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  1. So I have a Kohls/CAP1 card that was charged off. The account is beyond SOL in my state. Still reporting a $1600 balance and past due amount on my credit reports. I don't see being able to dispute it off with each CRAs or CAP1 just being kind and removing it from my CRs because I am such a great guy. What is the impact of contacting them and paying it in full or offering settlement amount. I think my goal is to get the balance down from $1,600 to $0. Last time CAP1 updated my CR for the account was back in 2013. Any other options I am missing?
  2. I have a Kohls/CAP1 account that was charged off about 3 year ago, still reporting the full balance, and I was able to get CAP1 QS and QS1 cards at the same time. So yes forgiving.
  3. They report usually a few days after the monthly statement cuts.
  4. I started with the Platinum and QuickSilverOne at the same time. PC'd the Platinum to a QuickSilver. I am now at the 5th statement. I need to wait for the 6th statement to cut and then request the two QS cards be combined? Maybe apply for Venture after that?
  5. I don't see that article addressing "Death and Student Loan Debt" scenario.
  6. Been going through this thread and not clear on something. Is it better to join and apply for some product (CC, Auto Loan, etc) at the same time or is it better to just join and take the HP just to start the relationship. I don't belong to any CU and it sounds like PenFed is a good CU to be with.
  7. Wow, didn't know about scholar. Anyway, searched for "1099-C forgiveness" with case law checked. Found this, but it is kind of contradictory. On 31 May 2006, defendants filed a motion for summary judgment but did not state the grounds for the motion. In addition, defendants filed a motion for judgment on the pleadings. Subsequently, President Douglas signed an affidavit stating that plaintiff issued an IRS form 1099-C, "Cancellation of Debt," ("1099-C form") and as a result of issuing this form, defendant DHC's debt was cancelled. Defendants had not previously pled the affirmative defense of waiver or forgiveness of a debt in their answer or counterclaim. On 5 July 2006, Karla Whitfield, assistant controller for plaintiff, signed an affidavit stating the issuance of the 1099-C form was a clerical error, and that plaintiff subsequently delivered to President Douglas a voided 1099-C form via Federal Express.
  8. Box 6 has a "C". Where would I check the state rulings for North Carolina?
  9. I received a 1099-C in the mail from an OC. I realize in terms of accounting that I may have tax consequences by treating the discharged amount as income and that the OC can continue to report the full balance on my CRAs, which is the case. Just curious if anyone has had any success in disputing the balance with the CRAs and providing a copy of the 1099-C as a supporting document? Obviously I would like to have the balance changed to $0 or even better have the tradeline deleted.
  10. Keep sending to the same email/physical address or change it up each time?
  11. I tried a goodwill with CitiMortgage last month and was declined. Guess we can keep trying and maybe one time it might work?
  12. I agree on the CK scoring model. CK version of my EQ score is 502, while my FICO8 score for EQ is 618. That's a big difference.
  13. Hey OP, a 812 FICO is impressive. Nice job.
  14. Some other interesting "?facts?" in that article.... Chase stopped filing lawsuits or selling its debt in 2011, after a whistleblower identified flaws in the bank’s collection practices. Discover filed the second-most suits, according to ProPublica’s analysis. American Express, the fifth-largest issuer, filed relatively few suits.
  15. Thanks. However, I am probably going to not go the secure card route.
  16. I am so indeed of some new credit on my report. Haven't had any open open CCs for about 3 years now. Going through the useless CK report this morning, looks like I am using 123% of available credit due to the 3 charge-off accounts with balances. I guess CK considers them open even though they are clearly not. You're using 123% of your available credit. I need 2-3 open accounts using 0% utilization which should give me a nice score bump, but I can't get anything useful with my current scores. I need credit to improve my credit. I think they call that a catch-22.
  17. That's interesting. So technically you can get a 30 day late and not be 30 days late.
  18. Can you ever get a 30 day late mark during the month of February if your due date is Feb 1st and you make the payment on March 1st? Another question, what is the max days late that can be reported? 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, 180, 210, etc Too much time on my hands sitting around after a nice Christmas meal.
  19. All I want for Christmas is bad charge off accounts dropping off my reports.
  20. Maybe those 3 accounts will fall off Experian like they did with EQ and TU. That would be great.
  21. Wow, just realized this is a really old thread.
  22. Since I have some free time, I was comparing CHARGE-OFF accounts between EQ, TU, and EX. The charge-off accounts in red are gone from both Equifax and TransUnion. They were there when I originally checked using the backdoor route on Nov 18, 2015. Experian is still reporting the charge-offs that dropped off EQ and TU. Makes sense why my EX FICO is lower than the other two scores. Is there any strategy I can use to request these 3 accounts in red be removed from Experian? Equifax [608 fico8] CAPITAL ONE - 11/2012 DOFD (Fell Off EQ this month) CAP1/BSTBY - 11/2012 DOFD (Fell Off EQ this month) CAPITAL ONE BANK USA - 11/2012 DOFD (Fell Off EQ this month) KOHLS/CAP1 - 1/2013 DOFD NFCU - 6/2014 DOFD SYNCB/AMAZON - 11/2012 (disputing by mail, orig debt was GE Capital) SYNCB/WALMART - 6/2011 (disputing by mail, orig debt was GE Capital) Experian [582 fico8] KOHLS/CAP1 - 1/2013 DOFD CAPITAL ONE - 11/2012 DOFD CAP1/BSTBY - 11/2012 DOFD CAPITAL ONE BANK USA - 11/2012 DOFD SYNCB/AMAZON - 11/2012 (disputing by mail, orig debt was GE Capital) SYNCB/WALMART - 6/2011 (disputing by mail, orig debt was GE Capital) TransUnion [598 fico8] CAPITAL ONE - 11/2012 DOFD (Fell Off TU this month) CAP1/BSTBY - 11/2012 DOFD (Fell Off TU this month) CAPITAL ONE BANK USA - 11/2012 DOFD (Fell Off TU this month) KOHLS/CAP1 - 1/2013 DOFD NFCU - 6/2014 DOFD SYNCB/AMAZON - 11/2012 (disputing by mail, orig debt was GE Capital) SYNCB/WALMART - 6/2011 (disputing by mail, orig debt was GE Capital)
  23. Secure Credit Card.... Is one better than the other I guess in terms of being able to convert to an unsecured card? I bank with Wells Fargo so I could go with them, but maybe there is a better choice?
  24. Wish I would get a boost at the 1st of each month!
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