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  1. Ok, I set up an appt, talked to a manager couple of times and exchanged emails with her. Will open a personal chk/sav, business chk/sav for 2 businesses and then ask for what I'm really after - 2 cards with fat limits The bank is Truist.
  2. Yes. total utilization as well as # of individual accounts with high utilization both matter though to different extents.
  3. Hi, I'm applying for business credit cards and LOC with a bank that I never had any products/relationship before. Does going into branch and opening a checking/savings and then applying for the cards+LOC make any difference over just applying for them online ? I won't have any issues getting approved but will applying with a person in the branch make a difference to the credit limits ? Thanks.
  4. BEsides all the good points above - to OP's question - its hard to get 0% on business cards for more than 12 mths. The best 0% business card around hands down is US Bank Platinum Business card - 20 mths. You shouldnt fluff this app, make sure youre positioned right when you put this app.
  5. Hi Folks, What options are still alive to liquidate Simon's GCs ? Walmart for MO is dead in our area. TIA !!
  6. Hi Folks, Can someone tell in any of these Business cards report to personal ? PNC Bank Truist Bank of the West Goldman Sachs Marcus GM Business Card Thanks.
  7. Best Business card around for into 0% APR is US Bank Triple Cash. Amex Blue business plus will give you 12 mth 0% Chase has a business card too with 12 mth 0%. Truist has a business card with 9mth with rewards and 12 mth with no rewards Bofa has a card with 7 mths Crap1 and Discover business cards report on personal so stay away from them.
  8. Thanks that helps me to understand. The creditor is Capital One. I'll try talking to them, however not very hopeful since this was a distressed credit account at that time. They dont even want to waive the annual fee on it even now after 10 yrs or swap this product to a non-fee product.
  9. Hi, I have an account 10+ yrs old. It has a late payment 6.5 yrs ago. I was to ask to early deletion. It has good payment history all the way after and I would like that late marker to be removed early since its expected to fall in 6 mths (per 7 yr age) anyway. How exactly should I put in the online dispute to request this ? Or should I do it on phone ? When I dispute it will the whole account go away from my credit file or just the 6.5 yr old late payment entry/marker ? I do want to keep the account on file since it helps me with AAOA as I have a bunch of 2-3 yr old accounts. TIA!!
  10. They do, but real payees would have no problems. For payees that are not businesses like a caregiver for e.g. youd need to send them an invoice from the payee.
  11. It was avail online but I dont remember saying yes... Does it ask you in a popup ?
  12. I had read somewhere on this site that Citibank CLI reqs were SPs. Looks like they do HPs.
  13. Does Plastiq work for you ? Meaning do you have payments you could send on your card instead of cash ?
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