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  1. It sounds like my only hope for a mortgage in the next 6 months is through a goodwill letter(s) to wells fargo home mortgage.
  2. While a goodwill letter to WFHM to remove late marks is likely a hopeless exercise, I have nothing but time and a good supply of stamps. I think the most important part of a goodwill letter is whose desk it ends up at. Sending it to the main correspondence address isn't going to cut it. How do I go about finding a more opportune contact at WFHM to send my goodwill letter to?
  3. The charge-offs DOFD are all 3+ years old, whether or not that makes a difference.
  4. The last mortgage late was in August. What date is relevant in terms of charge-offs?
  5. I would like to sell our home and move into a smaller home. My wife will stop working this year due to her ongoing cancer battle so I would like to better position us financially with a smaller home to manage and smaller mortgage payment. Talked to a realtor this week and have a good idea on the value of current home. We will be going from $1700 mortgage payment to roughly $900 payment. An added benefit will be a location that is closer for ongoing treatment for my wife. My income is documented and steady. My gross monthly income is around $8700 excluding the annual bonus. We will net around $75K after realty fees and closing costs based on the low end of the sale price of this home. Have found a some nice one story homes that would do well in the $185-$195K range. I am planning on putting 20% down to avoid any PMI fee. The big negatives is my current mortgage has a few late marks and a few charged off credit cards. No excuses, but I learned cancer treatments are expensive even with insurance. How many months do I need to wait before applying for a mortgage that has any chance of being approved? Gross Monthly Income: $8700 Monthly Expenses: $900 Late Marks on Mortgage Credit Card CHARGE-OFFs No BKs No Judgements No Collections
  6. I did my own, but like I mentioned earlier, looks like the DV letter wasn't relevant since the response they sent me about removing the account pre-dates my DV letter being sent.
  7. Is that collection account past SOL at 6.2 years?
  8. The letter from Midland also states..... "...we have instructed the three major credit reporting agencies to delete the above-referenced MCM account from your credit file...." I did a EQ backdoor this morning and Midland collection is still there. The letter from Midland was dated 11/30 so it's been 10 days. Guess it takes a bit longer to come off.
  9. Received another letter in the mail today from NFCU Recovery Specialist. This one only gives one option to settle the account at 35% of the total. Plan on leaving another voicemail for this individual to talk about a payment option.
  10. Now I am wondering how long it will take to have this collection removed from my credit reports.
  11. That is good news to hear. Hopefully my score will get a bump after this comes off my CRs.
  12. Well good news. I sent a DV/Past SOL letter to Midland on the 3rd. I just received a letter in the mail from Midland saying that, "The purpose of this letter is to advise you that Midland Credit Management.....has closed the above-referenced account and will no longer be collecting on this account." This letter is dated before mine went out so once it hit the last day of SOL (11/30) I assume they automatically send this out.
  13. - FAKO vs FICO scores - Why Chat Medical Collections - Understanding SOL on old debts
  14. Sounds good. Guess I am just more aware of my CR since I am in repair mode!
  15. Looking at EQ backdoor, I noticed that both CitiMortgage and Wells Fargo Home Mortgage never reported in November. I called both of them up and asked why and was told the same thing by both, "reporting must be running behind". WTF? I haven't been watching close enough in the past to notice if this is common practice. Isn't reporting automated?
  16. Well I called the number listed on the settlement letter from NFCU yesterday morning and left a voicemail. No response from them thus far.
  17. My gas water heater crapped out last night. It's leaking from the bottom, but thank the Lord for a deep pan underneath. Here is the funny part. I think when the builder built this home they put the water heater in the attic before the roof was fully enclosed because the water heater diameter is 1 inch wider than the attic pull down opening! So I need to figure out how to push a 21 inch diameter sphere through a 20 inch square hole. Ideas?
  18. Thinking of calling SYNCB/WALMART to see if they still own the debt? Bad idea? This is one of two OC accounts that are CHARGE-OFFs, but still reporting a balance and past due amount. Both are SYNCB accounts. No CA reporting. CreditKarma shows this as an open account for some reason. Date of First Default: 6/2011 Date Last Payment: 9/2012
  19. What is the date of first delinquency for the debt?
  20. Always thought the late model chrysler 300's are pretty slick looking. I really don't like auto loans given how fast the cars depreciate.
  21. On your credit report, what is the date of first default for the original creditor on this debt? What state do you live in?
  22. If your goal is to lower your utilization, then I would work on reducing the balance on that Chase Rewards card. May want to hold off on applying for more cards if your planning on a mortgage in the near future.
  23. Planning on talking with NFCU tomorrow and will report back the result.
  24. DOFD is 4/2014. Debt is well within the SOL. I will call NFCU this week to hopefully come up with a payment arrangement and with that arrangement how they will plan to report to CRAs.
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