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  1. I was thinking the same that why I did a dispute to see if i get lucky.
  2. Yea that what i did. l looked at my report for days before and the day i got the dispute results. Is it too late to submit goodwill removal request and/or early exclusion? Thanks
  3. Hello all, Pulled my CR for the first time in 10 years. I am 50yrs old and noticed I had no new activity for the last 5 yrs...just my monthly mortgage pmt for the last 20 yrs and my truck loan paid off in 2013. Out of those two accounts I do have a lot of late payments. Mortgage (Chase) has 30 lates between Nov-2011/Sept-2017 and paid off closed truck (Santander) has 12 lates from Nov-2011/Feb-2013. trying to clean report up I did an online dispute with transunion thru Credit karma disputing all my lates. just got an email with dispute results stating the following below. W
  4. when it goes to collections...is it considered Charged-off? I had great credit before this...like to get it back. Go RHS. Thanks
  5. yes there is a good chance I can keep them current once I start paying. I believe a couple may have went to collections. Are card companies more flexible/creative in this economy to help the customers out?. Thanks
  6. I have about 8 cards that are anywhere from 60 to 120 days late. I would like to make double payments over the next couple months to catch up. Can I make 2 payments on a 90 day lates and end up in a 30 day late status? How would I go about making payments on120 days lates. If there in collections vs not quite there yet. any good ideas? Thanks in advance
  7. CRA's would have the most accurate. Do the CRA's themselves give you full and most detailed info. You would think...But I don't know
  8. Looking to purchase a CR from all 3 CRA and was wondering, in the experience of the board, who offers the most detailed CR? I was told by a lender a while back that Cosco offers one of the most detailed reports that they have seen. I don't have a membership there...but I do at Sams and they don't offer. Thanks
  9. what one should I get? The TU for 30 days free, The 3 in 1 bureau and score. or the unlimited 3 bureau reports and scores?
  10. what is the best credit monitoring service to get a membership thru right now? I would like to view my report on a daily basis to see any changes posted affecting my score.
  11. So much for online viewing at AnnualCreditReport.com ??? got the response below. the red flag or hold up is probably that I did have another address in the last 2 years and I marked the box that I didn't. I just moved out of my house of 10 years for a year and rented it out then moved back in. Figured it would be better or easier if I dispute previous addys. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Please Contact Us by Phone or Mail What happened: We cannot provide you with a Personal Credit Report. Explanation: For security reasons, your Perso
  12. Thanks I'll go to AnnualCreditReport.com get free ones read them over then pay for each one from each CRA. I did that awhile ago and one of them sold me a useless report that had no reference number to dispute. you would think they would sell the real deal but the site made it sound like you were getting a good useable report and after you got it was as good as the scores on it. Can you view and print with AnnualCreditReport.com or is it snail mail?
  13. Just checked PACER and see that I have been DISCHARGED!!!! waa-hoo. went thru a 42 month plan and finally finished. Discharge was March-2-06. I want to start cleaning up my CR and just wanted to know if the best place to get Credit reports is myfico.com? $44.85 for all three. I see there is a lot of junk sites and crappy reports that don't give you a "Report", "Confirmation", or "File" number to reference the report for disputing..
  14. I was slammed by a phone company who I also have a yellow pages ad thru. when they fix the account from being slammed ( reconnect to my old service provider), my yellow pages ad bill stopped coming to me and in no time it was sent to collections. now I have a collection agency after me for the bill that I haven't been receiving. I have contacted the company many times to have a bill come to me instead of the wrong address that they had on my account. will the collection show up on my credit report even after it is paid or will it show a paid collection of some sort. of course they said it wil
  15. BTW: I am at 7.375 30 yr fixed for the last 10 yrs
  16. I'm sure it's a sub-prime loan. It just seems like a lot in fees added to my loan. If I were to refi in a year my LTV would be taking a big hit. taking two steps back to go one forward. I can clean up my credit some in about 6 months to raise my score but need the cash now. the rate is 8%, no prepay penalty and I'm in NC. The Mortgage Broker Fee at 3.5%=2975.00 seem like a lot. Thank you for your time
  17. Need help w/GFE In the 38th month of a 42 month BK-13 Plan. I just started a business with very little income to show on paper ( last 2 yrs) and would like to payoff my BK and have $10k cash by refinancing or equity loan etc. my scores are about 600-610 and my home is worth about $115k with a balance of 83K. What are some of the better choices for me at this time. I did get a GFE from Dana Capitol. They sound like a predatory lender that help put people into BK. Below are the GFE numbers I received. They sound wacked out??? what do you guys think. I think it was a ARM 2/28io? 88.542%
  18. Below is the reply by email that I got when I applied for a Duns number only. They are trying to sell me the "Credit Builder Light". What is a good reason to tell them why I want a number only and not the Credit builder? The type of file you applied for is a marketing file, which is sold to telemarketers and direct mail organizations. Every entry on a marketing list has a DUNS number, but it is just an ID number. If somebody tries to check your credit with that number we’ll tell them they can’t. We do not verify that you exist, don’t check for public filings and don’t provi
  19. Called the CRA's to remove all old addresses today. They were going to dispute some of them and follow up with me via email or snail mail because some were tied to CA's? What should I do upon receiving the responses? Are there different protocols for email dispute responses vs. snail mail dispute responses?
  20. That bites!!! I tried to clear it up on my last post. tried to get clarification before hand?
  21. I want to remove some old addresses and the CR I purchased for $9.50 on EX's website has no file number to reference? When I call them I cant get anywhere without it. Did I purchase a useless report or do they offer the real McCoy at their website?
  22. Ironic ...I understand every word you're saying. talked to my Chapter 13 Lawyer today on the same topic and I cant have my judgment removed until payment plan is over. I don't like to see the original full balance still showing up on CR.
  23. Got word back from my lawyer and a Judgment in a BK 13 cannot be vacated until end of the payment plan?...bummer
  24. Called my BK lawyer and he is out for the weekend...ERR. Get him Monday morning. BTW, just for reference what can happen if a judgment isn't vacated even if it was actually IIB.
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