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  1. IDK really. Because I got from the all the others I guess. And I thought I'd explain that business hasn't established credit in Business Credit Reports yet and since cards go by personal it should get approved like the others if looked at by an analyst manually. I thought since its already done a HP, it cant hurt to recon. Didn't realize they'd HP again in one day.
  2. Barclays declined my business card app with the reasons being "There arent enough trade lines" and "Credit limits are too low" - guessing they must be looking at DNB or some other Business Credit report ? WTF would "Not Enough Trade Lines" matter for a 7 yr old business for them when it didnt matter to Amex, BofA, Chase, Citi. They all gave me multiple cards at the same time as Barclays app. When I called to recon and spoke to a credit analyst, they declined again. This time there was only one reason - "Too many inquiries on credit profile". The guy had said he sees 4 inquiries within a month and thats aggressive credit seeking. No new inquiries had gone in after they pulled the first time. But they came up with a new reason altogether. Anyway, the recon put another hard inquiry on the report. Idiots.
  3. Thanks credit_help, just looking to plan. I was thinking if they're going to limit me like Amex, I would want to plan and get CLIs on the business cards rather than personal.
  4. Hey Guys, I've found Amex will only let you do one CLI req every 6 mths on ANY ONE account (business and personal combined) so we have to be careful which one you ask on. Will BofA allow you to put in CLI reqs on multiple accounts or only one across all cards per N months like AMEX ? Thanks
  5. Hey guys, DW is going to do an app spree. Her objective is to get a few cards and rack up CLs in the next year or so. Her score is around 700 with one derog (a 30-day late payment in Feb 2018). Which are the banks that don't do HPs for CLIs ? Thanks
  6. Rejected by Barclays for Business Credit Cards. Said credit report is good but 5 inquiries within this month is aggressive credit seeking. Pls apply again after a while. Scores are 740ish.
  7. Maddening that I get email notifications every other day theres a change to my credit file info but can't see what it is without paying them lol. Feel like telling them stuff your notifs up yours.
  8. Business CCs have little to do with your Net XX accounts and business credit profile. They mostly by your personal credit score. I didnt even have a business credit file with DNB and no tradelines anywhere and got approved for all Business CCs other than US Bank who raised the issue of a late payment on a personal acct 4 yrs ago. You business needs to be found in yellow pages, registration with State SOS should be current, have proof of physical address, have a website, your business phone on searching online should resolve back to your business name. Thats all they need besides a good personal score.
  9. What are the ugliest credit cards you've seen ? The Amex Everyday Cash and Amex Blue look surprisingly cheap. BofA Business credit cards are plain Janes too.
  10. Don't apps get rejected sometimes for too many inquiries ?
  11. Will filing an amended Articles with a small change or some other insignificant filing overwrite the Last Event to something else ? No one's going to go into filings history to look at each filing, I would think. Also, adiministrative dissolution/reinstatement should not be seen as a credit risk IMO. It hasn't mattered to me even for risk assessment while doing 10 yr leases in a previous business. My current corp was dissolved 2 times in 7 yrs . Previous corp was also dissolved 2 times that I remember.
  12. I learnt that BofA does not do multiple HPs for multiple credit card. It uses the last HP within 30 days per Customer Service rep. I put in 3 apps for business credit cards in a one week period, they did only one HP. BTW Chase and US Bank said they would do a new HP for each app: Amex did not HP, used my SP off personal card for 2 business apps.
  13. The fact that it was administratively dissolved does not show in Standing status. It shows only if someone buys the history of filings. If you re-instate you will have a 5 yr old company which is much better from a credit standpoint.
  14. Hi, Do Inquiries on Business Credit reports have any impact on the score, profile etc like it does on personal credit score ? In other words, if I apply for business credit lines at a bunch of places and get declined will it affect my file adversely ? Thanks

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