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  1. Update- Spoke to the Collection Agency today, they offered a deletion if I PIF, and a settlement but not deletion for the original amount only removing "interest"
  2. I was in a similar situation and deposited money and NFCU took the money to pay the money owed. I'm now looking to get back in NFCU good graces trying to figure out a way to get a new checking acct opened with them. My savings is still open.
  3. Yes they due settle landlord disputes and yes I am suing them. Problem is per the court they cannot guarantee I even get in front of a judge in 2021. So I need to try any and all avenues to get this off of my credit.
  4. I did take pictures of everything. Have them all printed in a folder but like I said in the post because of covid New York's courthouses were closed so long that they are extremely backed up and have no timeline of when I can get this in front of a judge.
  5. Hi CB it's been a minute, I'm in a tough spot and need some direction. I moved out of my old apt Oct. 6 2019 the same day my lease ended. During the final walk through nothing was revealed to me as being wrong with the unit. Not even 30 days later I receive a collection notice in the mail from the collection company below stating I owed my previous landlord 1580 for apartment repairs and 1000 in back rent (the rent is legit). Then maybe two weeks after that my credit monitoring service alerted me I had a new collection reporting (how can they put this on my credit so fast?) which i
  6. mannyj


  7. Got an update on this. I’m in the process of moving so I don’t have all of my records at my disposal since much of my things are still in storage. However, I was able to locate one of the last payments I made to the OC (Fingerhut) a screenprint with transaction ID showing before my payment the balance on the acct was 477.00 then I made an a payment for 238. The tricky thing here is I found an email from 2016 with response back from Fingerhut where I was disputing the charges of 477 on the account and I believed the true balance at the time was $238.97 which is what I paid. A representative res
  8. I'm afraid you may be correct, that is the date that is listed on the Exp report. It says on record to May 2021. I can't have that on my report unpaid.
  9. Ok I managed to put my hands on some notes I took when the CA called me. Opened: 9/2013 Closed: 1/23/2015
  10. I asked for the DOFD to be verified in my kitchen sink letter but it appears Experian did not provide that it just came back "Verified" updated with not much info at all changing. Should I send another letter specifically asking the CRA to verify DOFD?
  11. I do not, recently moved a lot of stuff is still in storage. I believe this may still be under sol for NY. If I remember correct I successfully disputed the OC off.
  12. Hegemony...long time, howdy! I actually don't know the DOFD because the OC is not reporting and this collection junk buyer agency just has a line item that says, "On Record Until May 2021" The OC info they have in the historical info field says First Reported 8/2019 (This is clearly not the DOFD)
  13. I joined this board in 2010 and it took years and hard work to get all the baddies off my report (Thanks CB). Then out of the blue I get a baddie on my Exp report from a CO named Williams & Rivera Litigation. They are trying to collect on a old Fingerhut account that is no longer reporting. I attempted a old WhyChat kitchen sink type dispute letter that has worked for me many many times in the past but it came back today as "Verified". My question is, what is the best approach from here? Its a $400 CO with a collection agency, the OC is not reporting anymore, I disputed them off years ago.
  14. New York
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