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  1. Whatever you do, DO NOT pay those collections. Visit the medical forum ASAP!
  2. Just going to call tomorrow to try for a cli, really want to take advantage of 0% BT!!
  3. Got the same exact message last night.. Pulled the trigger after I found out I was eligible earlier in the day & signed up. Called this morning and they gave me the apr over the phone, I was concerned as well. Does anyone know if going for a second card with them would be a bad idea right now?
  4. Thanks, Whychat. Can you take a look at the first question and let me know what you think?
  5. And a second question for Why Chat If you have multiple medical baddies, do you include ALL account numbers and CA Names in one letter to the CRA? Like so: "I have no knowledge or records of the following accounts on my report. Account # XXXX from Syndicated Office Systems Account # XXXX from Syndicated Office Systems Account #XXXX From McCabe Smith Reynold Assoc. Account #XXXX From First Federal Credit Control Account #XXXX From Credit Management Services Account #XXXX From ARS Account Resolution Account #XXXX From Doctors Business Bureau Account #XXXX From Doctors Business Bureau Account #XXXX From Northeast Credit & Collections Account #XXXX From Doctors Business Bureau Account #XXXX From I.C. System Inc. Account #XXXX From Focus Financial Services Account #XXXX From NCO Financial Account #XXXX From Doctors Business Bureau Account #XXXX From Focus Financial Services Please advise me as to the names and address of the medical provider, the date and type of service, and to whom the service was provided, as any account I might have had may be obsolete."
  6. WhyChat, just wanted to thank you for all of your support on this board. I've learned so much from your website and your postings here. Sent a verification letter in reply to a dunning letter and here is the response I received. "We received your recent request for verification of the account listed below. Our original written notification of this debt was sent to you on 11/19/2012. The current creditor and patient account number is shown in the Creditor line. The current creditor is the same as the original Creditor. The date of service and the current balance due are shown in their respective columns and to our knowledge are correct. You may contact our office at telephone number XXX-XXX-XXXX if you have any further questions or wish to discuss the account in detail." Below this it simply shows the original creditor, account number, date of service, and the amount due. What should my next step be? this doesn't seem like a proper validation.
  7. Has anyone seen any positive or negative affects from a new Amex Zync account reporting?
  8. So do AMEX charge products have an impact when they start reporting?
  9. I hear ya - just wish it would work as advertised. Hedge - in your experience, which of the FAKO's represents real FICO's the best? (Sorry to hijack)
  10. It is working well for me, I wonder what causes people's experience to differ? "scorewatch"s a joke. I've had two changes now & nothing...
  11. I'm not very happy with MyFico.com... Items are updating & this thing is not notifying me. CCT is providing a better service even though they are Fako's.
  12. Hi Folks! First off, I'd like to thank Creditboards for my quick success with cleaning up my reports & getting some new credit under my belt. I have a quick question - I send a DV to a CA & I didnt get anything back. I also filed a complaint against the OC with the BBB about a week after I sent the DV to the CA. (about three weeks ago) I decided to send a jack attack to the CRA's as the CA was reporting incorrectly across all three. The very next day I receive a letter from the OC that they are removing the tradeline & having the CA delete as well. Ex & TU were the first to have it delete - EQ still has it though. I received my green cards from the CRA's yesterday & an email from EQ this morning that they are investigating. My question is: Can the CA be deleted off of my report at their request even though it is now in "re-investigation" status?
  13. Had one recent collection deleted & my CCT FAKO for Ex went up 123pts. & TU 76 pts. EQ has yet to report the deletion. I think the newer the collection - the more dramatic the impact will be.

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