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  1. not to change the subject,,,,but did u say 'Podunk" as in Washington?
  2. i cant find any info on this. can someone please let me know.
  3. no pull...ok card...reports to all three very fast
  4. got me too last night......but went from 20 to 3..and missed about 4 days pulling
  5. capital one will report everyone you add regardless of the address
  6. can someone comfirm that usaa reports authorized users? i dont want to waste time adding someone if its not going to report for them... thankz
  7. i have been doing this for several close friends and relatives.....no credit file at all.....only adding them to a seven year old capital one card, the results were 700s across the board.... i know whats been said about Fico not counting some AUs, but they count capital one... these scores have been used to successfully jumpstart my friends credit and get them approved for their own starter lines....hope my experience helps....and this is all recent...
  8. S!??@####$$###@**^%T!!!!! Chopped in VA.....n right on schedule.......dammmmmmm
  9. Quick question.......Is Transunion Plus a daily puller????
  10. va757


    i didnt ..pulled my normal three and the count went from 16 to 11 today

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