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  1. Ok I need a PFD like yesterday w/ Applied Bank. They will not accept my offer for the PFD and they are informing to settle w/ the collection agency that they have assigned the acct w/. I don't want to do this b/c they aren't even listed on my husband CR just Applied Bank and if we pay we want them to delete the item. What can or should we do?
  2. Need some feed back from people who have settled w/ Applied Bank. Is there anyone out there recently.
  3. I search the forum and found an email for Jason Welding at applied bank, but this was back in 2006. Does anyone have any newer email addresses I could use to get a PFD w/ Applied Bank.
  4. does anyone have an email I could use for the PFD w/ Applied Bank. I really need to get this done ASAP (like yesterday).
  5. I need a quick PFD w/ Applied Bank does anyone know who I can contact about this. Does Aimee Sligar still work there? Has anyone had any recent luck w/ a PFD w/ them.
  6. To Whom It May Concern: This letter acknowledges that on XXX XX you received a demand for validation letter. I am hereby willing to make a compromise to make this alleged debt be expunged from my credit immediately. Upon an authorized agent of Applied Bank signing this “paid in full” agreement and returning to us, we will then forward a cashiers check in the amount of the settlement $XXXX to any address specified. Upon deposit of these certified funds, Applied Bank agrees to delete all reference of this alleged debt from my credit history and agree that this is a paid in full settlement of the alleged debt of $XXXX (per credit report). Your company further agrees never to pursue (or sell to another collection source) any balance of this alleged debt, left by this compromise. Time is of the essence - Failure to respond to this offer within 5 business days, results in removal of this offer completely and we will contest entire debt with zero payments with all three repositories. Please update my report to all three repositories. We respectfully request you fax credit deletion order confirmation (fax to XXX XXX XXXX) within five days of your business account deposit. This fax number is good for all correspondence on this issue. Thanks Am I headed in the right direction w/ this settlement letter?
  7. Thanks Baby I really do need the help. I am doing some searching myself trying to draft up some quick letters. Hopefully, I'll have something w/in a hr or so.
  8. Ok here is the problem here. Trying to close on a home ASAP (before the end of Jan.)and we need to settle 2 accts. I need help proposing a settlement letter. I was informed that I need an agreement where I don't admit to any liability warrant the debt, this is not a re-affirmation of the debt. They agree to delete tradeline, not sell any remaining balance, and not to attempt to collect it themselves. Does anyone have any idea where to look to find sample letters that will help me to write this settlement letter. I need these letters written and faxed out today.
  9. I am a newbie here also I want to help however I don't know that much to help. It really seems like you have done all that you can do. I was going to say dipsute w/ the CRA's and send a FCRA 623 Letter to OC but you have already done both. Have you thought about writing your general attorney for your state or the BBB. If not do that and send copies of the letters you have written both companies to the BBB and your General Attorney. Maybe, that will get the ball rolling in your favor. How about also checking to see if the CA has the right to collect in your state if not found out who governs collectors in your state and inform them about the CA's attempt to collect a debt.
  10. Brian B thanks that is another great idea. I have no problem with trying to get the CA to settle as long as the underwriter accepts that. I thought about switching lenders also, but not so sure my husband will go w/ that. However it is worth a try. Heck I will try anything right about now.
  11. Thanks for moving this for me Breeze.
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