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  1. check out www.amazon.com/corporate
  2. Uhh.. which credit union might that be?
  3. Wachovia is quite conservative. Everything has to be in line to be approved for anything.
  4. Umm.. I gave three links in my message. One of the links is the Microsoft application
  5. I just signed the application. That was it. No personal info. No financials. All Microsoft requires is you buy some software. lol They are both wonderful!
  6. Depending on what you are buying.. Microsoft Capital Credit Corp is a good deal. A lot of the time they offer 0% money factor. Microsoft lends through de lange landen. http://ideablade.com/MSCapitalCustomerCreditApplication.pdf http://www.delagelandenusa.com/ They were fast and friendly and didn't bat an eye lending me $150,000 with no pg. On another note Cisco Systems Capital gave me $100,000 no pg.. funny thing is Cisco also lends through de lange landen! $250,000 total no pg! http://www.cisco.com/web/ordering/ciscocap...application.pdf
  7. I've done the research. Tons! It can be done. Search google for "non-recourse commercial mortgage" Most banks do them! Even Wells Fargo and Bank of America. Requires a min of 10% down but could go up to 20% or higher. There are lots of places who will do them at 10%. I have not done one yet but will be shortly.
  8. I have not applied for this product! Just passing along info. I may apply next month. http://www.gecdf.com/industries/tech_finance_smb.html
  9. I'd bet the 700K line of credit might be a Business HELOC
  10. LaSalle pulls TU. Ours was a no doc. Does LaSalle pull TU for all states?
  11. Nice line Kev Thank u! I only dread the payment on 100K! I maxed it out on my new network!
  12. I found out the key to Dell Financial Services! Time in business and dealing with someone in large business sales. The dollar size of equipment I wanted qualfied me for this. I have an internet business with a thin credit file. It's been going since 2003 but I only inc'd the business in 2006. Dell initially approved me for $5K but with a copy of my business license showing I had indeed been in business since 2003 they approved me for $100K based on current ordering I wanted. The whole process took an hour and was quite painless. My credit file has 7 accounts all less than 300 each reporting.
  13. my past experience they pull one with credit unions.
  14. who only goes through TransUnion. They are so far and few. I need this for a HELOC. Anyone know? All help is much appreciated!
  15. I got approved for two PenFed credit cards today and also two NASA credit cards. I started with the classic cards being approved then applied for the platinum's.

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