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  1. I just got served by the local Sheriff's department a judgement notice on a debt that was discharged on my Ch. 7 filing from 2012. It is from a law firm so what do I need to do? Send a copy of the chapter 7 to the local sheriff's office and law firm? And can I counter sue on any grounds of this group trying to collect on this debt? Just looking for some guidance. v/r TennesseeTee
  2. I'm in Tucson...I guess I'm all alone.... I am retiring from the Navy and currently work in Tucson. So you are not alone technically speaking.
  3. I'll hook you guys up with the photos soon. Been busy moving. For Ouray I bought right next to you out in Florence AZ. For willgator, I am a Volunteers fan and we don't buy from Gators "The only good gator is a dead gator" or "when I'm eating gator tail" see ya in Knoxville TN for the VoLZ/Gator annual footbal classic this saturday!
  4. Much love to all the hardworking people on this board. Got the keys to my dreamhome in Arizona and I am on top of the credit game thanks to you all. Keep fighting the credit scumbs and you will win like I did, thanks again to you all on this board it is awesome.
  5. Thanks for all the help guys. I am looking at another lender now.
  6. Hey guys and gals, I need some advice. I found a 180000 home and left a earnest money with the builder. The house I went after is ready for purchase but I need to close by 31Aug. The Mortgage company I am working with asked me to pay off a collection account that is over 08yrs old which is well pass the SOL to get my score up some more. Current score is about 658. My question is should I be looking for another lender or pay off the collection in the amout of 1600 dollars? I was maybe too loyal to the broker I am working with and now thinking about kicking them to the curb and go else where but time is of the essence. Look forward to the replies.
  7. Hello all, New to the home buying game but we have financing approved by American Home Mortgage to 290,000. We are looking into buying into the East Tucson AZ area. We have yet to decide what realtor or buyers agent to go with. My questions are have anyone had any dealings with American Home Mortage. And anybody have any positives about KB Homes because I seen some of there homes and they are in my price range but all the negativity makes me nervous dealing with them. Also do I need an agent or broker when making a offer. I am new and I have about 10-20 properties that me and the spouse like but don't want to look like a dummy when we go into this. Thanks in advance!
  8. I have only 1 blemish left on my credit file. It is a 3400.00 balance on a ford motor credit lease account back in 1998. NCO has picked up this account and are now adding interest to it. 1. How much of an impact will this account have on my search for a home? 2. How can I address this besides the standard request removal for being past SOL? Thanks to this board I have improved my scores by 120 pts.
  9. Greetings everybody. This may be a dumb question but I still need to put this out there for a honest answer My wife has a $3,000 variable loan at 11.70% she recently asked to refinance for a fixed rate loan for the same amount thru USAA and they offered it to for a whopping 14.70% I'm thinking she should keep the variable rate at 11.70% but I'm thinking fixed is better but proably not in her case the difference right now is about $70.00 dollars. Thanks for all the advice in the past creditboard members Only 20 pts away from the 700 Club
  10. Anybody have a point of contact for Cap1 goodwill adjustment letter? And if so any success with removal of negative TL. This account was paid off over 5 yrs ago and it's just bugging the crap out me. Thanks in advance.
  11. They used to be Cross Country Bank.

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