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  1. I wouldn't say I'm a rare one. Like many people here, I learned the hard way. My first line above said that '08/09 were bad for me. Honestly I got my ass handed to me. I then went into stubborn FU mode for several years as I paid stuff off and closed accounts. I really strive to do the right thing, so walking away from my debt wasn't really an option. There was one company that didn't get a dime, but that had more to do with their attitude when I was trying to negotiate with them. I do have a very good friend that had never had a loan in his life. He bought a house in under a year, from when he got his first secured card. When he got his first hard pull done they couldn't find any information on him. I'm glad in a way that I went through this. I have been teaching my kids everything that my parents couldn't teach me. Hopefully they listen. One thing that I learned in the beginning of my rebuild is that a score of 720 didn't mean much, because my AAOA (history) was so low that I still couldn't get a loan.
  2. That explains why it was so hard for me to get my three credit reports when I started rebuilding. I hadn't had a mortgage or a CC in nine years and there were only two closed loans showing on my reports. Thank You.
  3. I remember reading that here too. When did Navy Fed become a subprime card?
  4. Thumbnuts


    Sounds like Nigerian Assent Management to me.
  5. Thank You. I was pretty happy about it.
  6. NFCU instant approval on a new card for $15000. It's my third card. My other two are at $2000 and $3500 limits. A year and a half ago I didn't have any credit. As soon as my new card reports I'm going to request a CLI on the other two.
  7. It blows my mind that a year and three months passed between those last two posts.
  8. Update time. My scores are currently lower than when I started this thread. I will check my scores at CCT in a week after everything reports with new balances. A few months ago I purchased a new car for my DW. Then due to an unexpected business re-location I let my two cards climb up to 95% utilization. I've been making 100% of my payments on time. No worries there. My two cards are a Spire CU card with a $2000 limit and a Cap1 card with a $3500 limit. Last week I took advantage of the balance transfer offer from NFCU, and was instantly approved for a $15k CL, on a cash rewards card. I was a little surprised. That'll bring my utilization down to around 25%. I should have the balance paid off in a couple months now that my business is up and running again. My current plan. Refinance the new car at a better rate with my local CU in one more month. I financed through Ford credit when I bought it to take advantage of a rebate. Pay down the 5k on the NFCU CC within a couple months time. Sock drawer the Cap1 card, right after I get a CLI. Keep making my payments 100% on time. This summer, apply for a loan to build a new detached garage. After I get the garage loan I might add a couple more CC's. I'll be reading here to research which ones I should apply for. I'd love to hear some suggestions.
  9. Is this your first attempt at building credit? Did you start six months ago with zero history?
  10. I made it about two minutes and I felt like this.
  11. To the top. It bumps your thread back up, so people see it. eta: If you see the dashed lines under an acronym, hovering your mouse on it will show the meaning.
  12. Cap1 Platinum Card. This is my first CC that didn't start out as a secured card. It's exciting because I haven't had a CC in over nine years.
  13. I applied for a Cap1 card last week and they pulled from all three.

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