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  1. Oh yeah. I just noticed this collection account is not listed on the TransUnion CR. My TransUion FICO score is 26 points lower that my Equifax and Equifax lists the collection account. That seem a little odd to me.
  2. I have never spoken to a CA on the phone. If they want to send something in the mail, fine, but I won't pickup the phone for them.
  3. I just started getting serious about my CR so I got the myFico to start investigation. I have one collections account on my CR. I am guessing this is probably one of the main reason for my low FICO score. Original balance [?] $245 Current balance [?] $0 Status [?] Paid Date assigned [?] Aug 01, 2006 Date reported [?] Nov 01, 2007 Date last active [?] Apr 01, 2006 Date paid [?] Not Reported Date closed [?] Not Reported Original lender [?] Not Reported Honestly, I have no idea what this was for. That's not to say that it's not mine, I just can't recall what is was for or paying it even though it's listed as Paid. My first thought is to send a CMRRR to the big 3 reporting agencies with the sample "not mine" dispute letter. Is that the best and only strategy to get this removed from my CR? Thanks.
  4. Unfortunately, I am no math whiz. The 10% inquiry would be a pretty big hit. I wonder how long the bounce back is for an inquiry.
  5. I am interested to see if you every get any traction with HSBC. I am currently disputing a 30 day late fee that happened during the same month (Dec 2007) on two different now closed BofA credit cards. To my knowledge, I never had a late payment, let alone two in the same month. Will post what happens.
  6. Yes FICO. I figured as much. Just trying to evaluate my CR and FICO score.
  7. I did some searching, but I either can't find anything or I am not using the proper terms. Either way, I apologize in advance for what may be a common question that has been asked many times. Is there any general set of guidelines that determines how much each of the specific negative items affects your credit score? Bankruptcy = -40 Collection Account = -20 Settlement (Account paid for less than full balance) = -10 30 Days Late = -5 60 Days Late = -5 90 Days Late = -5 120 Days Late = -5 The answer is probably no, but doesn't hurt to ask.
  8. Does that mean your dead in the water with that one negative credit item?
  9. That's good to know. If you initiate a dispute "online" with the CRA and the outcome is not favorable, can you turn around and send in a dispute using certified mail return receipt?
  10. I am also a newbie and had a question for the OP. Just curious. What was the date of last activity on the one item that you disputed and was removed? Wondering if disputing makes a difference when accounts are older rather than newer. Thanks.
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