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  1. So there really isn't any polite way from what I'm hearing out there. I'm valid when I say this was a linguistics issue. Next time, I'll just hang up and call again. Thanks
  2. Trust me, it was a train wreck of communication and context barriers. It got super exciting when he said I had no money in my checking account and he shut my card off. Ended up at the bank for an hour getting it straightened out. He entered my routing number wrong, setting off a domino chain of events. It's important if a client isn't being understood, or can't understand there is another avenue to turn to. I'll never get that hour of my life back. I knew the problem was linguistics, but there I was, stuck. Just wanted to know if next time if I run into it, there is a option to ask for
  3. ....in a local establishment, a minor was stung by a bee inside..... ......someone who is employed AT the store let that bee in on purpose dammit!!! Imma sue this place!!! (You can't make this stuff up files) What do you think the chances of a lawyer taking this one on is? I say 100% LOL
  4. Seriously. Is there some gentle way of asking for a native English speaker rep? Makes a frustrating experience even more frustrating.
  5. Hegemony, am I planning this right? Chase is being set aside exclusively for household routine basics and PIF every month. Do I want to just once a month PIF or do anything special like a weekly zero out? Does it matter with them? Is it going to make them nervous to build it up utilization the first month and PIF? Help, I have never run a card up before even knowing I PIF. This is making me crazy.
  6. I don't think he was ever qualified as "Bad flowers" honestly. Inexperienced and learning the hard way maybe, but not Bad flowers. It is very nice indeed to follow along with him as he's turned into a extremely involved father and husband and sober to boot. He loves his daughter and wife so much it's crazy beautiful. His earlier days were just training wheels. Travel and Leisure really baited this article; very poor taste. ba da bing!
  7. I'm looking around on different sites like Vogue, etc., and the prices of some of these clothes (even on moderate sites) have always amazed me. 1500 dollars for a pair of pants? Wha? Who are these people? What's the most you've ever spent on an item of clothing? I just can't imagine financing a blouse, or having the cash to do so....lol...
  8. My glasses are just ugh.... I do not want to pay lenscrafters six hundred bucks for a new pair. Fifteen bucks for the exam w/insurance, then order online sounds groovy. Can you recommend a site? I have a blind as a bat prescription, so taking that in mind- I'll have to get them thinned down a LOT. thanks if someone has a choice/experience!
  9. Have a good time Drew! Watch yer bobber!
  10. Celebrate with some new shoes and a manni! Go in fourteen inches taller next time. Really pointy shoes. With spikes sticking out of them. Proud of you! PREACH IT! https://photos.google.com/search/_tra_/photo/AF1QipMX0Ou1WY1zRMnELumQDkFyoQ86cNw-fzeFIBRr
  11. Alrighty. I've been making family account notes tonight. I'm going to set up a file system with a target date of a intensive plan for the first of the year. I know I'm about to take a hit for the inquiries and to recover the fastest I can and run clean, I'm going to use the 2 dollar report trick and see how that affects me. I'm going to pay all the household accounts (lights, cable ad nauseum etc.) with Chase (normally my husband pays these, he'll be transferring funds to my BOA savings) and then pay in full every month. I'll let my Discover report at 2 dollars and flatline everything els
  12. If you laid NFCU Visa/Pen Fed/American Express all next to each other, which has the most prime value? I know American Express Is a PIF hands down, but how does NFCU/Pen Fed feel about carrying a balance under 3%, max of 10%? In the future I can see where a few months a year a balance might be a handy option to have when contractors get involved.
  13. There's no bad debt in my history but this one state lien stupid thing. Somewhere there is a thread about loan strategy. Get the loan, pay off all but X amount, build some age, etc. I'll have to find that. I have one CU loan now, and it's under 30%, I have it just to create history, it's not a big deal. I just make the minimum payments now to create tempo in my file. When that one ages naturally, maybe I'll do Pen Fed or NFCU for loans, then in a year do the CC with them when I have a 12/13 month history. I'm definitely making major financial changes in four years. Massive.
  14. You ever seen a blasted group of people on the Rifle trying to fight off May flies? Funniest damn thing in the world EVER! hahahhahahahahaha The sober find that amusing as hell. Water Pee'ers, bleck.
  15. January last year, mid 500, FICO 8, true. Opened 2 secured lines w/BOA, graduated last month with, took paper tornado route outlined here and disputed addresses, took three days, and score rose to 698. I expect a fall now from apps, but will not app again until a good solid six or seven months (or more) of payments and PIF are established with the four CC's, the 2 Visa from BOA, then Chase and Discover. That 2005 thing was only fifty dollars btw. By the time I was aware it was alive or existed, it grew with interest to 2K. Jesus Joseph Mary I was mad. State said go screw yourself, threw
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