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  1. ok. so to be totally clear before i pull the trigger, you are saying that it is not going to impact the fico score. yes?
  2. thanks. i do not see the anecdotal information on how FICO scores it. please advise.
  3. hi! i have a few creditors take no payment, no interest for the month of april. however, it will get reported on my credit bureau as 'disaster based' does this affect my score? thanks!
  4. thanks @centex and all: how about california?
  5. thanks. these are the creditors. will be great to know how they react as i need to call all of them and have some strategy in place. amex barclays capital one chase citi logix credit union us bank
  6. hello....amazing resource this board. thank you to the organizers and regular helpers. questions: - i have heard that a credit card company will take you to court if you owe above a certain amount. what is that amount? is it 20k? - assume it is 20k. is that 20k per card? or 20k across consumer cards? or 20k across all cards including business and consumer cards? thank you greatly! gman
  7. ok. cool. how about the business cards? same deal? @shifter
  8. ok. thanks @shifter you are always very helpful. how much do i share with them? my contract actually ended a month or so before the corona thing started. however, i did sign up for lyft/amazon delivery and so on and came up with a plan to hold the ship steady until i could get a new contract or w2 job. however, lyft etc are pretty high risk in this area right now so there are no options. i don't expect to get in the swing of things, between virus and job search, for a few months at least. so, again, what to share and what not to share with them.
  9. ok. getting close to default time. can't make the payments for april (4/10). no lates yet but by 5/10, the first lates could hit. given the virus situation, what are companies doing here? are they: 1. accepting missed payments? 2. allowing transfer to low or zero cards for a year? (ideal but i am dreaming). 3. other things? what should i and should i not reveal to them?? please advise!
  10. cool. any names of companies or industries come to mind? i will ask around of course.
  11. haha. ok. case closed. hard money loans are not working either. no derogs, fair amount of equity, and ability to easily pay off everything on loans between 3-10% (just not 23%) and no options to be found. yet,
  12. How about a DMP? From what I understand: 1. It will cut the interest rates to 8% from 22% 2. Not affect credit scores 3. Give me time to get a W2 and conventional financing against the house. Thoughts?
  13. @shifter: agreed. pride, one can let go, but then self respect comes in. lets see what the final is one the new contract. i am pretty flex tho, haha.

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