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  1. I must've taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque
  2. I can't believe some of you all are still here
  3. Just a quick update. I test drove a couple of crossovers and SUVs and hated them all compared to my current vehicle, so I'm keeping what I have. Now if I could just get all the dealerships to stop calling me
  4. Yeah that would be the plan. The suv I'm looking at would cost about 15000 less than the after trade in cost of my current one
  5. p.s. - haven't checked my full credit in awhile, but it should be pretty decent. My discover card gives me a FICO reading every month and it's in the low 700s, so credit approval shouldn't be a concern or consideration, hopefully.
  6. So my brain isn't working very well today... I'm trying to figure out if this is a terrible idea or not. Background: 2 years ago (almost exactly) I splurged and bought a new, luxury SUV. I could afford the payments comfortably at the time and still keep up savings, etc. I had a trade-in of $5,000, but otherwise put no money towards it. Payments are $720/month. Today, after putting 42,000 miles on it (I have a big commute), I owe pretty close to what the car is worth. (KBB = 24,500, owe 26,500). About 8 months ago, we had a SURPRISE baby, and now I'm paying an unbudgeted $1200/month in
  7. Good for you. I do the same. It's a small area here and we don't see many of the professional panhandlers. Maybe the few that do exist are scamming me, maybe they are really in need. I don't know, that's for their conscience to deal with. I'd prefer someone have a few bucks they didn't need than to briskly walk past someone who hasn't eaten today. Same. I'd rather give money to 3,000 beggars who didn't really need it than miss the one person who really did.
  8. When I saw the following story, I thought to myself: "DM2000 is probably scraping up bail money for him..." I really thought that. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2014/07/08/photos-hot-felon-jeremy-meeks-court/12370437/ I'm not gonna lie... I thought of you right away when I saw that. It's nice to see that other people are jumping on my felon-crush bandwagon.
  9. I've been busy contributing to Earth's overpopulation problem.
  10. Wait... OC is back? (We need to discuss Felon Crush Friday )
  11. Meh - I don't care. Google can have fun "analyzing" my boring emails about DD's girl scout meetings and upcoming trail races.
  12. No, but I've always wanted to. Our cable/internet bill is probably more than most people pay for a car payment. We have EVERYTHING (multiple DVR boxes, every single channel, etc). I used to always say that I don't even watch TV and wanted to get rid of it, but it is DH's one real extravagence and he pays for it out of his own "slush fund", so I didn't complain that much. And now i'm absolutely addicted to Game of Thrones, so the cable can stay
  13. I agree that you should let her keep wearing bikinis, but veto anything that is too overtly sexual. Chances are it won't even be an issue. Maybe the ones she picks out on her own will be more modest, anyway, so you won't have to veto anything at all. If she asks for a string bikini, just explain that they're not appropriate for young girls.
  14. I could be way off base, but I thought your daughter was only about 10 years old? How does she already know what degree she wants?!
  15. Nope, nope, nope. Unfortunately this would need to be under dental insurance. Or you could just do it yourself. Didn't OC rip out a couple of her own adult teeth once? If she ever comes back you can ask her for advice.
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