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  1. Interesting. Since I used one of my daughters old visa gift cards with a $3 balance to pay for the $1 trial, I will not see any updates.
  2. So I am sitting here contemplating my scores now and where they need to be given my ultimate goal. The affect of the late marks and charge off accounts on my scores will eventually diminish over time with me doing essentially nothing except continuing to pay my mortgage on time each month. In order to gain some traction on my FICO scores, I will need to have some open credit with 0% utilization. Keeping 0% utilization is not a problem at this point because I haven't used credit for 3 years now due to the lack of credit. So at what point or minimum FICO score do I need in order to have a good chance of approval on card or cards that will help my scores and that are not useless to me. This is where I am at. This is my ultimate dilemma.
  3. So I did the $1 trial with CCT on Dec 19 and got all 3 FICO8 scores. At some point can I get updated information? What am I not seeing on the screen?
  4. I think it's going to be 77 here in central NC tomorrow. What in the world!
  5. Well, per the recommendation on the first steps of credit rebuilding around here, I have already frozen my accounts and opted out so the SCT soft pulls are a no-go at least for the moment.
  6. Not much I can do at the moment. The big 3 should now have my request to remove the SYNCB/WALMART account. Not a big fan of waiting and doing nothing....
  7. Just for entertainment purposes, if I were to try the SCT at a few stores I would need to be opted-in. Is that correct? I am skeptical any place would approve for credit based on a soft pull on the last 4 digits of your SSN.
  8. Well, it sounds like it's been 7 months since your last FICO score? I would want current FICO scores.
  9. NC - 3 year SOL on open accounts. The SYNCB/AMAZON charge-off has a DOFD of 6/2011.
  10. That is the shopping cart trick Seems a little shady
  11. #1 SCT? #2 Still considering secure cards #3 #4 The SYNCB/WALMART is 1+ years past SOL (when I got the card it was originally issued by GE) #5 Planning on calling Coastal #6 Planning on having the home on the market by March
  12. Not really. The only dispute I sent off so far was for the SYNCB/WALMART to the 3 CRAs. Given the time of the year, I assume it will take longer for them to even get it.More than likely it will just come back with the AUTO-VALIDATED crap they often do.
  13. I was thinking Citi CC may be a good choice to apply for in the future since I haven't really burned them in the past.
  14. There is really no legitimate way for a credit card company to very your stated household income on a 30 second credit application. Why do they even ask for it?
  15. Congratulations. The lowest Amazon approval listed on the CPD is 620.
  16. So technically I could join Coastal Federal Credit Union and apply for their Cash Back Visa. I would definitely use either a Home Depot or Lowes card. With either option, I think my chances of approval right now are slim and none.
  17. Nope. Experian - 2 Equifax -1 Transunion - 3 Is it worth the HP for joining a credit union? Found one in my area. https://www.coastal24.com/
  18. 2. You already have 80+ HPs Is this saying that I have 80+ hard pulls? Not sure on what store cards to apply for, if any....
  19. Well I think CAP1 one is out of the question given my CO list. So I need a CC that is not CAP1 that has a good chance of getting approved with a 608 [EQ] FICO score.
  20. I did start a thread in mortgage... https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=555575
  21. So there is a fine line between adding new positive accounts to help my scores with the desire to obtain a new mortgage in the next 7-8 months.
  22. Can you share your strategy of getting HSBC off your reports? I have one of those creditors that was bought by another at some point before/after it being charged off.
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