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    Gardening (flowers/vegetables)-- not so good at CB-style gardening ;-)
  1. This thread brings to mind an old adage. In saying this, I'm NOT referring to any thought or sentiment expressed by ANY CB member, including the OP. "Figures lie, and liars figure."
  2. I think Cap 1 limit on the secured card is $3,000. YMMV??
  3. They have phones? Around 8 applications and not a single call They apparently only monitor TU. I got an email from them today about activity on my report--I pulled TU and not a thing changed. So far I haven't been impressed by them. +1 Not at all timely with the alerts. Maybe they're overwhelmed with new subscribers, courtesy of Anthem BCBS.
  4. midwester


    Amex has a long and very accurate memory. In my case a front line CSR was able to tell me my CO amount to the penny and the date account was closed -- 16 years after the fact. I was under the impression that the information was readily available to them. ETA: Tyra beat me to the punch. She's always on it
  5. JMHO I would avoid taking on a finance co loan at this point in your quest. $5400 for $2800? Not unless I HAD to have the cash and no other way to borrow it. Not to mention that down the road having that TL on your reports might not help you get the better cards previously mentioned in this thread. YMMV. Best of luck!
  6. Have you checked out the Mazda 3 and the Mazda 6? I've been driving a '98 Mazda 626 (predecessor of the 6) the past 7 years. Started at 77,xxx miles now approaching 215,xxx. It's been a good car and I would buy a new or newer used Mazda now. But first I'm going to look for a decent older model Acura or Infiniti. Consumer Reports is pretty big on the current Mazdas and rates several older models as used car good buys. There's also the Kia Forte'. Might be worth looking into if you're leaning toward the Civic/Corolla. Happy shopping!
  7. Congratulations and thanks for sharing your milestone.
  8. For no reason I can find words to express, I'm glad you were not injured, or worse. Safe travels.

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