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  1. If I'm not mistaken, the $50 every 3 months is not a limit increase but an available credit incresae because of the $50 refund. Dave
  2. I think the problem is with arbitration rather than mediation. Dave
  3. The company affiliated with Chexsystems is SCAN. Dave
  4. Can you successfully dispute previous addresses as "old, outdated, etc" or do you have to claim "never lived there" to get them off? Thanks, Dave
  5. I believe the spouse or significant other can only receive reports via US mail; not online. Also, I think it is included in the 2-month trial. Dave
  6. Well, I tried. I got the "No way Jose" response. I guess David Spade processed my application. Dave
  7. Hi, Thanks for all the responses. Just a few more questions: 1. Can you be approved today but hold off placing an order? 2. If so, for how long? 3. If so, when placing the order at a later date, do they recheck credit? Thanks, Dave
  8. Hi, I know that Dell uses Experian. Do they approve/ deny based on credit score? What would be the chances of approval with an EX score in the mid 500's? Thanks, Dave
  9. daveinOZ


    Is there any way to opt-out online? Also, the CRA sites mentioning opt-out state that it will stop "pre-approved" letters. Will it also stop them from selling to CA's, or is that a different type of opt-out? Thanks, Dave
  10. Since he or she is now the late CSR, you now owe another $29. Dave
  11. Hi, Do DCU and /or National City approve everybody who applies for their secured cards? No prior BK involved, but previous FICO scores of 685 now tanked in the 400's. Thanks, Dave
  12. Bay Area Credit IS on MY report. Dave
  13. Hi, Would having CO's with Best Buy and CompUsa (also issued by Household) make applying for Orchard unwise? Thanks, Dave
  14. Hi, I have unpaid chargeoffs with Best Buy and CompUsa which are both HH cards. Would I be shooting myself in the foot if I applied for Orchard? Thanks, Dave

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