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  1. During the 0% 1 year phase, I made a couple charges in August to max it out at around $13,420 out of $16,500 and I paid it in full, just before the 0% expired at the beginning of this month.
  2. According to the supervisor at Citi, it is coming from the 1/28/20 soft pull and they instructed me to dispute the pull with Equifax. Equifax said they would contact lender to see if they would remove the soft pull. Citi also said I could mail a hard copy of my credit report to their Credit Bureau Dispute department.
  3. No, but IIB by my DW who is not on this account.
  4. Correction: 800-645-7240 and 800-288-4653 are for Citi Business cards, not personal and 888-201-4523 is not business but personal.
  5. I applied for a CLI on my AAdvantage Citi MileUp card and was denied. I got notice of online letter and I found denial reason read: We're unable to approve this request because your credit report shows a bankruptcy or financial counseling plan. Please note, our decision was based in whole or in part on information in a report from the following consumer reporting agency: Equifax Credit Information Services PO Box 740241 Atlanta, GA 30374-0241 1-800-685-1111 www.equifax.com My BK was back in Oct, 2009 and is gone from my Equifax credit report. Just to make sure, I visited the equifax online center to start a dispute and there was no BK showing to dispute. I looked at the inquiries and found only one hard from when I opened the account and BK was still showing: CR CBNA, PO BOX 6241, SIOUX FALLS, SD 57117-6241, (800)950-5114 Date: 01/13/2019 Also, two soft pulls from Citi: AR CITI CARDS CBNA, PO Box 6241, Sioux Falls, SD 57117-6241, (800)995-5114 Date: 01/28/2020 AR CITIBANK NA, PO Box 6241, Sioux Falls, SD 57117-6241, (800)995-5114 Date: 02/01/2020 I called Equifax and person I spoke to also said no sign of any BK on my credit report. I called Citi and explained, they reapplied for me and I got the same denial letter, with no more hard or soft inquiries on my Equifax report. What is going on here? How can I get around this and get my CLI approved? My FICO is around 838 at the moment so this makes no sense to me. Please assist, thanks!
  6. Just a note to make sure everyone is aware that Amex D* (backdating of account opening dates) lives on in the form of Amex permitting accounts of deceased members to be passed on to whomever wants to take them on. You need to apply within one year of the death of the member and you get to inherit their CRA reporting opening date on the account. I was AU on one with 1969 already and the other AU was 2011 as I just missed the old cutoff to back date that one, but now that I took ever both accounts, they now both report as opened in 1969 and the AU also still reports for 2011 on the one. I was only allowed to do one at first due to them both being Blue cards and limit on only one such card can be opened in a short time period, but I wanted six months and was able to get the second one too. Read about their program here: https://www.americanexpress.com/us/help/deceased-cardmembers.html Be sure to take advantage of this whenever you lose someone close to you that had a good AU date account. Note, their rules do not appear to require a blood relation or being an AU and apparently they will honor whomever calls in first and has the card number info on the deceased person.
  7. What's the best way to get the OC to provide the procedure codes to look up in the average charges tables? Do we have to go through the HIPAA process to bounce it back from collection agency first? The charge for visit is in two bills, one for around $2.5K, the other for around $1.3K. I think one is hospital and the other is attending physician. Seems crazy high for a visit that found patient was fine. I thought HIPAA process meant you had to pay the whole bill, even if unfairly high.
  8. Date of Service: 9/9/18. No insurance. This was an emergency room visit. Nothing is reporting to CRAs yet since it just went to collections after the first monthly payment to the OC.
  9. My DS had a medical account and paid a monthly $10 for the first time after being denied financial aid and then the medical sent it to collections a few days later since he had not cleared the monthly payment amount with them. He called and they refused to pull it back from collections. He now has the 30 day limit from collection company. How best to proceed? Keep paying the monthly $10 to the original creditor? Pay the $10 / month to the collection agency? Should he contact the collection agency? Or are we forced to pay in full and use HIPPA to get it back to original creditor? Would prefer a monthly payment plan since he cannot afford the full amount unless I pay it on his behalf.
  10. For security so checking accounts are not easily opened in my name and to know when a new account requires a pull and decide if I want another inquiry. You could get denied on opening a new checking account if you had too many opened recently.
  11. I just discovered that my Chex Security Freeze was removed after seeing on my TransUnion report, in the supplemental information section, info about Chexsystems and checking account inquiries. I called them up and they informed me that previously they automatically cancelled your security freeze after 5 years, but their policy has now changed and they are now permanent. I explained removal without my permission sounded like a violation of California state law. I had to call their freeze department at 800-887-7652 and request a new security freeze be added to my credit report again.
  12. Mine, however, did not delete even though filed jointly. I presume this was because I had disputed in November 2018, so within 120 days and I did not check that box. INVESTIGATE OWNERSHIP: This is not my public record OR INVESTIGATE ACCURACY: This public record is paid, satisfied or released This public record was dismissed or filed in error The amount is incorrect The date(s) is(are) incorrect This item never went to judgment This public record contains multiple inaccuracies The bankruptcy chapter, status and/or dates are incorrect REPEAT DISPUTE: * Did you dispute this item with TransUnion in the last 120 days? Yes No If "Yes", please provide additional information relevant to your dispute in the Additional Comments section below. ADDITIONAL COMMENTS (26) CHARACTERS REMAINING: You may add additional comments pertaining to your dispute in this area. You may wish to refrain from providing comments that contain medical information, personally identifiable information (such as Social Security Number), or abusive language. Please be aware that you expressly consent to TransUnion sharing any comments that you provide with data furnishers. Continue
  13. Just got my DW's BK deleted from TU. Filed 10/27/09, disputed 03/02/2019. BK was deleted instantly with online dispute giving reason as dates wrong. Looks like it may be six months (ignoring day of month), so by filing at end of month and disputing at beginning of month, I get almost 7 months early! Your Investigation Results INVESTIGATION RESULTS - DELETED The disputed item(s) was removed from your credit report. Docket#: xxxxxx 280 S FIRST STREET, RM 3035 SAN JOSE, CA 95113 (408) 278-7500 In response to your dispute, this item was DELETED from your credit report
  14. My son got a CLI request denial from NFCU after pulling EQ, the reason given: You've reached Navy Federal's maximum unsecured credit limit. He has a Visa at $20K, for which he requested the CLI, and a NavChek overdraft LOC account at $3K. He is also an AU on my card at $80K. Does NFCU include AU accounts when deciding the maximum unsecured credit limit? If so, do I just need to remove him as AU and have him ask for reconsideration? If approved, if he is subsequently re-added as AU, will they take adverse action? Has anyone else seen this in action before? If so, what was your experience?

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