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  1. Both of my Discover student loan applications were done online. I didn't sign anything. All I did was enter my initials. I wonder if this fact makes any difference.
  2. Hi Both of my loans are from Discover. 5 years in default and they still haven't sued me yet. Can you provide more info on 5 year SOL for private student loans?
  3. Hi Can you elaborate on what cases private student loan SOL can be reduced down to 5 in IL? Thanks
  4. Hi I have 2 private student loans in default that is set to be removed in Apr 2021 (7 year mark). But here in Illinois, private student loans are considered written contracts and has 10 year SOL. I am in dark as to what will happen after Apr 2021. Will these 2 private student loans be removed forever after Apr 2021, even though SOL hasn't ran out yet?
  5. Hello Credit boards, One year ago I summoned your help and it was fruitful as in I succeeded removing a collection from my file. Thank you Creditboards! I am here to ask for your expertise again. My summer was tumultuous and I have overlooked to pay for one of my cards. I met the woman of my dreams and she totally swept me off my feet. Now I have a dent on my file that its bringing my score from mid 600's to 590. The late payment is for Chase freedom card. I read that I could write a "goodwill letter" asking them to remove it or perhaps I could give them a call with a good reason. I have been Chase's customer for over 8 years. It is my fault and I am kicking myself. Is the "goodwill letter" only viable option for me? What can I do to reverse this dent on my credit file? Please help me Credit boards
  6. Hello. This is my first post on this forums. I hope knowledgeable members will help me. In June I signed up for a martial arts class using my Chase BP credit card. The employee who signed me up told me there is a $150 sign up fee and $100 monthly charge if I decide to come 3 times a week and the days could be any three days of a week. I agreed to that. $150/month if I decide to come more than 3 days. So I gave my credit card and he signed me up. The owner comes in few minutes later and takes my CVV number. I sign papers and off I go to practice. There was no paper work that was given to me. Fast forward to August, I look through my old statements and find the initial charge to be $485 instead of $250 and two monthly charges of $150 instead of $100/month. Yes, I acknowledge the error on my side not to have been looking at activities on my card. I called Chase this morning to discuss my options and they suggested I talk with the merchant first and if the overcharge is still not returned I should file a complaint and dispute these charges. I read the reviews about this particular martial arts club: the owner seems to be notorious for cheating money out of people. I wish I had read them before signing up. I just don't understand why he had charged me such an exorbitant price. If the owner decides to return the overcharges and puts me on $100/month plan I'd gladly stay in his club. I don't know if the relationship will be different. But if he insists on keeping the money that he basically stole from me, what are my options? If I choose to dispute these charges, what are the correct steps to take? Thanks Brad

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