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  1. My credit has gotten better, and I would like to add a few cards soon. I thought that Amex would be about a year away, since I still have 2 old installment charge offs. When I first visited the prequal site, I had been getting preapprovals for the Gold, BCE, and Clear. It was at the highest APR, so I didn't think it would be worth applying. Last week, I checked again, and those preapprovals were now gone. It now lists only one, a Delta Gold with no annual fee, 50k miles after a minimum spend, and the lowest APR that they offer. I'm very surprised by the lower APR, because my Experian score is not great. It's at 662 according to CCT. I would have expected the 26.74%. I don't know if it's worth a try. Would I have a chance to convert this to BCE or even Cash Magnet before the annual fee is due? I have an 8 year old Discover with a $4k limit that I PIF, and a $6k card with my CU that I don't use at all (minimum spend to keep it active).
  2. Tom3

    BOA Charge Off

    I have been working on trying to get a BOA charge off removed from my EX report. On Experian's backdoor system, it is listed under "Accounts in Good Standing." I have no idea why it is reporting this way, since it's certainly not a positive tradeline. It is only showing on EX, and strangely, has never appeared on EQ or TU. It's very strange, because I honestly don't think this is my account. I did have a CO with BOA, but it has since been paid and deleted (by disputing) from all three bureaus. This seemed to appear a few months after the correct CO got removed. The opening date on the correct account was 12/2005, but that's the only accurate piece of information. The amounts were different and the account number was different as well. What is the best way to approach this? I have tried sending letters to EX, but they are saying that they previously investigated this item. I don't even know how BOA verified this...it's not mine. BANK OF AMERICA Address: PO BOX 1390 NORFOLK, VA 23501 (800) 441-0130 Status: Transferred,closed. $4,807 written off. Date Opened: 12/2005 Date of Status: 12/2008 Reported Since: 04/2007 Last Reported Date: 12/2008 Type: Revolving Terms: N/A Monthly Payment: $0 Responsibility: Individual Credit Limit: N/A High Balance: $9,125 Recent Balance: N/A Recent Payment: N/A

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