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  1. I accepted one of the preapproval CLIs from PenFed. I went through the process, and it gave me a confirmation with my new credit line amount. This was on June 10th. I can see the CLI application listed as "booked." Unfortunately, it never actually appeared on my account. Does it not go into effect until my next statement? I remember years ago seeing some type of message saying that CLIs were not posted immediately, but I feel like that may have changed. I appreciate any input!
  2. My credit has gotten better, and I would like to add a few cards soon. I thought that Amex would be about a year away, since I still have 2 old installment charge offs. When I first visited the prequal site, I had been getting preapprovals for the Gold, BCE, and Clear. It was at the highest APR, so I didn't think it would be worth applying. Last week, I checked again, and those preapprovals were now gone. It now lists only one, a Delta Gold with no annual fee, 50k miles after a minimum spend, and the lowest APR that they offer. I'm very surprised by the lower APR, because my Experian score is
  3. I have been working on trying to get a BOA charge off removed from my EX report. On Experian's backdoor system, it is listed under "Accounts in Good Standing." I have no idea why it is reporting this way, since it's certainly not a positive tradeline. It is only showing on EX, and strangely, has never appeared on EQ or TU. It's very strange, because I honestly don't think this is my account. I did have a CO with BOA, but it has since been paid and deleted (by disputing) from all three bureaus. This seemed to appear a few months after the correct CO got removed. The opening date on th
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