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  1. So you are saying that TU is your highest score because your mortgage does not show. yes my first and second are modified and this notation kills my scores on EX and EQ And that your Ocwen mortgage has not been showing for six months on your reports and its no sweat? If I Had perfect payment history I would want it to report. but since the mod trashed my scores on eq and ex this is a blessing. Sorry for being confused about this. Got now, crystal clear. I missed the modified bit in your earlier post. Wish me luck trying to deal with Ocwen to report it, while I have not had any issues with them since they bought my note, EVERYTHING I have read about them is terrible. I was hoping just to pay them each month until I can refi in several months. Their CS in completely in India and or the Phillipines so...
  2. So you are saying that TU is your highest score because your mortgage does not show. And that your Ocwen mortgage has not been showing for six months on your reports and its no sweat? Sorry for being confused about this.
  3. Interesting point, perhaps I should go boat shopping since I live in SoCal by the beach!!! Thanks...
  4. I only pulled the myfico TU to see what was going on. I can't believe they still use the TU98 version there. Ocwen buying my note is unfortunate in that they have a terrible reputation. Their CS is terrible, I have tried to email them about this and am waiting for an answer.
  5. That is exactly what I did, it shows on the TU report to me but apparently only to me. Googled a bit and although we can see it others (lenders?) cannot. Am I correct in assuming that TU is my lowest score due to that lack of this trade line? Every single item on each report is exactly the same and baddie free thanks to everyone here at CB and some real hard work on my part in 2012. Is not having my mortgage show a big deal?
  6. Not sure if this question is for this forum or the mortgage forum but I think that this forum is the correct one. My mortgage was unfortunately sold to Ocwen 6 months ago. I did Credit Karma today, which uses TU, and I did not see my mortgage listed in the report. I then went to MYFICO and pulled my TU and my mortgage is not showing on that report. I then went to TU directly and pulled a report from them which show my mortgage but says: "The following item is surpressed pending credit grantor update." I have no issues with Ocwen and my mortgage show fine on EX and EQ. On the Ocwen website, it says any reporting errors should be taken up with the CRA's. Any insight will be greatly appreciated. My TU score is my lowest at the moment I believe because my mortgage TL is not showing... BTW, my mortgage is currently showing perfectly fine on EX and EQ....
  7. Did not see this posted yet, from the LA Times... http://www.latimes.com/business/money/la-fi-mo-california-ag-files-suit-against-jpmorgan-chase-alleging-debtcollection-abuses-20130509,0,6695376.story
  8. Managed to pay them yesterday thru WesternUnion telephone bill pay and today the payment was reflected on their website accurately. I paid it two weeks early so that should keep them from saying its late etc. But check out their biz model: Be really really bad at servicing the mortgages we have, so then our response is pay them earlier each month OR PAYING THEM OFF ENTIRELY BY GETTING A REFI!!! Especially because they have bought our mortgages at a discount, they really clean up by being terrible at their job. Nice work if you can get it!!!
  9. My mortgage has now been sold again, this time to Ocwen. It's the 4th lender that is now servicing my loan. I googled them here on CB and saw some negative remarks, then I did an internet search and WTF!!!!!!!!!! they apparently are the worst of the worst. Ripoff report dot com has like 3,000 horrible stories concerning them. Apparently their whole operation is in India and staffed with the C team of CSR's. I have never missed or been late with paying in 8 years and don't intend on being late with them but.... I read where they like to continually change the due date of your payment so it is late when you pay it, then add late charges and seemingly then try to foreclose on you as you are fighting the late charges. I am really worried about them and them ruining my hard fought 812 FICO's (THANKS TO CB!) with some BS late's or some other trick. My income from the last two years precludes me from refi'ing now, Have been back to work making great $$$ again this year and hopefully will be able to refi in 2014 with a real lender... My question is can anyone here suggest anything I can do to protect or shield myself from this scum??? Their website shows my payment due on the first of the month, maybe pay it two weeks early as to not let them say it was late? Any help or suggestions clearly would be great help to me. I read so many really bad things about these people that they make Resurgent or Midland or LVNV look consumer friendly!!!
  10. J Just saw this thread and checked my AMEX page, still showing my backdated 1984 date from my two cards I got this past January. The 1986 date was from my old cards, closed my myself in 2001, not an AU...
  11. winstars


    I understand how the year old INQS have less impact on our CR's but how/why would Macy's have PP to pull a hard 14 months after the application???
  12. Just an update, mine was indeed deleted the very next day from Equifax. My advice, based on my experience, would be if you get denied by Equifax after you have sent in documents to just immediately call. There's no point in writing again because they apparently don't recheck or look into the matter any further. I got my IRS lien withdrawn last year by this method. My story is way way back in this thread. It seems that the IRS is taking longer to process requests, possibly due to its popularity??? As far as the the CRA's go, as stated above, after sending in the docs to the CRA's and nothing happens just keep calling them and complaining. It apparently takes a week or two for them to scan the docs you sent into their computers. So after sending the docs CMRRR to the CRA's it will take, IMHO, two weeks for someone on the other end of the phone to see what you are talking about. If you want, send them twice to the CRA's a week apart, its worth the $6.00 per CMRRR... In my case, I think that I had to actually get someone on the phone in India to get it off EQ I think. After getting a supervisor, they did find/see the docs I sent them from the IRS and deleted the lien from my CR. So it can't hurt to send them the docs twice since it doubles your chance of them accurately scanning them into your file. And you should NOT waste time writing letters complaining to them about their failure to remove the lien(s)... Just keep calling them up and insist that they find the docs you sent them, in my case I sorta had to explain what the docs meant but...it did work... It may take time but it is a 800 number so... My FICO score did not really change when they were removed. But my sister was just denied a AMEX card for, amongst other reasons, a PUBLIC RECORD on her report. So the effort required to get liens removed is totally worth it even if FICO score wise their is little or no change... Good Luck!!!
  13. That is all I have ever seen listed when looking up various CA scum. I would love to find out that I have been missing something but I don't think I (we) are...
  14. Just saw this, thanks Jan Brewer for not surprising me at all!!! Whats next, changing the state SOL to 25 years????
  15. Congrats on your success!! Did you have a 3rd AMEX card as an AU from your Dad??? And his "member since" date is 1999??? And when did you get it? And so this AU card always reported on your CR's with the 1999 date?? So you are getting your "old" AMEX BLUE and new PREMIER GOLD D* to your "member since" date??? Nice....
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