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  1. I do as well as my memory serves, I've no written record of 1994 BK any more and 26 years is a long time to recall each creditor IIB. Correct, mystery is now solved thanks to Citi responding with a helpful denial letter that gave details of their thinking and reminded me of history and explained:
  2. Today, pulled my monthly tri-bureau, almost had triple-play, but TU was at 849 due to utilization just above 1%.
  3. I'm in good shape there, although they did not ask about assets, only income. But my 23 lines are about 1.6 times annual income.
  4. I've got Lexus/Nexus frozen. So perhaps some other obscure one. Don't the 10 year rules apply to them all though? Wouldn't they have to divulge in denial letter where they got info from?
  5. How else would they get that information?
  6. Nope, never IIB PenFed, perfect record with them.
  7. I contacted the Executive Office at Citi and they tried again and denied, but gave a much more informative reason: That goes back to 1994 Bankruptcy. My lines are about 1.6 times annual income.
  8. I saw my score reached 850 so I thought I'd request CLI at PenFed since they had not given me automatic increase. Surprisingly, denied with following reason: Utilization of accounts, number of accounts, and/or occurrence of a derogatory event Using Equifax: Your Credit Score: 850 Date: 3/7/2020 Scores range from a low of 300 to a high of 850 What exactly do they mean on the reason? My utilization is at like 0.5%, hence the 850 score. Are they saying I have too many credit cards? I have 23 open credit accounts on my credit report. Is it worth asking for reconsideration? What might sway them?
  9. Just checked my FIco Score 8 at Experian and saw I hit 850 for the first time: What's helping your score? No Missed Payments Low Revolving Credit Usage Long Credit History Recent Credit Card Usage What's hurting your score? You have no negative factors impacting your Score.
  10. Evidence of my insanity (as defended by cv91915) that I bother with such things!
  11. I think we are in agreement, I wouldn't borrow at 16% to pay property taxes either. It is just overdraft protection so I don't have to pay close attention to the balance to avoid NSF and I don't have to park extra money in the account or in savings. I rarely use the line, but when I do, I pay it off as soon as I notice it, usually the next day.
  12. I find I do better having my savings in an investment vehicle.
  13. That would be very inefficient. Borrowing funds at all times instead of an occasional overnight would be wasteful interest incurred.
  14. This wouldn't work for me as the savings I would create would be inferior to the earnings I would forgo by removing money from investments that are substantially more lucrative than a savings account.
  15. A personal loan is not a LOC. I cannot get a personal loan for overnight on demand at random points throughout the year.

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