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  1. They do, but real payees would have no problems. For payees that are not businesses like a caregiver for e.g. youd need to send them an invoice from the payee.
  2. It was avail online but I dont remember saying yes... Does it ask you in a popup ?
  3. I had read somewhere on this site that Citibank CLI reqs were SPs. Looks like they do HPs.
  4. Does Plastiq work for you ? Meaning do you have payments you could send on your card instead of cash ?
  5. What should be referred email ID be - something different or the same will do ? Since I need it to get attached to the same online account eventually.
  6. Hi, I think there was a procedure to ask for early deletion of Lates when its 6 mths away from fall off date ( i.e. 6.5 yrs from Delinquency Date). The last time I tried it with Experian she just kept repeating like a dumbo it will fall off when it falls off and had no idea what I was talking about. I just gave up and decided to wait 6 mths. There is another couple of lates reaching the 6.5 yrs mark soon on my report. Whats the right way to ask for courtesy deletion. Thanks
  7. Online, 1st card they asked me to call in to confirm I applied and confirm address. 2nd card immediate approval online.
  8. DW's Comcast acct went to Convergent for debt collection for $175. Its 2 years old. Just showed up and tanked her score. Its the only collection. Whats the best way to deal with it ? TIA.
  9. LOL. Yep they're junk in customer service. I was their banking customer very long ago but that mustve dropped off the records now. Good BT and purchase terms are hard to come by on Business cards that don't report to personal and they're just that. Now after this denial I do want to screw them over for SUBs at some point, they'll be in my sights lol
  10. Well, screw Barclays. But the US Bank denial hurt. They cited the late from 6 yrs ago as the only reason. Thats the only negative on my profile. Average Age isnt great - 5.5 yrs, Oldest 12.5. US Bank Platinum is the best BT and 0% APR business card around.
  11. Very interesting, I didn't know that they meant so little if the rest of the profile is strong enough. Simulation does not show anything making a difference other than waiting for the next 18 mths when a late payment falls off so I don't think I could do anything to make it stronger.
  12. Also, Barclays denied. On recon they denied again, they said credits ok but reason for denial was "Too many recent inquiries shows aggressive credit seeking"
  13. Just an update Chase - 2 business cards approved 16.5K, 22K. They asked for same docs both times - proof of FEIN and Business physical address. Acceptable Proof of business physical address is utlilty bills, FEIN doc having same address etc. I gave them my home electricity bill which was in company's name. Took one month for all the docs to be sent, recd, processed. Amex - 2 cards approved 13.5k, 13.5k , no HP (used SP from personal). No docs needed. 3rd denied. Said too many Amex cards in given period. 2 possible every 90 days. Bofa - 3 cards approved 3.5k x 3. One HP for all apps. No docs needed. Citi - 1 approved 8k. no docs. Nothing moved on doc for 1 week then boom. US Bank - Denied

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