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  1. "Capital One limits customers to having two personal credit cards at a time. " How did I not know this? Definitely makes me want to close my crap cards with them.
  2. You've been told over and over in this thread to order physical copies of your credit report and report back here what is listed there so that people can offer you real advice on how to fix your issues. You keep ignoring that and coming back to ask the same question - WHICH NO ONE CAN ANSWER UNTIL YOU'VE COMPLETED THAT ONE SIMPLE TASK that you apparently refuse to do.
  3. Great. I'll start there, update with the ones I can find or have access to and we can go from there.
  4. Okay, let's try this another way. How/where do you guys track your credit scores?
  5. Well, that's what I'm asking. Is there a list somewhere that says "You can get your FICO 8 EQ via this credit card company, your FICO Bankcard 9 via this one, etc. I just want want to make myself a list of what places I can check each month to see my score (and know which score that is) so I can keep up for awhile without paying for it. If there's not a list, can we generate one here?
  6. As I continue to trim fat from my budget to pay down my cards, it's time to cancel the $30/month I'm spending on credit score tracking. Is there a handy list somewhere of which card companies offer free scores and what they track (for example, Cap1 tracking TU Vantage, Citi showing EQ Fico, etc.)? Any advice for best ones/ways to track are appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. I would definitely go after the highest APR first.
  8. To my knowledge Fedex is not currently offering teleportation services. Bottom line is the company has procedures in place for refunding your money. Follow their procedures and you'll have your money in 10-15 days, which isn't very long in the grand scheme of things. Not everything is a conspiracy. That's a lot of bold and all caps.
  9. Did you put your sister down on the original loan app anywhere? Not necessarily as a cosigner, just as a reference or contact? If so, that's why they contacted her.
  10. Okay, so I'm a couple of months in to my credit re-repair and although it's only a week since I started this thread, my big balance changes have all reported and my scores have responded, so, I thought I'd check in to the brain trust to make sure my plan doesn't need tweaking (and maybe to get you guys to stop me from pulling any triggers too fast). I've used the money from the personal loan to pay down my cards and brought my utilization from 102% to 75% (still very bad, I know). I've gone through my budget and cut a lot of fat and I'm continuing to apply that to my credit card balances, highest APR/balances first. My FICOs have gone up about 40 points (34 to 43 pts) and my Vantage 3.0 has gone up 50 (I mention this only because my credit union uses Vantage 4.0 for approvals now. My original plan was to wait until my scores hit at least 680 then attempt some CLI requests to bring my util% down further. My assumption is/was that I wouldn't get a decent low-rate BT card until I'm in the 700-720 range. Since talking to my credit union last week, however, it seems likely that I could get approved for their BT card (1.9% for 9 months) now. And it seems like that would do a lot to help my scores and utilization. I have a sense that's just my score success making me itchy for more and more wins and that I should cool my jets until my scores come up more organically. I just don't want to be stupid this time around.
  11. It's been several years since I had to deal with a CA but back when I did, PR was the only one who had a PFD policy. The others you had to plead your case to upper management and even then it rarely happened. Things may have changed in the last 10 years though.
  12. Videos, books and articles can only give you generic advice. This board will give you specific, real-world advice that will fit your specific situation (they took me from below-500 credit to being a homeowner in about a year), You'll find some people on this board have more patience with newbies than others, but they're all giving you good advice. HOWEVER, you haven't given anyone anything to work with beyond needing to improve FAST. Answer these questions: What exactly is listed on your Experian, Transunion and Equifax credit reports? Is all the information listed there accurate? What's making your score so low, lack of credit or bad credit? Do you have collections, late pays or charge offs? Until you know exactly what is on your report pulling your score down, you can do nothing to fix it in any real, permanent way. Once you share that information, the people here can give you specific steps to raise your score. Prime example of what I mean by specifics. "Don't apply for a credit card" is excellent advice if there are a ton of new inquiries dragging down your credit score, but again, you haven't provided any specifics. Pull your reports, find out what's dragging down your score and the people here can help you - if you want it.
  13. Congrats! As @Aglet said, once your PR falls off, you should see another nice bump.
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