  18. i have only one other chase card. thank you though. learned something new!
  19. I just applied for Chase Ink and didn't get it. The auto response was they will get back to me. It could be because - my credit balances have grown including with a Chase personal account. And, this may have decreased my credit score. or - I tried to transfer about $16.5k from two other small business cards. What are my options? - Call them? - Is there another card that is more likely to say yes? I really want those balances transferred and to start on my repayment plan. This whole thing was semi-planned. I am comfortable with getting it all paid off. What are my optio
  20. Hello, If the status of student loan is in forbearance instead of repayment, does that improve the credit score? I am guessing it is. Thanks
  21. Hello! When I apply for a small business credit card, does it show up as an inquiry on my credit bureaus? Thanks!!!
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