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  1. The score and the score date is in the denial notice. Denial reasons are: 1) your financial obligations are too high 2) Revolving balances too high My utilization is 5% since Feb. Just got Chase auto cli, Bofa A 4k, Amex 10k. Crap1 keeps denying.
  2. Crap1 is denying my CLIs, using a 2 month old score and report. What can I do to make them smell the coffee ? The date of the score in denial letter is 01/29/2019. Its mid-march now.
  3. greendude

    Rotate full balance vs regular small activity for CLI

    Does Amex counter if you ask too much ?
  4. greendude

    12yr old Cap1 fee not waived

    Send an email to EO asking them to waive or PC to QS1. I had the same problem with $79 fee on two cards which I got in distressed credit state. They PCed to QS1 with 1.5% cash back but won't take off the AF. I'm gonna do one CLI and try to combine their CLs into a third QS card I have with them. From what I'm hearing they're not combining any more. If they don't, I'll just close those two down.
  5. Hey Guys, The money order machines at all the Walmart locations in my area except one for some reason have broken down. One of them has been busted for 6 mths now. Where can I make MOs other than Walmart in Northern California ? I use the Simon Visa gift cards. Thanks!
  6. greendude

    Why Barclays ?

    Hey guys, I see a lot of references to Barclays Arrival+ in positive terms. Whats good abt Barclays Arrival or Ring or Barclays in general ? Thanks
  7. greendude

    Rotate full balance vs regular small activity for CLI

    If i keep putting like 3-4k activity + PIF on my Amex Delta Gold will it really go from 15k to 45k when I CLI next in 6 mths ? Scores should be 750ish then. Hard to believe How far do the Amex 3x CLIs go ?
  8. greendude

    How Long Before Asking Again For Cap1 CLI?

    I had scores in 700+ with high limits and very low utilization and got denied on all 3 Crap One cards in March 2019. I found in the denial notice they were using my score from 1/1/2019 which was 640ish. Check the denial notice, it will show the score and the date. Wait for a few cycles before hitting luv again I'd say.
  9. greendude

    Rotate full balance vs regular small activity for CLI

    My CL with Amex Delta Gold is 15k. How much do I need to use + PIF every month for next 3x CLI ? How about BofA. What % of the CL do i need to use and how much can I request next ? My current is 8k with them.
  10. greendude

    Closing accounts and Average Age

    $79 on each. Got them when my credit was real bad. They are 12 yrs old.
  11. greendude

    Rotate full balance vs regular small activity for CLI

    Yes that was my question. Thanks!
  12. Hey guys, Which of these cards do I need to rotate the full balance + PIF Versus just putting some small activity + PIF for good CLI gains ? Amex Delta Skymiles BofA Cash Back Discover IT Cash Back Chase Freedom Chase Sapphire Reserve Cap One Quicksilver Thanks
  13. greendude

    Closing accounts and Average Age

    Hi, Will closing old card accounts affect my Average Age of lines ? I have a couple of Cap One cards i got in a distressed credit situation. They PCed them to Quicksilver One but the AF still remains. I have a Cap One Quicksilver as well. Can I combine their limits to the Quicksilver and close off those cards ? I have 10 accts now with decent limits, will closing these two off hurt me in any way ? Thanks.
  14. Hey guys, My Discover score was supposed to update on the 17th (statement date is 23rd), It still hasnt. Can I CLI ? There is a big change in my score from last month. If they give me a CLI which will be based on last month's score can I CLI again after the score updates or just sit tight and wait for it to update before requesting CLI ? Thanks
  15. greendude

    Time between CLI reqs

    Hi Folks, What is the time these cards allow between CLI requests ? Cap One BofA Discover Amex Thanks.

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