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  1. Well deserved is an understatement ... Enjoy!
  2. Thanks so much for the info. They were deleted from his personal reports about 3 years ago but I had no idea there were CRAs exclusive to businesses.
  3. I recently pulled DHs biz report and noticed old released tax liens. How long can negative info be reported and can it be disputed?
  4. Wow, congrats Repairerer!
  5. Darn DROID. Sorry about the blank post. What I wanted to say is mine didn't report as closed for a couple of months after it was paid off.
  6. AWESOME NEWS! I got shot down by Citi the last 2 months. Guess they're back to the every 6 month rule.
  7. They provide tri-merge credit reports for mortgage lenders. Their inquiry shows on my reports as "Kroll Factual Data." Did you apply for a mortgage?
  8. Not the news I wanted but what I expected based on last year's attempts.
  9. Why not call TU directly and ask them to lift it? Or are you saying that you're being transferred to an automated system when you call? When I called TU at the security lift line 888-909-8872 they directed me to TrueCredit for the issue. Is there some other TU direct number to call? PM'd it to you.
  10. Why not call TU directly and ask them to lift it? Or are you saying that you're being transferred to an automated system when you call?
  11. Subscribing to see if you have any luck w/the mortgage sticky.
  12. Chase has been pretty forgiving lately. My SO was able to get a baddie removed by emailing the CEO. PM me if you need contact info.
  13. Your offer came at a good time. I was starting to have David & Goliath syndrome. Thanks to you and Unmet Potential for helping.
  14. I didn't authorize or ever click on the email links nor were any results delivered online or by mail. The auto generated emails showed that the investigation was still pending on the 37th day. Should the ITS letter be short or wordy and include the emails, original dispute letter & CMRRR proof of delivery? I will send this letter CMRRR. What should the next step be once I get confirmation of delivery? Can I expect any positive action from the registered agent?
  15. Yep, that's who it was ... the first time 'round, she was super-sweet to me. second time, not so much. now, she actively despises me. you might try an ITS letter. send her a copy, but also a copy to the registered agent for EQ in your state. if you don't know how to find that, just let me know what state you're in & i'll help. Thanks for your help. I'm in CA but don't know how to find the Registered Agent. She said they had proof that it was investigated timely and results emailed to me. So I sent her the emails where it still showed "pending investigation" some 37 days later. Later she said there must be a "glitch" in their system but they followed FCRA and my results were emailed. LOL!
  16. It was quoted in the email to her but she still refused to delete. I would certainly file an FTC complaint but it seems they just stockpile complaints until they decide to bring action and then don't represent or intervene on behalf of any one consumer.
  17. I need some advice and guidance ... Sent a dispute CMRRR that was received & signed for back in October. Even though the dispute was sent by mail, I started getting emails noting that the dispute was still under investigation and that I could login anytime to check the status. I never went online, ignored the emails but I did saved them. So on day 37, I sent a letter along with all of the "pending investigation" emails, including the last one received on day 35 of the investigation period, original dispute letter & proof of delivery to a well-known (on this forum) contact at the CRA. Her response was that results were delivered online and they didn't have to mail results but she would mail them anyway. So I responded with a failure to investigate within the allotted time period and requested a deletion. Her response again ... No way, that tradeline was verified 2 weeks ago and the results were available online! Any other questions, contact the creditor. Am I out of line here or due a deletion? Any feedback or suggestions is appreciated.
  18. My son sent a copy of a storage invoice along with his license and letter explaining that he doesn't pay for utilities. That was acceptable proof of ID since the bill is mailed to our home address.
  19. So they can pull a hard after specifically being told that a consumer doesn't authorize a credit pull? And the CSR said she was not pulling credit but confirming identity. Rather misleading, IMO.
  20. They hit me hard 2 weeks ago for a fax line even after telling me she was only verifying identity. Can't quite figure how she pulled as I never gave my SSN. Luckily it's on EQ but I still intend to send a WTF letter.

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