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  1. My daughter wants to get a loan secured by a 1999 light truck worth about $8K. So far, best she can find is NFCU collateral loan (not an auto loan) at 7.5%. Are there any credit unions that will do auto loans on vehicles that old at a better rate?
  2. Definitely worth including. I've had past experience with 2% cards NOT charging the FTF.
  3. Your knowledge on +2% cards in broader than mine, please start the thread with details on the Fidelity 3% offering.
  4. I'm all for a more than 2% thread as those are the interesting ones. To me the 2% even are sock drawer material.
  5. Here is their website describing it. They added maintaining a $1,000 balance on deposit with them to get the max rebate of 2.5%.
  6. Yes, BoA is treating us well. Just did CLI up to $65K from initial $30K from last March. Yes, they also refund to some cap some airline fees annually like luggage fees. They have an LMA account where you can borrow against brokerage positions at ~1% annual variable rate. They have secured 30-year fixed super-jumbos where if you double collateralize you can get rates as low as 2.25% fixed.
  7. Alliant is 2.5% but capped at $10K per month, then becoming 1% for that month on amounts over $10K. They dropped the annual fee in the last six months.
  8. Thanks for linking your posts. The purpose of this card is to sock drawer it and benefit from the increased available credit so that overall utilization levels rise. For rebate, my go to is BofA which offers 2.625% on everything with $95 annual fee and no caps if you have sufficient assets at Merrill Lynch to get their preferred level.
  9. My DW applied for a credit card at the State Department Federal Credit Union, after being a member with just a savings account for ten years. After pulling Experian showing 828 FICO, they requested two years of tax returns and three months of bank statements to verify income. She provided them the required documents, then they denied the application with the principal reason(s) on the Adverse Action Letter being only: Given they pulled Experian successfully and generated a FICO score, are they meaning they also tried to pull Lexis/Nexis and found it was frozen? Or perhaps ChexSystems? If so, should we just call Lexis/Nexis and request a temporary lift by following their website instructions: And then asking SDFCU to repull the identity report?
  10. It is a feature specifically offered by Amazon to share your prime membership.
  11. Does Chase blacklist for being burned in a BK?
  12. Convinced my DW, she now has Citi Custom Cash with $9900 starting limit. 🙂
  13. I am a collector of credit unions and appreciate each of their unique facets.
  14. Before that it was: 5% off all restaurant purchases including DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats and Postmates. Limited time offer January 1 - March 31 2021
  15. Here is another example of an Abound card perk, 7% off outdoor activities (last summer): Earn with these outdoor activities: Zoos and Aquariums Amusement Parks Sporting Goods Bicycle Shops Golf Courses Sporting & Recreational Campgrounds RV Parks & Campgrounds
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