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  1. Colonoscopy - anal probe!
  2. I wasn't aware of this. as I have not been a VA patient in over 10 years. HOWEVER, this cannot be any worse than those on MEDICAID. It gets old when people like us work to prop up those that sit on the couch all day and watch television, yet they get free medical care. This includes the pedophiles and workers you speak of. One of the morals to life is you get punished for working to support many that choose not to. I may be wrong but ANY veteran should get medical care before someone that spends their life on their flowers.
  3. BS Many vets get care at VA facilities for non service connected medical problems if they meet income guidelines. Even if you exceed the guidelines you can still seek medical care at VA facilities and not get raped by a civilian hospital. IMO ALL veterans should get medical care for serving our country, of course with priority given to those with service connected disabilities. What else did we get for serving in war besides a lousy paycheck. Many people do not understand that in time of war, the hours worked are extremely high for that sh*tty salary. Most of this for a country with little gratitude other than just lip service. Many say we support the troops, but just words.
  4. Or another Antianxiolytic - Lorazepam (Ativan). Or Lexapro (brand name)? Not many "shut off" the brain. Perhaps the Lithium followed with Seroquel. Are the racing thoughts from manic phase in Bipolar? OCD?
  5. Paranoia is a symptom of psychosis. Serious stuff.
  6. Credit is just that... credit. Warren Buffett does not need credit with that kind of wealth.
  7. I surf and usually get paid as well to do so.
  8. Or if you make a couple US Mint purchases to pass the tier in the first week.
  9. Would I? Of course. Nothing to hide. It amazes me how much information people put out there for the general public. Check out a few pictures, read a few posts made... We can look at someone's profile for a short time and get a pretty good idea of what someone is like.
  10. Given the choice I think I would prefer to see overzealous workers charging people where it is warranted, as opposed to CPS workers that sit on their hands when they are made aware of actual abuse. I have little sympathy with abusers in any form. In example I mentioned, grandpa and mother's bf should be doing a long time behind bars. The logical first step (I would think)would be to remove girl from the hostile abusive environment and placed in one that is nurturing for a girl of her young age. Why nothing has happened is beyond me.
  11. Umm. Just a question, but since you are in the field you're in... shouldn't you be doing more in an official capacity to make sure that CPS stays on top of this? Just askin. Not necessarily. We have an obligation to report if any client is being harmed or in serious danger, especially children. Once this is reported, and turned over to the agency that should handle this (CPS, law enforcement) there is little that can be done. In this example above it has been reported to both CPS and law enforcement at least twice. However, if this were MY client I would try contacting someone up the chain, such as the DA. We also have to be careful because in severely dysfunctional homes such as these reports of abuse lead to punishment and more abuse against child clients.
  12. Seconded. Personally I've earned a little over $2,000 since September.
  13. I have about 10 GEMB cards. This is the only card that does this for me. 3 in 3 days, and around 8 for the month. Come on GEMB. Its not like I would ever spend 10,000 at QVC site.
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