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  1. My Citi was opened around January 2019 for $16.5K. Is that before or after you hypothesized that Citi changed their policy on prior BKs?
  2. Regarding AmEx, they were IIB by me in 1994, but allowed me to become AU in 2011. My DW IIB them in 2009, and last check in 2016, they would not allow her to be an AU. I inherited my parents AmEx accounts (opened in 1969), and it is now in my name, and I've gotten CLI up to $25K total exposure, which I think is the limit before you have to provide lots of documentation.
  3. I've got Citi AA Miles card from 2019 still with same credit limit I opened with. Denied again for CLI, reason given was: However, I wonder if that is the full story since they have BK loss with me that is off my credit reports now? Are they obligated to cite that in their reasons if part of their decision making process? My inquiries on Equifax they referred to: Feb 17, 2021 PENTAGON FCU (Denied CLI, max exposure) Feb 17, 2021 DIGITAL FEDERAL CREDIT UN (Denied card) Dec 29, 2020 CORELOGIC CREDCO CORELOGIC for BACHOMELOANSECOMMDMA (M
  4. The contractor felt we owed them money and tried to recover it by buying tools for themselves.
  5. If I gave a contractor my credit card to make a specific purchase and they made a second charge for their own gain and they refused to reimburse me, does this come under the Visa rules for an unauthorized charge?
  6. Does anyone know what the maximum unsecured credit line State Department will give?
  7. I have a SDFCU secured card that I've had since November 2011 and still remains secured. On their website when I log in, it reads as "EMV SECURED VISA PLATINUM." Since I don't need it except to help my average age of accounts, I brought the limit way down to the minimum of $250 so as to not tie up excess funds. I'd love to get this unsecured and wonder what behaviors are thought to lead to their unsecuring. When I called them many years ago they said there is no way to ever unsecure. My FICOs are well above 800, but I never use the card, do I just need to run transac
  8. Last March, my Fico 2 mortgage score at Experian was 812 and my wife's was 807. This was with utilization at 0.4% and no recent accounts opened.
  9. The interest rate varies, 810 or higher gets the best rate.
  10. Here is what MyFico says (in the order listed in the report) for their mortgage score for my wife (middle score 775): You opened a new credit account relatively recently. You've recently been looking for credit. The amount owed on your revolving and/or open-ended accounts is too high. You've made heavy use of your available revolving credit. You have too few or too many credit accounts. You have too many credit accounts with balances. You have a short credit history. And for myself (middle score 772): You opened a new credit account relativel
  11. I'm applying for a mortgage at Merrill Lynch in their Asset Management department and they don't to Rapid-Rescore like a normal mortgage application at BofA does. I need to get my credit reports updated before the statement cuts mid-January. If possible, I'd make early payment on two accounts that last reported high utilization, then get these two corrected at all three bureaus, then have mortgage credit report pulled. One credit card is Barclays Bank, the other is Abound Credit Union. I tried calling Barclays and they said they could not report early anyway. It see
  12. The over weekend staff is pretty lame (probably contracted out), but I got escalated to the daytime staff who called me and this CSR was quite helpful. They reversed the $21 in fees I had been charged and waived the fee for several more months while I bring the balance up to $500. I also nicknamed the account to describe the $500 min (to avoid fees) and set an alert if the balance falls below $500.
  13. Thanks for taking the time to explain, much appreciated!
  14. I have no idea what you are saying here, perhaps you could elaborate? Who is the 'he/his' here, what Credit Union argument is he making, what dividends and notes is he reaping?
  15. Wish I had known this, I just paid off my loan in March and just noticed that they "thanked" me by now charging $3/month (with no notice) until they drained my savings. I guess they are trying to eject me as being unprofitable customer after paying off my second car loan with them.
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