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  1. Congrats Jen. Did you get a good rate? Sorry for my late response. My rate is 23.43% but I will pay it all back in advance by mid this year.
  2. Great advice indeed but too late. Money is going into my bank account any day now from LC. I will be able to pay off the entire loan back by mid next year and my entire debt by the end. I'll be fine
  3. Don't mean to brag but I just got fully funded 100%
  4. That sucks. Well..I haven't been approved officially by LC. My application is still under review but I'm hopeful. It probably has to do with my DTI ratio.
  5. Thanks for the sound advice Occam however I've applied for a lending club personal loan of 15k and it's currently funded by investors at 90.50%
  6. I'm a LC investor. PM me your loan ID and I'll kick in $25 toward your 5138008. Im not getting 5138008. Im getting a ANIGAV.
  7. Ok so quick update. My LC loan is currently 71% funded and I still have 12 days left! Woohoo!
  8. No, I'm not getting a new set. The ones I have now are still in good shape, LOL. Anyways, thanks to those that responded with mature feedback. I went to LC and requested a personal loan. Right now, it is almost 60% funded with another 13 days left for the listing to expire.
  9. I wish it were. Also, what about payment arrangements with the medical provider? Not an option.
  10. I checked my rate at LC and asked for $13,000 and below is the result... You Qualify for a $13,000 Loan Your customized loan offer: Loan Amount $13,000 APR 24.81% Interest Rate 21.00% Monthly Payment $489.78 (36 Payments) They even said I qualify for more.... $15,600 rate: 20.99% apr: 24.80%[ ? ] $587.66 36months $15,600 rate: 25.83% apr: 28.45%[ ? ] $465.51 60months I'm confused though whether this means I'm definitely approved or is this like a pre-approval until they review my info.
  11. mortgage - balance 191K, open 12/2012 best buy - CL 2K, balance $1,775 open 11/2013 carecredit - CL $10,500 balance $3,469 open 08/2011 secured card with CU - CL 1K balance $981 open 01/2011 home depot - CL 2K balance $1,820 open 11/2013
  12. Thanks for your feedback! Any unsecured major credit cards you can recommend I apply for given my info above? Thx!
  13. myfico says "amount of outstanding debt and length of credit history".
  14. Hello all, I am looking to apply for a personal loan. I am going to be making a big purchase (up to $20,000). Currently my FICO scores are: EQ - 665 EX - 679 TU - 680 I'm not sure where to start or where to look. I currently have 1 mortgage loan, 1 secured CC with a credit union, and 3 other CC's (home depot, best buy, and carecredit). I have a great payment history and no baddies on any of my reports. Any tips or recommendations? Thanks!

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