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  1. thank you all for youre response ill write it up tonight.
  2. I figured it was a scam would a simple cease and desist letter stop them calling my family. thank for the response.
  3. I was contacted on my cellphone by a firm calling itself Cantor & Johnson Associates. They lady told me that they had a legal complaint against me and needed for me to call they back at another number with my case number i wrote down the info and hung up this was on friday. Today they called my mom and the guy called john was rude and told her they were looking for me, then a few ours later the called my brother and said they needed to get ahold of me about a legal claim and gave him and my mom the case number and number to call back on. They only debts i had in collections were around 2002 or 2003. I am not sure what i need to do but ill read the beginners threads ust wanted to know if anyone had any ideas. thank Cantor & Johnson Associates 844-778-6745
  4. fayetteville

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